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Welcome to Mr. Ullrich's Blog! This blog is for 8th Grade Earth Science and Physical Science students. We will learn topics such as Astronomy, Geology and Meteorology. This blog will give us a place to discuss, learn and develop these topics during the year. If you are not from our class please post lots of comments!

by teacher: Mr. Ullrich
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 Aliens, are you serious?!! This isn't even a topic worth talking about. This is how many ordinary people would react to the topic on aliens. On the other hand, I think aliens are a very interesting topic. Earth cant be the only planet with living organisms. Especially with the new world just found, this can very much be true. The Gliese 581g is the “first world discovered beyond Earth that's the right size and location for life.” I agree with Steven Vogt that this planet certainly can have life on it. Even though the planet is 20 light-years away, it is in just the right spot to have liquid water on it. The planet most probably has life on it because it has all the components for it, for example it has water. If you don't agree, it will be much harder to prove that there isn't life of this planet rather than proving that there is life. I agree with the astronomer Paul Butler, that life requires liquid water. In addition, Earth is actually a very unique planet because not only do we have living organisms, but part of these organisms are humans. I Also, I think that there are many other planets out there. To prove this, astronomers have found more than 370 planets that are moving around the stars such as “hot Saturn” and “hot Jupiter”. If you are like many other people and didn't believe in life beyond Earth, I hope that this blog entry changed your mind.


~Another entry in Science Through the Eyes of Jazzyfizzle- Alien Invasion Style





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