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Article posted March 4, 2011 at 04:31 PM GMT • comment (2) • Reads 497

Dissolved Oxygen is very important to have in water.

What is the water quality parameter i am using to test our creek?

I use the Dissolved Oxygen (or DO) parameter to test our creeks DO level. Dissolved Oxygen is the oxygen in air that is combined with water. Fish, plankton and other sea life breathe the Dissolved Oxygen in the water.

How does it affect water quality?

Oxygen is absorbed by the atmosphere or by plant photosynthesis into the water. Dissolved Oxygen is consumed by plants and animals for respiration and by aerobic bacteria for decompisition.

How is it measured?

Dissolved Oxygen is measured in Parts Per Million (ppm) or MilliGrams per Liter (mg/l).

What levels are good?

5 mg/l is a good level for Dissolved Oxygen.

What levels are acceptable?

3 mg/l is a acceptible level for Dissolved Oxygen.

What levels are bad?

Below 3 mg/l and above 9 mg/l are bad levels for Dissolved Oxygen.

How does this parameter affect fish?

3 mg/l to 9 mg/l are levels that fish can survive in.

How does this parameter affect humans?

4 to 5 ppm are safe, drinak-able levels of Dissolved Oxygen for humans.

How does this parameter affect vegitaion?

Plants provide Oxygen and consume Carbon Dioxide. The Oxygen plants make Can be Dissolved into water.

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Article posted March 4, 2011 at 04:31 PM GMT • comment (2) • Reads 497

Article posted January 18, 2011 at 11:21 PM GMT • comment (1) • Reads 56

This Blog Article is about the current Video Game ima playing, Final Fantasy the 4 Heroes of Light. This game is supposed to be a replica of the first Final Fantasy from what i heard. I've been waiting to see my cousin because i heard he got it also, so i can finally test out how good the multiplayer is! For the rest of this Blog Article i will be writing about what i've done so far in the game. For all the people who are reading this article so far i sujest you stay away for this because it might ruin the whole game for you.(if you find any bad spelling please coreect me.)

if you want to check out the walkthrough, use this link:


As a start i will tell you what i named the characters:

Brandt-The main character, a child who is taking thier first step into adulthood, but is sent to rescue the kings daughter.=Tyler

Jusqua-A mage who was also sent to rescue the kings daughter.=Noah

Yunita-A female warrior who is supposed to gueard, and take care of the kings daughter.=Madi

Aire-The kings daughter who was captured by the Witch of the North.=Kira

Now the story begins in "the Beginning"

When Tyler wakes up and his mom sends him to the king, he finds out that the one of the princesses, Kira, has been captured by the Witch of the North.

As Tyler sets out on his big journey he finds himself in the Witchs Caves. As he was traveling through the caves he found a Monster (Minoutar) and Noah comes over to help him. After the minoutar was defeated, Noah advises Tyler to go home, but Tyler was sent to rescue the princess Kira, and so they work together.

After finding a way out, they head to the Witches Mansion where Kira is. As Noah and Tyler are traveling throguh the halls of the mansion, they find a warrior who is being attacked by some monsters. after Tyler and Noah defeat the monsters they find the warrior, Madi, who is here to rescue Kira as well.

Eventually all three of them come to a balcony where princess Kira has been kept. As all four are exiting the mansion the Withc of the North comes to stop them. After explaining why she captured Kira, they began to fight.

After the Witch has been killed, suddenly a flash of light occurs and a talking Crystal appears. After talking in rhymes, the crystal grants them a crown.

After eturning to thier town of Horne, they notice that everyone has been turned into a statue, and there are investigation men everywhere. When the four reach the throne room, one of the men suggest that they go over to the city of Liberte. Noah and Kira think they should go there because it is safer, but Tyler and Madi want to save Horne from this curse and so the group slits apart.

"Tyler and Madi's Story":

After splitting up, Tyler and Madi go east to the Desert, where there is a king who could help.

Wandering around the desert for days Tyler and Madi come across a oasis where there is a man. Tyler and Madi ask Krinjh of the MoonFolk to help them, and so they head north to the Moonlight Tower. At the top of the Moonlight Tower, they find a pedestal where they must place some MoonShards. Luckiliy Krinjh has some, after placing the MoonShards on the pedestal they turn into the Merkmal, which is used as a map of the desert.

When they find the city of the desert, Guera, they ask the king to help them lift the curse off of Horne, but the king won't help them unless the kill the SandDevil which is in QuickSand Castle to the northeast of Guera.

When Tyler, Madi, and Krinjh reach the QuickSand Castle, they proceed tot he top. After escaping the quicksand, they find a monster, the SandDevil.

After killing the beast, a Arborian Ariadne. When Tyler, Madi, and Krinjh reach Guera, they find they cannot visit the king and so they rest at the inn. That night Tyler decides to abandon Madi and go on his own adventure, when a cat holding a map of the world comes up and hands it to him.

"Noah and Kira's Story":

After ariving in Laberte, Kira decides to explore the town. She heard that pirates had kidnapped some people! So she went to Noah and begged him to help her. After wondering around in the woods they found a secret hidout where the pirates were. The guard asked for a pasword, but Kira was able to get some information about it and said "freedom".

As they were walking through the tunnels some pirates noticed they werent apart of the crew and attacked them! but the pirates were defeated by Noah and Kira.

When they reached the bottem the captain was blocking the way, but he was actually a monster!

With the evil monster was defeated, and everyone was free, a fairy came out of the stolen vase and floated over to Kira saying "I am Lilibelle" "I am in your debt for saving me." and Noah said "Stop talking to yourself and lets go Kira." and Lilibelle explained that only Kira could see her.

After eturning to town Kira decided they needed to decorate the place they were living in until Horne's curse was broken. Kira heard in the town that a great treasure was hidden at the bottem of the Liberte WhirlPool. Kira begged Noah to assist her in getting the treasure, an d eventually he decided to help. That night, the whirlpool appeared, and they went in.

When they woke up, they were in a strange place, almost like a whale belly... Anyways, after roaming around they finally found the treasure, but it was guearded by a maonster! The battle was fierce, but Noah and Kira still won. After the fight Noah decided to go back, but Kira went and opened up the treasure chest. But there was a flash of light!

The next thing kira knew she was a cat. She went to tell Noah but all that she could say was "Meow" and Noah thought she was just a regular cat. Lilibelle told here that she could be cured if she went to the desert in the east, so Lilibelle gave Kira a map of the world and Kira went east. Eventually Kira got tired and gave up hope and went back to Liberte, but Kira heard theres a burrow that only animals can get through called the Animal Burrow so Kira found the burrow and went to Guera where she found Tyler.

Article posted January 18, 2011 at 11:21 PM GMT • comment (1) • Reads 56

Article posted January 13, 2011 at 04:35 PM GMT • comment • Reads 55

 Evaporation- Evaporation is when water from lakes, streams, ice, etc. are warmed by the sun and turn into Water Vapor. The Precipitated Water (or at least most of it) goes back into the air and you can't even see it! The other Precipitated Water turns into Ground Water (read further to learn about Ground Water).

 Water Vapor- Water Vapor is water in a form of Gas that you would know as a Cloud. When there is enough water (or the forming water droplets get big enough) they are pulled to the earth by gravity and are otherwise known as rain, snow, hail, etc.

 Precipitation- Precipitaion is made up of any type of water that is pulled to the earth by gravity, basically its rain, hail, snow, etc. The Precipitation is good for the plants and animals etc. If the precipition reaches lakes, streams, and other forms of water it turns into surface water. for every inch of water that runs off into lakes and streams 3 inches seeps into the ground.

Transpiration- Transpiration is when leaves give off Water Vapor through tiny little pores in thier leaves. This is the plants way of getting rid of waste, like sweating. The Water Vapor evaporates and is stored in the atmosphere till precipition or forming into a cloud.

Condensation- Condensation is the opposite of Evaporation. It happens when the Water Vapor in the atmosphere turns into a liquid and returns to earth. Condensation only happens when the atmosphere is fully saturated. For the atmosphere to be fully saturated, it must contain a maximum amount of Water Vapor has been reached. For the maximum amount of Water Vapor must have a surface to condense, which in the atmosphere is dust particles, smoke, and even microscopic bacteria.

Ground Water- After water seeps into the ground and is Ground Water, it moves underground from high elevations to low elavations and soon flows into lakes and ponds and other bodies of water.

Article posted January 13, 2011 at 04:35 PM GMT • comment • Reads 55

Article posted December 9, 2010 at 04:20 PM GMT • comment • Reads 94

 The life of Salmon start athe Egg stage. Eggs are born into a Salmon Nest called a Redd. Eggs are orange and are about the size of a pea. There are so many facts about the Egg like the Nest or Redd is a shield to the Eggs and can be destroyed by common animals, hikers, livestock, and even fisherman! There are many more than just that, that can destroy the Eggs Redd. And the Salmon Eggs need clean water to survive. Sometimes trees and plants give shade which can give the temperature the Eggs need. Trees and plants can also help by preventing Soil Erosion which can kill the Eggs.

The Egg Stage

Soon the Salmon Eggs hatch and grow into Aliven. Alevin are the one inch long next stage of a salmon and have this yolk sac on them that feeds them up until the next stage, Fry. Its yolk sac contains protein, sugar, minerals, and vitamins. And The average Alevin stays around its nest and it only needs its yolk sac for food. But there are many dangers like the predators such as Gulls, Dippers, Sculpin and even Trout!

The Alevin Stage

 After being around the nest the new Salmon grows up into a Fry and leaves the nest. Now a Fry is a small new born Salmon which just came from the stage of Alevin and is ready to feed for itself. The Fry needs to eat Zooplankton until they grow large enough to eat other insects that live in the stream. The Threats of a Fry are still Gulls, Dippers, Sculpin, and Trout.

The Fry Stage

 The Smolt are an almost adult fish which has now grown a parr mark that help it camouflage but soon it shall look like all the other adults. The Smolt needs to eat small insects. The most feared animals to a Smolt are Gulls, Dippers, Sculpin, and Trout. Some other dangers are pollution and Hydro-Electric dams.

The Smolt Stage

 Now the Smolt has come into the open sea and is now a Sea - Run Adult! The Adult Salmon have silver sides, bright bluish green backs and have obtained osmoregulation so they can live in the ocean. They are 14 inches to 5 feet long and can weigh 125 pounds! The Sea - Run Adult now eats small fish, shrimp, squid, etc. But with new food comes new danger! The threats to a Adult Salmon are Orca Whales, Sea Lions, Seals and the average Human.

The Sea - Run Adult Stage

  Now for the final stage, the stage of the Spawner where the cycle starts over. When spawning the Salmon changes colors and maybe the snout will hook. After spawning some kinds of Salmon usually die. Female Salmon lay from 1,000 – 5,000 eggs! When the female Salmon dig a Redd and lay their eggs they dig another Redd which covers up the previous Redd. While the Spawners travel to thier birth place they don't need to eat because the Salmon store food in thier stomachs so they don't grow hungry when they finish getting there. But its not all nice and peacful on the way back, the Spawners have to go through  obticles, bears, and even the fishermen are a pain when trying to reach the spawning place. So as soon as the spawners get to thier home and the females lay thier eggs, they may die.

The Spawner Stage

The life cycle is now finished and starts all over.

The Salmon Life Cycle

Article posted December 9, 2010 at 04:20 PM GMT • comment • Reads 94

Article posted November 5, 2010 at 04:08 PM GMT • comment (1) • Reads 635

Water Pollution from dairy operations.What is water pollution? 

Water pollution is the spread of garbage, waste and other types of things that can harm lakes,  ponds, rivers, oceans etc. Some other forms of water pollution are surface water pollution which is oceans, rivers, and lakes are polluted. Another form is suspended matter were some particles do not dissolve with the water molecules and is called particulate matter and causes some water pollution. One more form is nutrients pollution were nutrients causes weeds and algae where the algae uses a lot of oxygen in the water. These are only a few of the many form of water pollution.

What are some consequences of water pollution?

Many sea creatures have paid the price for our mistake, along the coast there are dead sea mammals and non mammals such as fish and birds. Other consequences are pollution to our water sources and having infants drink conatminated water can create sickness among small children .  

What effect do high nitrate levels have on people?

High nitrate levels in small infants and small childre can make them sick where their skin turns a blue-gray or a lavender color. High nitrate levels on older children and adults have almost no effect but people who have low amounts of stomach acid or enzyme could become very sick. All this is called Blue Baby Syndrome and caused by High Nitrate levels. The High Nitrate levels affects the oxygen carried in the infants blood, otherwise known as Methemoglobinemia.

What are nitrates and how do they get into our water supply

Nitrate is a natural compound present in all ecosystems. Nitrates can enter our water supply by high fertilizer use, livestock feedlots and pastures,and sewage treatment areas.

What can be done to help prevent nitrates from entering our water supply?

Reduce the amount of fertilizer being used in fields and residential lawns. Fencing your farm is the solution to help stop nitrate pollution in nearby rivers and streams.     

What should a person do if there are high nitrate levels in their water supply?

locate new wells up hill at least a hundred feet away from feedlots,  septic systems, 

What are some of the sources of water pollution?

Some sources of water pollution are : One source of water pollution is heavy metals from industries can accumulate in lakes, rivers, and streams near by. heavy metals are toxic to fish, shell fish, and sometimes people who eat the fish. These things are deadly and a source of water pollution which there are many more like the oil spill in the gulf of Mexico and dumping garbage in the water!

What can be done to improve the quality of water after it has become polluted?

You can use distillation (you boil the water),  nitrates and other minerals stay behind. It is a really effective way.

What are some actions that can be taken to help prevent water from becoming polluted?

We can stop dumping our garbage, waste and other types of things in our lakes,  ponds, rivers, oceans etc. and also we can clean up the oil spill and we can also stop surface water pollution. We can stop pollution before it gets to serious.

What is considered to be the safe level for nitrates in drinking water?

10 milligrams per liter is the safe amount of nitrates in your drinking water.

Article posted November 5, 2010 at 04:08 PM GMT • comment (1) • Reads 635

Article posted November 2, 2010 at 04:32 PM GMT • comment (1) • Reads 60

Here are some random facts :

1. I like video games

2. My favorite shool periods are Math, P.E., and Science (without science there is no blog!)

3. I like to scare people (especially on halloween!) and go through haunted houses

4.  is my favorite smiley and face (always happy!

5. I make games out of paper

6. My current favorite game is Dragon Quest IX

7. My current favorite movies are Zombie Land and How to Train Your Dragon

Article posted November 2, 2010 at 04:32 PM GMT • comment (1) • Reads 60

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