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teacher: Mrs. B (Grade 5 - 2011-2012)

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An Unassisted Personal Narrative Written by your Elias © October 2011.


y younger brother is excited because we’re in Canada and it’s Christmas Day and we celebrate at in my aunt’s house. I told him, “it’s not the the first Christmas you had in your life.” I wanted to kick him because he wouldn’t shut his mouth. I was excited because I would get presents but not that much. I wanted to get over it with it because I was tired because my brother woke me up at 5 a.m. The rest of the family hadn’t come yet because they were getting ready. We are standing outside waiting for them to arrive. We almost turned into ice. Finally we heard the engine of a car and it was them. My brother, my cousins and I went down stairs to the basement because there are tons of movies there. We watched five movies while the adults were talking. All of us were yawning and bored. I said, “who wants to eat KFC?” everybody replied, “let’s go before we sleep.” I went to ask my dad but he said “no because we’re going to have a family dinner.”

We all sat down at the table. It smelled so good I wanted to eat everything on the table. And we did. Afterwards we went the cinema. When we left, there was a bit of traffic but we made it on time. We bought popcorn and Pepsi. When the movie ended we returned to my aunt’s house and we found presents under the Christmas tree. There was a knock. It was a fake Santa with a bag filled with more presents.

     I felt happy because my mom had said, “When a Santa comes you can open your presents.” I couldn’t wait, and I was annoying my mom so after Santa left I opened my presents.

   After I opened my presents, my brother, my cousins, I, and everybody in the whole family was tired. We left for home. My brother and I we’re fighting because were trying to lie down but the car was small. Then we slept so my mom and my dad were relaxed. When we made it home, my dad had to carry my brother and I one at a time up to our beds. My mom was terrified because my dad was really weary. My dad made it but he immediately went to sleep. I was awake as soon as my dad put me on my bed. I wanted to eat more food so my mom made me a nutella sandwich, before she went to bed. Then I went to bed. . I thought it was the best Christmas ever.


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