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teacher: Mrs. B (Grade 5 - 2012-2013)

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By Gilles

One Saturday, Marc came over to my house. I showed him around, then he said, “Gilles, let’s play Wii.” I said, “O.K.” We set the game up and played the tennis game 8 times. Marc won once and I won the rest of the games. After we finished playing the game, we felt thirsty and wanted something to drink, so we decided to go to a place called Dekkaneh, which is a grocery store, and bought a drink called Freez. The flavor was Blue Hawaii. We also bought some candy called Nerds.

After having a break, we went back and started to play a soccer game called Penalties. This time, Marc won 7 times and I won once, which is the opposite of our first game. Marc and I decided to make up a game and call it AFKAH! To play Afkah you have to be either lying down, on your knees, or sitting like you do in school. One person is the goal keeper and the other person shoots. You have to try to score, and if you score you become the next goalie. If you miss while the goalie is on the floor it’s out and we say, “Afkah!” This was a special game because I decided on the name and Marc and I made up the rules.

We played Afkah for five hours. I was lying down, Marc shot the ball and it went over the bar that we made so high. I called him “AFKAH,” which is the name of the game. This is what we should say when we have a big miss. We decided to stop playing for a while and watch a movie on Disney called Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam. After the movie was done, we went back to play Wii.

Marc ‘s dad wanted to pick him up , so he gave him one more minute to finish the game. We finished, but kept on playing till Marc really had to go.

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