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Overview Of Assignment
The point of this was to learn how to write and format a 5 paragraph essay. This also helped us to learn the differences of Romans and Germans.

The Germans VS. The Romans

You won't believe how the Germans and Romans were so alike yet different at the same time, if you want to figure out how then read this. The Germans are a type of people with their own civilization they lived in villages and took care of cattle. They used a lot of Roman traditions but keep much of their own culture. The Germanic people have some similarities and differences to Romans but they like to follow in their own traditions. Some ways we are going to compare are by differences, similarities and just describing them.
The Romans lived in cities as opposed to the Germanic culture who live in villages. The Germans lived in huts, and Romans lived in apartments and the rich had running water. The Germans even shared their houses with their cattle, they split the house in half so the body heat from the animals would be enough to heat the whole house/hut.
The Roman Army was a very strong and powerful army because they were so well trained and disciplined, either they died in battle or by being killed by their own army from when they tried to run away. The German warriors practiced for war when they were young boys. They spent most of their time making weapons for fighting and hunting.
The Romans believed that laws came from the emperor. The Germans believed that the laws came from the people. So that the people could decide what they wanted the law to be. Which made Germans think that life was more fair because it was chosen by what the people wanted. In Germany if you committed a crime you had to take an oath to declare if you were guilty or innocent, if you lied while taking an oath - helped by an oath-helper - or if you were guilty you were punished by the Gods. On the other hand in Rome everybody was considered innocent until proven guilty, because everybody was equal before the law.
Some other ways the German culture decided guilt or innocence was by an ordeal- a severe trial. The accused person had to walk bare-foot across red-hot coals or put their arm in boiling water. If they were innocent the burns would heal in three days.
The Romans and the Germans are very different people as you can see. For instance The Romans and the Germans housing styles were completely different, Romans could decline guests and Germans had to except and offer food and entertainment. Also They both had people to fight for them the Romans had a very strongly equipped army. The Germans had Warriors who were very strong as well. The Romans believe that laws come from the emperor and the Germans think that the people should choose the laws. So those facts just prove that the Romans and Germans are very similar but yet two completely different types of people.

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