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Title: Roman GladiatorJournals (03/08/12)
Description: Student research & writing project

Article posted March 9, 2012 at 02:11 AM GMT • comment • Reads 1349

This is an excerpt from the fictional journal I made for a Social Studies project, it is from a Roman gladiators point of view.

May 14 Midday

I lived in the city of Rome. I was poor, I had little money because my family and I could not find work. At the time, there were not enough jobs in Rome, an effect of the over population, which had risen to about one million people living in Rome. The separation between the rich and the poor citizens became so large it was tearing the empire apart. The living conditions weren’t any better. I lived in what you would call an island, also known as a six or more story building that covered one full block. I was not the only resident many people lived in one island. The wealthy citizens in Rome lived in what is called a domus or a house. These had marble walls, colored stone floors, windows made from small glass panes, rooms heated by a furnace, and pipes that brought clean water into the domus.

I did not have a proper education either. Until I was twelve I went to school with all the boys and girls from Rome, then we were separated. The wealthy boys went to finish their formal educations. They studied reading, grammar, writing, music, geometry, and arithmetic. The boys from the poor families went to work. Wealthy girls had private formal education, poor girls also went on to work. When I was done with school I went to find work in the city.

There was not enough work for me or my family. We could not afford to live in our own home, my parents needed jobs so we could pay rent and buy food. We traveled to the province of Rome called Gallia, which covered a large portion of northern Europe. My parents found work there, my dad got a job as a farmer and my mother found work in tailoring. We bought a small house and built a life there. Three years after we moved the village was invaded. Roman soldiers took our horses and chariots, our jewelry, and our weapons. I was marched into the heart of the Empire to begin life as a slave. When we got to the city of Rome I was passed to a slave dealer, then sold to the highest payer. My owner was going to make me a gladiator. He sent me to a ludus gladiatorius or a school where slaves, prisoners, bankrupt and condemned men went to be trained as gladiators. When we got to the school they handed me off to a trainer. I was told that I would be trained until I was ready to fight in the Colosseum.

Article posted March 9, 2012 at 02:11 AM GMT • comment • Reads 1349

Article posted March 8, 2012 at 05:52 PM GMT • comment • Reads 442

In SS Class recently we have been learning about the Romans, and their ledgendary gladitorial games. We created a "Lost journal" of a Roman gladiator, so here is some Excerpts of the journal that I created.


Roman Gladiator Journal EXCERPT:

Today, I have decided to start my journal, as my life

seems to spin out of control. My name is Titus Vibius

Secundus and I am a Gaul, for now. My village is on the

brink of being raided by the Romans. I don't know how to

feel about them, are they good, or bad?

It has been a few days, filled with chaos and

death all around me. People are dying of exhaustion

from the many miles of walking, from sickness, and

beatings, and starvation. They have stolen all the

belongings that any of us have brought along, jewelry,

weapons, and any other things that they could find, but I

was able to keep this journal by throwing it under a shrub

when they checked, and I grabbed it as we walked by,

but I think that one of the Roman guard saw me, I hope

that he doesn’t check later...They talked last night about

going to Rome, so I finally know that we are headed for

the center of these horrible peoples homes. I would love

to burn their home to the ground, and destroy all that

they stand for and all that showed they even existed, but

that is not possible, yet.

So apparently gladiators go to school. What

is a school, though? Well, today I learned that we go to

a special school, gladiator school, also known as a Ludis

Gladiatorius. Here, we will be trained to fight, so we can

entertain the horrible Romans. Huh. Their form of

entertainment – I kill you, I kill you, I kill you, too. My

owner brought me here earlier this morning. When I

entered, there was a solemn looking man who looked at

me, then nodded and mumbled back to my owner. He

grabbed my arm and dragged me in through a set of

large gates. Inside, were various people. They walked

around alone, eying each other, sizing each other up for

a fight. Some of them walked around looking like me,

totally lost. I hear a large banging noise and I turn

around. The solemn faced guy said, “Once the gates are

locked, escape is not possible.” Oh-oh.

Just now, I found this journal again, and

thought I’d make one last entry. It’s been many years,

since that first fight. I have done well, or at least the

Emperor has thought so. After many years of fighting

valiantly, on my last game, as my opponent stood over

me, I once again raised one finger on my left hand, and

looked at the Emperor. He whispered to the man next to

him, who handed him a wooden sword. A gasp arose

from the audience as I realized what he had done. It was

a sign of freedom. I could retire from being a gladiator

once and for all, no longer forced to fight. Although my

fighting days are over, I will never forget what I had been

taught to do. I will never forget my friends who have all

been killed. Even though I am considered a Roman

citizen, I despise these Romans with their stupid killing

games, and I will to this day follow my promise that when

this empire is falling, I will be the one to light the city


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Article posted March 8, 2012 at 05:46 PM GMT • comment • Reads 614

     This is a part of my latest project in social studies class. After researching the gladiators of ancient Rome, each student in the class produced a booklet that was supposed to resemble a lost journal. We wrote entries from the eyes of a gladiator, from the moment they were captured to the point where they retired or died.

Roman Gladiator Excerpt:

June 5


            I fought at the Colosseum today! I survived my first day at the gladiatorial games! It was a grim sight to see all those men die. It was especially difficult to kill someone. I have never done something like that in my life, but I knew I am closer to my freedom this way.

            I was a bit distracted by the Colosseum’s beauty when I was there today. It also has a brilliant layout and structure. The Colosseum is a gigantic oval; inspired by the Roman theatre semi-circle shape. The elliptical shape allows many spectators to have a great view of the arena below. The sprawling awnings above the seating shade all the spectators nicely. The arena is the smaller elliptical field where all the fights are held. The ground is scattered with sand to absorb blood. That is just from the outside, but the Colosseum has a genius substructure and crowd management system that allows great function for workers, gladiators and spectators.

            The Colosseum contains many passages that lead you to exactly where you need to go. Each class of people sat in a different area, so it was important that nobody accidently ended up on the wrong side of the arena. I saw that the emperor’s party entered the seating from the north and through the Magistrates entrance. The consuls enter through the south. The performers entered from the west and through the Porta Triumphalis or the ceremonial entrance of the gladiators. All the dead bodies were carried out through the Porta Libitinesis or the death gate. Each entrance and exit functions perfectly.

            Everyone seemed to be seated socially when I was there. I noticed that the women sat in the back on the wooden seating. I knew the spectators were seated by marital and profession status because the soldiers and the bachelors were seated separately. The tiers of the seating were separated clearly and far so that nobody would mix together. The Romans hate mixed crowds.

            I don’t like going to the gladiatorial games, but I want to find my family one day when I’m free. Andreas told me I fight again in two days. I hope I win again.

Article posted March 8, 2012 at 05:46 PM GMT • comment • Reads 614

Article posted March 8, 2012 at 05:45 PM GMT • comment • Reads 482

This is an excerpt from the Lost gladiator project we did.


I go on the next couple of weeks. The different gladiators I fight against each have different weapons. Some had a gladius, one had a rete, another one had a spear, and another had a trident and one had a dagger.

A gladius was the roman name for a sword, and the rete was their name for a net. Different gladiators used different weapons and it wasn’t uncommon. Gladiators also used different things to protect them selves. Some would wear helmets and if they didn’t they would wear a Galerius or shoulder-guard to protect their head, but most wear helmets. There were two basic shields one that was smaller and easier to maneuver but protected less and one that was large like the ones they used it war. It was harder to maneuver but protected more. Another thing that protected them was the greaves it’s kind of like a modern day shin guard but it’s made with metal.



I had fought so many gladiatorial games I couldn’t count. I went to the next coliseum thinking it would be a regular amphitheater however when we got to the amphitheater it wasn’t just a coliseum it was the Coliseum in Rome.


The Colosseum in Rome was a symbol of the roman military. It was built were over the place where Nero (a roman emperor) had his lake. The sack of Jerusalem financed building it in 70 C.E. It was the greatest of 200 amphitheaters and even though the arena was mainly used for the gladiatorial, it is also used for beast fighting and punishment for Christians and criminals. The punishment may have included being thrown in the arena with wild animals. The Colosseum was a 616 ft. X 512ft. ellipse of pure genius, built by the slaves. It is 160 ft. tall with four tiers and it has a capacity of 50,000. Before the Colosseum was built, the gladiatorial games were previously held in the forum.


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Article posted March 8, 2012 at 05:38 PM GMT • comment • Reads 172

In 7th grade social studies we are learning about ancient Rome and Roman Gladiators. The assignment was to create a fictional journal, either using primary or secondary source, telling about the life of a Roman Gladiator. Although we were writing fictionally, we had to keep history in mind and write historically as well.

Roman Gladiator Exerpt:

Now, how to train… I do no think I will go to a gladiatorial school to be trained with the slaves and criminals for I will be far better than them, and they also might try to take some of my money. I am rich Roman so; I believe I shall hire a personal trainer. I must also, with the help of my trainer, decide what type of gladiator I would be most successful as. I have fourteen choices. I could become a Myrmillo, who carries around a dagger and a shield, a Thraician, I would carry a small shield and a curved dagger, an Andabatus, who charges blindly on horseback at their opponents, and Essendarius, who drives a horse-drawn chariot, a Retarius, who snares their opponents in a net, and wears very little armor, this is the most vulnerable type of gladiator. I do not think I will disguise myself and fight as a woman. I could also be a Samnite, who carries a sword and a large shield, and has a visored, crested helmet, I could become a Dimachaerius, who fights with two swords and wears not as much armor as the other types of gladiators. I could become a Laquerius, who is the same as a retarius but carries a lasso instead of a net, a Secutor, who is lightly armed and chases their opponents, a velitus, who is only armed with a spear, an Equites, who fights on horseback, though for the crucial part of the fight they get off and fight on foot. I could also be a Thraex, who carries a small, square shield, a Hoplomachus, who is a standard favorite of the Romans though I do not see myself fighting as a Hoplomachus, who only carries a very small round shield for armor.

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Article posted March 8, 2012 at 03:16 PM GMT • comment • Reads 341

This is an excerpt of the Roman Gadiator Journal, we have been learning about ancient Rome and gladiators.


This journal was found on February 19, 2012 by a group of unprofessional archeologists.

This journal was found in northern Rome under pieces of an ancient Rome column. It tells the story of a Gaul boy named Aquila who was captured by the Romans in 200 AD, and his journey to becoming one of the greatest Roman Gladiators that ever lived.

           It is 200 AD I, Aquila, am 19 years old. It is a cold day on May 7th, me and Gaul my tribe are getting ready to head out for a battle against a Roman army group that has been moving to close. As long as I’ve been alive I have hated the Romans.

           We were walking along the grass until we spotted them. As soon as we saw them and they got in range we charged. Their army was strong with every soldier wearing the same equipment. They had leather shoes that helped them keep a good footing, but the most surprising thing was how united they were because they were taught to work together. They would all stay together and not split up. They would fight to their death. We fought for about an hour before we just couldn’t. They were the ultimate army. When we lost they didn’t kill us, they captured me and all the other men who had not died.

           We were tied up by our hands in a single file line, as we began our long journey from the Rhone River to Rome. Some of the men died during the journey. We got fed twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. The meals were usually bread or some other small bit of food. It was a very long walk that took us seven days until we reached the city of Rome.

           The other day I arrived in Rome, May 14th, shocked by the size of it. I walked along looking at everything. I could see islands where the poor people stayed and I could see the rich people’s houses that were much bigger than I had expected. It was the biggest city I had ever seen.

           Yesterday I was given to a slave dealer, who buys and sells slaves. Today he is getting us ready to be sold. He leads us all down to the slave market where we stand up on a platform so people can see us. The slave dealer is yelling out prices and sells us to whoever pays the most. It’s my turn and he starts yelling out prices, I get bought by a wealthy Roman who says that he will turn me from a Gallia comate or hairy Gaul into a civilized Roman gladiator. My owner sends me to ludus gladiatoruis (training school for slaves or criminals) to be trained to be a gladiator.


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Article posted March 8, 2012 at 03:14 PM GMT • comment • Reads 301

In social studies we created a journal on every day life as a gladiator and learned aboute the colosseum.


I am becoming more adept at the weapons they are training me with.  My favorite weapon is the sword.  I am ambidextrous, which means that I have the advantage of using both my Dear Diary,


               I am now known as a Gladiator. I look back at my life, and it seems like yesterday that I was peacefully living as a tribesman among my Gaul people.  Then in the blink of an eye, I was captured by the Roman Empire and trekked many miles back to Rome.  The trip was horrendous.  I thought I would die before I made it to the city of Rome.  Many of my countrymen died on the trip and my heart breaks for their families that have no idea what ever became of them.  As for my family, they don’t know where I went or what has become of me either.  However, I am hoping one day to return to the people I love and survive this great challenge that is set before me.

Dear Diary,

               The process of me becoming a Gladiator was awful and humiliating.  I was first sold into slavery at an auction.  People actually bid on me, and I was forced to disrobe and people made fun of my body and how “strong” I looked.  I was so embarrassed as the slave seller bid me like a common animal, that I cringed as finally, a wealthy man bid on me, and dragged me home in shackles, threw me into a slave pit, and left me for dead.   I never thought I would survive that first night of humiliation and loneliness.

Dear Diary,

               Today was my first day of training.  I survived the “night from hell” which consisted of rats, a flea infested bed of straw, and a watered down supper of “leftovers” from my new “Master.”  Now that I am “officially” his “Gladiator slave” I am now privy to meals of high protein, as long as I “perform” for him.  I met my trainer today, as he is a brutal task master.  He pokes us in the back sharply if we do not do exactly as he instructs.  I have never had experience with the weapons he is making us use and worst of all we have to fight each other; the other “gladiator slaves” in our compound that the Master owns.  I feel so guilty hurting these other men, or may I say “boys” as we are barely of age.  We learned archery, sword fighting, and other means of hurting and maiming one another permanently.   If we don’t “make the grade” and “succeed as strong, impervious to pain and mayhem gladiators, then we are eliminated, permanently, this means DEATH.  I am so scared, I can barely breathe, but I have to press on, and not give up, or my life is over, and there will never be any chance of seeing my family again.  This is what gives me the strength every day to train and fight.  Not for the Roman Empire, but for my people and the improbable but not impossible chance of reunification with my people once again.

Dear Diary,

               Combat is intense.  I am being trained by “supposedly” the best Gladiator trainer in the land.  This means that hopefully, I won’t be killed on my first attempt at being a Gladiator at the world famous Colosseum.  My first manner of business, was declaring an “Oath to my “Gladiator trainer” which I later found out from my gladiator friends, which I basically agreed to be his slave.  This was not what I expected.

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Article posted March 8, 2012 at 03:14 PM GMT • comment • Reads 277



This is an entry from my gladiator journal. This entry is about living in the coliseum and about what training was like for gladiators. I hope you like it.  

I was sent to live at the coliseum, the largest amphitheater in Rome.      

       As terrified as I was, the colosseum was even more impressive

      than my old masters mansion. Huge awnings covered the 50,000

       seats around the arena, a huge circle of sand. Inside the actual

struncture, tunnels wound through the walls of the building,all

of them leading to the seats. We entered the substructure of

the building and the guard shoved me into a cell I was to

share with 8 other Greek women. I didn’t mind the sleeping arrangements

     so much, I was used to sleeping on a pile of hay at the domus

     and all of the women were

very friendly  considering the circumstances they were under.  

The girl sleeping next to me was especially nice. Her name was Achima

and we became very good friends. All of the girls in our cell were from

conquered lands like myself, but in other parts of the barracks criminals and

Romans who couldn’t pay the high taxes shared quarters with wealthy Romans

who had actually volunteered to become gladiators. I can’t imagine how anyone

could be so stupid.

 I was told that I was going to be trained as a Refiarius, the most vulnerable

Type of gladiator. The Refiarius fights with a net and a trident. Training is hard. Every morning we wake up at dawn. We began the

day with breakfast, followed by ten laps around the arena. Next, we

lift weights for a full hour to build up our arm muscles. After that its

time for one hundred push-ups and one hundred fifty sit-ups. Then we

practice fighting on a straw man on a platform. Since we are training as

Refiarius Gladiators, we practice with wooden tridents and daggers. On

the first day, the trainer beat me for slashing the straw man with my

dagger. “Slashing is for Greeks! Stab like a real Roman!” I decided that

telling him I wasn’t Roman would be a bad idea. After lunch we often

watch some of the more advanced Gladiators do practice fights. Usually

some spectators from the city will sit on the other side of the colosseum

to watch as well. After watching them for awhile while our trainer

pointed out their tack ticks to us, we were sent of to do another ten laps

and finally we would do a practice fight of our own but with wooden

weapons. After a long hard day, we eat dinner and then head off to

our cells for bead. I’m so exhausted every night; I’m usually asleep before

I even hit my pile of straw. Everyday I think of Marcus and where he might be.

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Article posted March 8, 2012 at 03:14 PM GMT • comment • Reads 175


I am a 23 year old man named Abeldarus, I am a middle class man. I decided to be a gladiator because I got bored because all I did was sell food and I didn’t like it, so I decided to be in the gladiator world like Giuglio Caesar.

Giuglio Caesar was my favorite gladiator when I was a little boy. He was a Retarius gladiator, he had protection on his left arm with armor. He had a net that would trap opponents and kill them. He always won all the gladitorial games. I used to go to the games with my parents.

I gave my market to my friend, who was looking for a job. He is my only friend.

I went to the Colosseum to sign up to be a gladiator. I walked up to the Colosseum to sign up, they opened the gates and I walked in. They closed the gates and I knew I was stuck in there for the rest of my life. I felt very intimidated, but at the same time really excited.


I was given a trainer, who will train me for the games. They gave me a fake sword made out of wood. I am using that to practice because they can't trust me with a real sword yet.



After three days, I'm the Colosseum training all day. I started meeting a lot of people who were in here for a really long time. They are also training to be gladiators. Some of them are slaves, some are criminals

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Article posted March 8, 2012 at 03:14 PM GMT • comment • Reads 268

This is an excerpt from the Journal of a Roman Gladiator project I made in Social Studies class. We were supposed to pretend to be a gladiator in ancient Rome and create a journal explaining the details of gladiators, what Rome was like at that time, and important facts about the colosseum.

Roman Gladiator Journal Excerpt

May 5, 156 C.E.

           It’s been 18 days and I’ve gone through a lot. First of all, when the prisoners were split up and given to the slave dealers, groups of 5 or 6 of us Gaul’s were put up on a stand for auction and Romans started yelling out pricing. It was completely humiliating. And then people with diseases or any type of problem had to hold up a sign pointing out there defects, isn’t that crazy! I don’t know how long the auctions went for because I was one of the first ones sold. An upper class looking man bought me for a lot higher price than everyone else was offering but, I don’t know what that means, it’s not like he knew if I was going to be a good slave or not. The man brought me to his elaborate domus and the first thing he did was measure my height and weigh me, 6’2’’ 240 lbs. he wrote on a piece of paper. He started to grin a little a bit and I was a little scared because of the circumstances. He told me I was lucky and that I could have been sold to do slave work which I was confused about since I thought I was just bought to do slave work. The next day, my owner Antonius brought me to ludus gladiatorius, or gladiator school. So I’m going to be a gladiator I thought, this is insane. I was very surprised and nervous for I thought I would automatically die in the next week. Antonius brought me to the lanista, a retired gladiator that was going to train me. He told the lanista to train me hard and that this is an expensive investment that could be big. When Antonius left, the doors were locked and I had a feeling that I wasn’t leaving this place for a long time. I was a pupil in the school and not all of the pupils were slaves. Some of them were criminals, bankrupt people, poor people and even volunteers trying to make some money. I have been exercising hard every day and am actually being given good, plentiful meals. I haven’t even gotten whipped yet, you get whipped if you don’t train hard. I practice with a wooden sword and hit a man of straw over and over again each day until my arms are in serious pain. I was eventually given 2 wooden swords to practice with in each hand because the trainer thought I might like it better and I did, it felt more natural. I have just finished another days training and am feeling more and more comfortable with the weapons as time goes on.

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In Social Studies class we did a project to learn and research about Roman Gladiators. We took our information about gladiators and put them into in ancient journal. My journal is from the gladiators point. We had to put as much research in the journal as possible to show what we learned. Here is an excerpt of my journal

June 30th

Before fighting I had seen the Collosseum. It was phenomenal. There were awnings, which held a retractable roof to protect us from the sun and hot temperatures. The sailors control the retractable roof because it is made out of a thick, heavy, cloth like material, similar to those on ships. The shape of the Colosseum is shaped from the Roman theatres. That’s why it’s called an amphitheatre because that means two theatres put together. This design was made to make everyone be able to see the show. The building is so tall it made me feel tiny in comparison. It was 160 feet tall. The first three floors had 80 columns and arches to make the light shine through. Also, in order for the spectators to enter there are 76 entries leading to the designated spot for different classes. The seating holds 50,000, who are seated by rich and the poor. The place where we will fight is made with sand so that it is easy to clean up bloodstains. Below the Colosseum held 32 cages filled with exotic animals. These animals were lifted up through a series of lifts and pulleys so that the gladiator can fight them.

There are many types of gladiators that fight at the Colosseum. Retiarius gladiators, who are known as the weakest gladiator, wear a helmet with a crescent on top. They carry a net that they would throw on their opponent and then finish them off by using a small dagger to put up to their face. They also had a trident, a metal stick with three sharp metal parts protruding from the top, which they would use to throw and deflect with. Since these gladiators had very little protection besides a piece of armor that went on their left arm in order to protect the neck and face, a trident, and a sword, they could easily deflect blows. Retiarius Gladiators and Secutor Gladiators were a popular fighting pair. Another gladiator is called an Equites Gladiator. The Equites gladiator—“equites” literally means horseback, entered on a horse. Thraex gladiators were another type. They had a very small shield as well. There are other types that aren’t as major such as Secutor, Andabatus, Thracian, Samnite, Essedarius, Dimachaerius, Velitus, and Laquerius gladiators. Andabatus gladiators have a helmet with no eyeholes and charge on a horse. Thracian gladiators have a small shield, a dagger, and protection on both legs. Samnite gladiators wear a helmet with a crest and visor. They carry a sword and a big shield. Sectuor gladiators charge at their opponent. Essedarius gladiators fight with a horse and chariot. Dimachaerius gladiators had two swords with little armor. Velitus gladiators had only a spear. Laquerius gladiators were similar to Retarius gladiators except they had a lasso not a net. All these gladiators fought well with a certain type of gladiator. For a gladiator to be paired up with a gladiator that had a similar fighting style is very rare. For my fight I am up against a hoplomachus. A hoplomachus has a crescent on its helmet and a griffin’s head. They have a spear to throw as well. They wear gear all the way up to their knees and have a very small shield to protect their waist.

I, a Murmillo gladiator, have a large, oval shield that covers me from my shoulder to my calf. We have great protection, but at times it can be very difficult to maneuver. We have leg protection on one leg, a leather belt, and a dagger. Our helmets have a dorsal fin on top of it. That’s how we get our nickname fish-fighter.

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In social studies class, we have been learning about Rome and it's people. Some things we have been learning about are the Colosseum, Gladiatorial Games, and everyday Roman life. The most recent project in the Rome unit is that we created a fictional journal of a Roman gladiator. Here is an excerpt of the journal I created:

Roman Gladiator Journal Excerpt:

When the fight began, we carefully circled each other for while. My opponent’s butcher, who had a bad temper I imagine, burned my opponents back so he made a move on me. He thrust his trident at me, and I deflected the blow and moved away.  While on the process of backing up, I stabbed my opponent in the foot. He fell down in pain, and I took that opportunity to slice his arm. He raised one finger on his left hand, appealing to the emperor, trying to save himself, but to no avail. I was ordered to kill him, so I stabbed my sword into his heart. He died instantly, and was taken away. I had won. I got to survive, and because it was midday, I got a rest.  I looked around the large amphitheatre and spotted my owner up front and his wife in the back. They looked proud.

The criminals then fought, and it was too disturbing to watch. I walked around the amphitheatre for awhile, taking in its beauty. The retractable roof amazed me, and the large crowds moving around were very well-balanced.  The ellipse shape, with its 4 tiers and 76 entrances, truly makes this place great. I’m proud to work here.

I looked around for a familiar face. I saw a man that had been in a previous barrack of mine, and said hello. He showed me around, told me where and where not to go, etc. Soon we arrived at the “records wall”, for lack of a better term. This was where winning gladiators kept track of their wins, and very rarely, losses. I started to keep track of my wins, because I knew I would remain fighting in the games for a long time.

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This is the Journal of a glatiator that I wrote to learn facts about Glatiators, Colloseums, and life in Rome.


Today I was working in the bread

shop with master, when I was told that the emperor requested I was to be sent

to become a gladiator. They took me away along with a few other slaves.

They took us to the barracks where I will stay during my training.

I was sent to barrack number 15, and I will start my training tomorrow with all

the other gladiators. Most of us are slaves, but some of the other gladiators

were free men who volunteered for fame, and there are a couple upper class Romans

who were forced to become gladiators for the emperor’s amusement. I wish I was

sent to one of the larger barracks because one of the other slaves told me that

they had their own fighting grounds there and that members of the same fighting

style have their own private trainers. Some of the other gladiators bond

together in their own formal associations. Membership is constantly fluctuating

here. I heard that when a gladiator dies they often let their fellows bury

them. When we got here they had us take an oath that meant giving ourselves

slave status, not that I already am. I am still unsure if I should make some

friends here because I might have to face them in battle.

         Today we were sent

to the training school. Last night they fed me very well and I met many new people.

I was surprised to see that not all gladiators are men, some of us are woman.

They will put me on a special diet so that I can have lots of energy for battle.

The trainers tested us to see what type of gladiator we will be, and what

techniques and fighting styles we will use. I was chosen to be a Retiarius, because

I used to be owned by a fisherman and I am very handy with a net. I was sent to

a special training unit because I am left handed. Most of the other gladiators are

jealous because left handed gladiators have an advantage over right handed ones

because there not used blocking their left side. Most fighting styles came from

those the Romans conquered, so I was given the Egyptian fighting style since I was

born there. Fighting styles are also very stereo typed here, so I hope I don’t get

laughed at. People in the straining school are very competitive with their

grades (paloi).

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This is an assignment that we had to do creating a fictional journal about the life of a gladiator.

This is an excerpt from my journal.

I whip my horses and off I go. I charged at him once then twice and on the third time he killed one of my horses and I fell out. By then I thought I was going to die. I pulled my self off the ground, closed my eyes and threw my spear. I opened my eyes and the spear was in his chest, and he was lying on the ground. The crowd goes wild, I fell to my knees and yell I WON!

I headed back to the training area so proud of myself. My lanista said I did good but not good enough. He said he wants to make me a champion, to defeat everyone. So I trained and trained. So many painful hours and days.

My next fight came I was fighting a myrmillo gladiator, he is equipped with a dagger, shield, leg bands and a helmet. I won that one to.

The next guy I fought was a samnight. His equipment is a helmet. sward and a large shield. I won again.

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In social studies we have been learning about Roman Gladiators and everyday life.

This is a excerpt from my gladiator journal.

When the gladiator would enter the Colosseum you

would say to the emperor “Those are about to be killed

salute you” and I would also come into the

Colosseum on horse back and would ride all

along the Colosseum wall while the spectators

chanted for you. Then your opponent would do

the same thing. The spectators had already

made their bets and the fight was about to start.

Two gladiators that had the same fighting style

would always fight each other it was very unusual

for two gladiators that had different fighting styles

to fight each other. Some rich and aristocrats

of the town would hold gladiatorial games and they

would be fighting to get attention of the whole town on them.

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This is a excerpt from the roman gladiator project we did.We have been studying rome and we learned about Gladiators. We had to make a jouranl that one of the roman gladiator would have kept .



The training is so hard , it feels like you have died. I hate it here but know that it is helping my mom and sisters.  Every time you don’t train hard enough you get whipped hard. I am a Dimacharius  gladiator, which means I fight with two swords and little armor. It is very scary. We have practice fights. I learned I have my first fight in 5 days a with a samnite.


Samnite gladiators fight with a large shield, helmet and a sword. This means they have lots of protection, unlike the Dimacharius.

Home , the one place I cannot be. The only place I can’t stop thinking about.  I wish I was at home to be there for my sisters and my mother. I was never married. I didn’t want to become a gladiator, but they just came to the house and took me.  They took me because we couldn’t pay the taxes , but they told me if I become a gladiator my family would be safe. So I'm a gladiator now. I hope I fight and win so I get the wooden sword so I can go home.  They told me if I fight to win and get the wooden sword they would let me go and I wouldn’t have to worry about food or paying taxes. I want to go home badly.


The wooden sword means you are free and you have won your freedom.  It means you don’t have to fight anymore. You don’t have to be a gladiator anymore but you can be. You can go home

and live your life freely. You live and don’t have to train or fight anymore. That is what the wooden sword was.

The training is so hard , it feels like you have died. I hate it here but know that it is helping my mom and sisters.  Every time you don’t train hard enough you get whipped hard. I am a Dimacharius  gladiator, which means I fight with two swords and little armor. It is very scary. We have practice fights. I learned I have my first fight in 5 days a with a samnite.


Samnite gladiators fight with a large shield, helmet and a sword. This means they have lots of protection, unlike the Dimacharius.

Home , the one place I cannot be. The only place I can’t stop thinking about.  I wish I was at home to be there for my sisters and my mother. I was never married. I didn’t want to become a gladiator, but they just came to the house and took me.  They took me because we couldn’t pay the taxes , but they told me if I become a gladiator my family would be safe. So I'm a gladiator now. I hope I fight and win so I get the wooden sword so I can go home.  They told me if I fight to win and get the wooden sword they would let me go and I wouldn’t have to worry about food or paying taxes. I want to go home badly.


The wooden sword means you are free and you have won your freedom.  It means you don’t have to fight anymore. You don’t have to be a gladiator anymore but you can be. You can go home

and live your life freely. You live and don’t have to train or fight anymore. That is what the wooden sword was.

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This is my gladiator journal. Our Social Studies teacher gave us a project to become a mini expert on gladiators. Every Social Studies class we learned about The Gladiatorial Games and Ancient Rome. So we put together a fictional journal from a point of view of a gladiator.


I just finished the day. I got up really early and went down to the arena. My lanista trained me until 12 o’ clock. It was like a work out session. We used weights to work my muscles. Then he taught me what a gladiator really was, like I didn’t already know. I was very upset at the old man because he made me use a fake wooden sword. He said I wasn’t ready to use a real one yet. I think they were afraid if I got a real one then I would try to escape. He told me that I had to prove myself first. After my training was over I went to eat. We, being the gladiators were on strict diets. All we could have were protein shakes, and energy stuff. I was so used to having three heavy main courses when I was back in Rome. We would have appetizers and soups like snails fed on milk, and barley soup with dried vegetables, topped with cabbage leaves. It was so good. Then we would have our main courses. There were a bunch of options but my favorites by far were, leg of boar, and smoked pig's stomach stuffed with brains, pine kernels, and peppercorns. Boy I miss those days. What really bothers me is that now we can't even have dessert. We used to be able to have sweet fricassee of pumpkin and egg sponge with milk in honey.

I went to my first fight at the amphitheater in Pompey. I am trying to work my way up to the big leagues fighting at the Colosseum in Rome. I am a Murmillo, which is a type of Roman Gladiator. We wear heavy armor. I have to wear a big, oval shaped, heavy shield, called a scutum. They were red with some kind of Roman symbol on them. We also had swords, that were not wooden practice swords. They were real swords called a gladius. These were infantry swords and were medium sized, probably 2 1/2 feet long. I had to wear a large dorsal, metal helmet with red fins on them. The last piece of equipment I had to put on was a leg greave. We already had a ton of armor on our upper body so we didn’t need much leg protection. We wore a boot on our left leg and then put the greave on top. That was what we wore in battle.

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Here is an excerpt from my journal about a Roman gladiator. I had to make this as an assignment for Social Studies class.

Tomorrow is my first battle so I decided to visit the Colosseum today and see what it was like. The Colosseum is also known as the Flavian ampitheatre and holds 50,000 people. It rises to 160 feet in four tiers and no wind enters it. Because no wind enters it there are retractable awnings that shade the Colosseum to keep it cool on a hot day. There is even a sign that says vela erunt which means “there will be awnings.” The Colosseum is the most recognizable building in Rome. There are different levels of seating for different levels of class. They were also sorted by profession and martial status. Women were in the back on wooden seats and there were separate seats for bachelors and soldiers. In the arena sand lines the floor to soak up the blood of the wounded. There is an area under the arena to keep prisoners and beasts. The prisoners and beasts were kept in 32 cages which led to lifts that lifted the prisoner or animal into the Colosseum. Did you know that before Vespasian and his sons Titus and Domitian created the Colosseum gladiatorial games were held in the Forum? I can’t believe I just learned this today.

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In Social Studies, we did a project on Roman gladiators. We researched the life of Roman gladiators,the Colosseum,and daily life in Rome. After researching, we created a fictional journal about a fictional Roman gladiator, from the gladiators point of view. Here are two excerpts from my journal.

Excerpt 1:

I am now a trained Hoplomachus gladiator. Hoplomachus is one of the many different types of gladiators. They have a small bronze shield, like that of a hoplite, a spear to thrust at the opponent, a helmet with a crescent shaped crest and a griffin’s head on top, and heavily quilted defenses and leg greaves. Leg greaves are the armor that a gladiator wears on his legs. Of course, this dress style is specific to Hoplomachus, and every other type of gladiator dresses differently. Here are the other types of gladiators:


The name Murmillo comes from sea fish.

This gladiator has a large, heavy weight shield,

an infantry sword used to thrust at the opponent,

heavily padded over boot and leg greave on the

left leg to protect it from the opponent and

banging from his own shield, and a helmet

that has a large dorsal fin, representing sea fish.


This gladiator has a dagger, a shield, and leg bands.


This is the most vulnerable of gladiators. This

gladiator has a Trident to inflict blows at long

range, a net used like a whip to trip and ensnare

the opponent, a dagger used for the face off, and

only a shoulder guard to protect him.


Laquerius is similar to Retiarius. This gladiator

has a trident to inflict blows at long range, a

shoulder guard and arm armor, and no helmet.

The biggest difference between Laquerius and

Retiarius gladiators is that Laquerius have a lasso

to snag and trip his opponent, instead of a net.


This gladiator has a crested helmet, a sword, and

a large shield.


This gladiator chases his opponent, and is lightly



This gladiator has a small shield, curved dagger,

and leg greaves.


This gladiator has a helmet with no eye holes,

and charges blindly on horse back at his



This gladiator drives a horse drawn chariot.


This gladiator fights with two swords,and has

little armor.


This gladiator has only a spear.


It is very rare to see a female gladiator, but it does


As you can see, there are many types of gladiators. Some have a lot of armor, so some gladiators have attendants to carry their equipment. I must get back to practice now, I have my first battle tomorrow.


Excerpt 2:

I did very well today at my first battle. It began with a warm up fight, using wooden swords, while spectators gambled on which one of us they thought would win. Then we were given our real weapons, and musicians began to play flutes ,war trumpets, and pipes. The battle was tough, I was up against a Retiarius and almost got snagged several times by his net, but my agility from fighting back home came in very handy. The Retiarius did succeed in stabbing my arm with his Trident though, and the doctor has to tend to the wound. Luckily, I managed to knock him to the ground during the face off and keep him there, and I won the battle. He raised one finger on his left hand to appeal to the Emperor, who then turned to the crowd and asked what they wanted. The crowd decided to spare his life, by turning their thumbs up and waving their handkerchiefs around, but they also seemed very pleased by my first performance. I am very thankful there were awnings today, for it was extremely hot. The awnings, which are used for shade to cool the inside of the Colosseum since there are no breezes inside the Colosseum, are canvas suspended by a system of ropes, which are suspended from 240 wooden masts, which are supported by 3 stone brackets per each of the 80 bays at the top of the Colosseum. A group of sailors execute the complex operation of raising and lowering the awnings. “Vela erunt”- “there will be awnings”- is posted outside the arena to encourage people to come to the performances. I hope I continue to do this well as I move on to fight more battles in the Colosseum. It is mid-day now, and those who survive until mid-day get to rest and watch prisoners fight.


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 The following is an exerpt from our Roman Gladiator journal we did in Social Studies. It talks about the life of a Roman Gladiator the Coliseum and the way of living in Rome..


The Roman Gladiator Journal Excerpt


Today is the 9th of January 2011. We found this ancient journal that was left behind by a Roman Gladiator by the name of Antonius Domitius. It was found early this morning in the substructure where the cages use to be. That’s where they would often contain the Gladiators and animals before the fight. It tells us so much new information that we may have never know without this. He talks a lot about how he is a Murmillo Gladiator and how often he would have to train. One of the things that us historians found very interesting was how often he would talk about his best friend Titus and of course his family. When his family heard that himself and his best friend Titus were both bought by a wealthy roman to become a gladiator they were very disappointed.  His family didn’t want him to go off to training school and learn how to become a Gladiator because they were very nervous of him never coming back to help with the family business and of course  risking his life. He was the oldest of 3 and had 2 younger sisters. They lived in a small house by their family business. Titus his best friend also left his family and went on to also become a Roman Gladiator. The sad part was when they heard the news of what type of Gladiator they would become. Titus became a Hoplomachus Gladiator while Antonius became a Murmillo. The both got really upset about this. This was the most common match up to make the fights fun to watch. They didn’t want to get matched up to one another and have to risk their own life or even their best friend’s life. Right now we are getting the journal analyzed and getting all the information out of it that we may need for later in history. We also need to make sure it is ok to publish and put it in the town library. Hear take a look at some of the entries. There has to be at least over 450 entries in hear it’s all about how his life started and ended as a Gladiator.

I’m now off to my first Performance and I’m really nervous. All of our performances were always held in the Coliseum or nicknamed the sand arena because everything was covered in san to soak up the blood. Before the coliseum was built they would often fight in rich people’s houses. It is the most recognizable building in Rome.  Did you know that before it was built they had already been building amphitheaters off of the same module? When I saw the amphitheater my first question was how big it is and the answer is 188 x 156m or 48.5 miles wow that’s big! I win! I just faced a Retiarius the fishermen Gladiator.

The awnings were an amazing feature they were what kept the coliseum from getting too hot. When the interior got hit by the sun it got really hot. Sometimes on really hot days the emperor would remove the awnings and demand no one to leave. Without them I would be literally dying during the performance. It was a very hard challenge to keep the entire arena shaded at times. To help with the issue of keeping it completely shaded they had a very unique feature, a retractable roof. To be able to have the awnings they were held up by a system of ropes hanging from 240 bays on the top story of the building.

The plan started out in an oval shaped footprint. All of the performances that were held happened in the forum. It ended up being a semicircular plan. The arena is and ellipse. It was made like this so it was a good view for everyone. It bothered the romans a lot if there was a mixed crowd. To fix this issue they sorted out the spectators by rank. They also sorted senators and rich people into men and women. They would get the front rows of seating and the women would often have to sit in the back on wooden stools. They had separate seats for bachelors and soldiers. The only way that people and gladiators could only access the arena from the individual corridor exit. They would often have separate entrances to control the large crowd.

The arena’s seats were separated by a high parapet these helped so no one in the crowd would get injured during the performance. It was steeply ranked seating so wherever you sat you could see. Not only gladiatorial games were held here but sometimes beast fights took place here along with slaves and even sometimes Christians were executed here for discipline along with some criminals as well. Something that I thought was cool was the graffiti in the bottom of the arena it is even called graffiti.

My favorite part of the arena was the substructure because this is where I was able to contain myself before the fights or performances happened. There were 32 cages that held the animals and gladiators before the performance. I would often write my journal entries before I went to perform. I would write the date and who I was going against and a note to my family in case I didn’t get that chance to hoping someone may find where I left it someday. All the cages lead through narrow passages that lead to the arena. They had upper floors to watch the beasts and prisoners. The lifts would help lift scenery up for the stage set.

The first 3 levels had about 80 columns to create a framed arch. There was always an entrance to go through because there was a total of about 76. Each entrance would lead to a spectator. The emperor’s party entered from the North, Consuls entered from the South entrance, Performers would enter from the West and then dead bodies were left by the East wing.

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In social studies class we wrote fictional journals from a Roman Gladiators point of view. We researched Roman daily life, what life was like for a Gladiator, and the Colosseum.

Here is an excerpt from the journal:

This is the lost journal of Maximus. Archaeologists found his journal in a small hole in a wall while they we renovating an ancient apartment building in Rome. The first “gladiators” were slaves that fought at funerals in honor of their Masters memory. The fights were staged by the wealthy to display power. In the Colosseum the number of gladiators was a key attraction because more gladiators meant a larger, more spectacular show.

Maximus was a Murmillo gladiator. A Murmillo was known as a, “fish-fighter,” because they had a fish on their helmet. The Murmillo was heavily armed with a large boot over their left leg to protect it from their opponent’s sword, a large shield, a dagger, and a leather belt. The most common opponents of the Murmillo were the Thraex and the Hoplomachus.

Before Maximus was a gladiator he was a poor son of a farmer. When he was 12 and his education ended he worked on his family’s farm with his three surviving brothers, until his parents died of malaria and they he lost the farm because the taxes were too high for them to pay.

Maximus and his oldest brother, Valerius, decided to become gladiators, while their younger two brothers joined the military. Once Maximus and Valerius took an oath to start training they practically became slaves. Maximus fought for almost two years. Valerius, a Retiarious, however only fought for two fights before being killed.

When a man takes the oath to become a gladiator he is promising to be a loyal gladiator. Maximus said that his older brother Valerius was becoming a Retiarious. A Retiarious was lightly armed, there for they were the most vulnerable gladiators. They had “fishermen” armor, wearing left arm and shoulder protection, no head protection and carried a net, dagger, and trident.

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In  social studies for the past week, our class has been studying Roman gladiators.  We learned about daily life in Rome for the gladiators and the way that they trained for the games.  We also learned about the different types of gladiators and the Colosseum.  Here is an excerpt from my journal:

March 23, 234

    Today was my first day at the ludas gladiatorius.  I am starting in the first grade.  Agrippa was the first lanista that I met at the school.  He is retired from being a Secutor.  He is one of the fastest runners I have ever seen.

March 23, 234

    A ludas gladiatorius was a training school for gladiators.  Gladiators have to go through grade levels.  Agrippa was a lanista, meaning that he used to be a gladiator but has retired.  He now taught at the school.  A Secutor is a type of gladiator that chases his opponent.  He would have had to run a lot in his training, if he wanted to be a strong and popular Secutor.


March 24, 234

    Today was my second day at school and I was given my sword.  I have started my daily exercising and I have been assigned to a barrack, where I have a trainer.  In the barracks that I am in, everyone is of the same fighting style.  Tonight we are to be bonded together in a formal association.

March 24, 234

    The sword that a gladiator in-training would use would be made of wood.  It keeps the gladiators from seriously hurting or even killing their opponent in practice.  The gladiators would exercise daily to build up the strength they would need in battle.  The larger barracks would have their own trainer.  The fighting styles were grouped with each other so it would be easier for the trainers to teach.  When they were bonded together in formal association, it means that they would try to be a gladiator and not intentionally hurt themselves or each other.


May 14, 234

    We started the day with a warm-up and then all the gamblers placed their bets.  We got our weapons and then the musicians piped up.  Next I fought to the death with Alba.  After hours of fighting, she was injured and I was awarded with a wooden sword.  It doesn't really help me.  She still lived.

May 14, 234

    Opponents would have practiced with wooden swords while gamblers set their bets on either gladiator.  When the gladiators were given their weapons, in Aeliana's case, a shield and a sword, the musicians began to play their flutes, pipes, and war trumpets.  The gladiators would then fight to the death or serious injury of the other.  Wooden swords were given to the victor.  The sword symbolized freedom.  Palm branches might have also been given to the victor.   The emperor would have listened to the crowd to decide if the gladiator lived or died.  The crowd must have thought highly of the gladiator or he or she would have been killed and dragged out of the Colosseum. 

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For social studies we made a Roman Gladiator Journal. It detailed what life would be like as a Roman Gladiator. Here is an excerpt from my journal.

Excerpt: A lot has happened since my last entry. 1st off, everyone that is training with me are either criminals, slaves, and prisoners. We are fed very well though. They keep us on a high calorie diet so that we are fit to fight. Some things that we eat are snails, boar, boiled crane, egg sponge, pigs and pig brains, flamingo, and apricot stew. This is much better than what I ate as a Gaul. I also get expert medical care. On to other things now. I have to practice hard daily. They don’t quite trust me yet with a real sword so they give me wooden one. I practice hard on dummies and if I don’t I get whipped by my trainer. An average day for me is pretty simple. I get up early and eat a high-calorie breakfast, and then I go out and train. I then go back to my bed and bunk with the dregs of society.

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In social study's class we worked on a Roman Gladiator journal explaining the gladiators everyday life and the colosseum. We saw how the gladiators lived and died.

Journal Excerpt

Day 1

I arrived in Rome yesterday from Washington DC to conduct research for my PhD in Roman History from Georgetown University. Through interviews with local historians and by visiting many colosseums, my plan is to get a real sense of the way Roman gladiators lived and the way they died. Today, on this first day, a sunny day, I checked into my hotel, the Grand Hotel de la Minerve. This is a luxury hotel that looks out over the Pantheon, but I was able to afford it due to the scholarship I received for academic excellence. After taking a bath, I went out to explore Rome and get my bearings and my sense of direction. Now I know that the River Tiber is south of my hotel, Vatican City is northwest, the Pantheon is north, and the Colosseum is southeast. Whenever I travel, it’s always important to me to have landmarks; this way, it’s unlikely that I’ll get lost.

After long walks throughout the day, I found a perfect restaurant for dinner, La Taberna, where I ate a big meal consisting of Fettuccine, Ossobuco, and finally a coffee Gelato. I sat for a while in the quant restaurant sipping a Gamla Chardonnay and planned my next day’s research. I knew my goal was to visit the Amphitheatre and see the places within its huge structure where tourists didn’t usually go. My goal was to find something remarkable about Roman gladiators htat I could share with the world.

Day 2

While searching the beautiful Amphitheatre, I came across a doorway that led me to another secret path that led me to another deeper and darker path that then led me to a small room tucked away in the rubble and debris. In this room lay many rocks and chipped pottery. Between two rocks, I noticed pieces of papyrus sticking out. After clearing away the rocks, I discovered an old and worn down journal. I could tell it was very, very old. Barely seeing in the darkness of the room, I read the date: 53 B.C.E.

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We researched Roman gladiators, the colosseum and, daily lifestyle for social studies. Theses are some excerpts from the journal I wrote about it.

Journal Excerpt Prologue In the year 2004, on an archaeological dig in the city of Pompeii, I, Germaine Lenkle, found the journal of a Roman gladiator called: Appius Octavius Magnus. We brought the journal to America and analyzed what the journal revealed about the lifestyle of a Roman gladiator. In the journal, Appius talks about his life as a Roman gladiator. With the help of the American government, we have taken excerpts from the journal and explained the meanings and what is going on in the journal. The journal was found in Pompeii. This city was one of the cities that was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. Pompeii was one of the three cities, including Oplonti and Herculaneum, that was covered in ashes when the volcano erupted. The ashes that rained down from Mount Vesuvius covered the three cities in white-gray covering, literally freezing the people, pets, and buildings in place. It was found under the body of a man who we assumed to be Appius. In his words, the journal explains all of the hardships and luxury’s of a Roman gladiators life. It also explains the structure and purpose of the Colosseum and training centers. May 30. The banquet. “Tonight we held a banquet. Although were are not wealthy, my wife put together a wonderful meal and invited our friends over for supper. We had, as an appetizer, fried bulbs, and for soups we had puree of lettuce leaves with onions. For our main course we had the most delicious smoked pigs stomach. The brains stuffed inside were cooked to perfection and had just the right amount of juice left inside them. For dessert, we had stew of apricot. Then all of our friends left and we went to bed on full stomachs.” In Roman households, the meals he explained above were common and there were many more that we would consider rather unappetizing today. For instance, for appetizers there were, snails fed on milk. They were fed on milk to take all of the gravel and silt out of their stomachs. They also had minced sea-crayfish-tail bulbs. For main courses they also had electric ray with hot raisins, boiled crane with turnips, leg of boar, roast flamingo with Jericho dates, dried onion, honey and wine and wood-pigeon. “I have won again, however I did not receive the money I was hoping for, I received a wooden sword and a pat on the back. I came home and my son was still feverish and sweating. My wife told me that she had called for a doctor but he had never shown up. I took matters into my own hands. I went down to the doctors building and refused to go until a trained medicinal man came with me. He came to our house assessed my son, bled him, then gave us a recipe to give him to help his fever. We payed the doctor and he left.” Appius's prize was not the one he had hoped for, no matter who the competitor, your prizes or winnings could vary from money and freedom, if you were a slave, to a pat on the back and some cheering. “Today my daughter turned 12. Since our family is not wealthy she will continue her education with her mother. She will learn how to cook, clean, wash clothes, take care of babies and much more that you will have to ask my wife about. We are all so proud of her. We held a celebration in he honor. It included her favorite meal; leg of boar. We will not have a celebration like this again until my next oldest son is sixteen.” Roman girls and boys were taught by their parents until they were three or four. Then they would go on to their formal education. The formal education stopped for girls when they were twelve. That was when they learned to be house wives and mothers by being taught by their own mothers. For boys, formal education stopped when they were fifteen or sixteen. This was when they would find a job, and learn to be a 'good man' from their father. Boys had the option of going to rhetoric school if they wanted to be a law man or work for the government or empire.

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In social studies class we researched Roman Gladiators, everyday life as a Roman, and the Colosseum. Using this research, we wrote a fictional journal of a Roman Gladiator.

Journal Excerpt

The Colosseum is a huge, intricate, and mechanical arena where all gladiatorial fights are held along with other public affairs such as competitions and executions. The gladiator fights are very intense and publicized. All around the edges of the ring there is graffiti supporting and also criticizing gladiators. Ever since had my first match I have never been heckled or heard any criticism. Also, I have never lost. One of the great parts of being a successful gladiator is that before every match I get to go to a banquet held by a very important upper-class person. At these banquets I mingle with the wealthy and also get inspected by gamblers who are planning on betting on the match. After the banquet I try to get a good night’s sleep so I’m ready for the match. The day of the match I still get butterflies in my stomach even though I have been a gladiator for ten years. Right before the fight a few exotic animals are displayed in the arena. Then, I am lifted out from underneath the arena where I am held along with my opponent in a cage. You would think that once I am a superstar gladiator I wouldn’t have to be held in a cage! Once I am lifted out I enter the arena through a tunnel and look around. The amazing thrill I get from the arena never gets old. I see the senators and rich sitting together in the first row while the women sit in the back and the rest of the crowd sits in the middle. The Colosseum is one hundred and sixty feet tall and has a capacity of fifty thousand people. At the top there are awnings to keep the crowd cool in the sweltering midday sun. My opponent and I do a practice bout using wooden swords. Finally, the music starts, the crowd cheers, and the fight begins. While I am aiming for my opponent’s main arteries which are under his arm, behind his knee, and his skull my trainer encourages me from the side. When the gladiator’s life is in the hands of his opponent he appeals to the emperor. As I watch, the emperor asks the crowd whether the unfortunate gladiator should die or live. The crowd puts all of their thumbs downward in a sweeping motion and I swing my sword down on his neck. The arena erupts in cheers as I swagger up to the emperor to receive my prize. Men come out to drag the body off while young boys sweep the sand of the arena until it is clean.

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In social studies class we are learning about Rome and Roman gladiators. We had to write a journal for a roman gladiator and pretending that we are the gladiator, this is an excerpt from my journal.

I am learning what I have to do to become a gladiator. You have to take an oath. The oath meant the owner of his troupe had unlimited sanction of the gladiators life. Some Romans believe the first gladiator was a slave. We are being sent to Ludus gladiators to train. I am being trained by Lanista or a retired gladiator. I have to practice with a wooden sword because I am not trusted with a real one. I also have to practice on a man of straw. If we do not practice hard enough we get whipped, that has not happened to me yet. If a gladiator dies during training, trainer would charge sponsor to replace. The gladiators fight to the death too. Unless you raise your left hand, then you can have an imperial decision. We are subjected to a rigorous training. We are fed on a high-energy diet. Expert medical attention was given to the gladiators. Gladiators were paired against opponent in same style were uncommon. The most common were contrasted advantages and disadvantages.

Article posted March 8, 2012 at 01:28 AM GMT • comment • Reads 306

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