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7 Random Facts (by Mrs. B) (Source

  1. I love playing computer games while watching TV. I only stop playing the games during mystery shows. 

  2. Before I go to bed at night, I play a couple of rounds of backgammon with my husband. I am currently ahead! 

  3. I graduated from the oldest boarding school in the United States; it was founded in 1744. 

  4. Among the alumni are two of the 56 original signers of the 1776 Declaration of Independence - Benjamin Rush and Richard Stockton.

  5. I have lived half my life in the US and half my life in the Middle East.

  6. When I read a really good book, I find it hard to stop until I'm finished with the book. Once I read all day, all night, and all the next day, so I could finish the book. Then I cried for weeks because it was so sad, and it was over. 

  7. We finally have a doggie in the house! Mr. Bean has been a total pleasure, since joining us in February 2010.



Dr. Damon is the head of our school. He has shared 7 random facts with us. If you want to read more about him and his philosophy, check out our ACS website. Headmaster's Philosophy

George Damon – Random Facts (Source

~ Have two dogs and a horse – Dakko, Antar and Cavalier

~ Have gone around the world once

~ Have one brother and two sisters – all in education

~ Have two daughters – one works for CNN in Baghdad

~ Wife is from Syria and we met in Morocco forty years ago

~ Like birding and organic farming

~ Have over forty different leaf types on my terrace

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