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Overview of the Romans vs Germans Essay:

We were asked to write a 5 paragraph essay upon the differences in the lifestyles of the early German civilizations versus the Roman civilization at the same time. We wrote these essays to practice our skills on how to write a proper factual essay.

5 Paragraph Essay SSKA

Red Class 4/4/12

Nearing the downfall of the Roman Empire, a group of Barbarians, called the Germans, broke into the frontier of the Empire. The Romans allowed them to stay on the boundary, acting as a buffer from the other Barbarians who had recently been raiding the Romans Empire. The Germans were many separate groups of tribal people from northern Europe. They were attracted by the Romans wealth and great power, and decided to head towards them. They wanted to live in the borders of the Romans great empire. The Romans thought of them as enemies and tried to get rid of them, but as they grew weaker, the Germans moved in, settling along peacefully with the Romans. This essay is focusing upon the differences between the Romans and Germans, first tribal society vs empire society, second warriors, and last of all, the government.

The Romans and Germans way of life was very different, one in an Empire, and one in a tribal society. The Germans lived in smaller villages surrounded by farmlands and pastures. This meant that they could live off the land, and not have to trade or import anything. Unlike the Germans, the Romans lived in large cities and had to import and trade many things, because the cities were large enough that the farmland surrounding it was not enough to sustain the population. The houses of he upper class Romans were large, with heating and running clean water, along with a sewage system of their own. The Germans had small huts with thatched roofs. Inside was the small sleeping, eating, etc. area, and on the other half was where the families animals were kept. They depended upon the body heat off the animals to keep their home warm. The Germans made a living by raising and herding cattle, along with farming, and trading the cattle to the Romans for other goods. The middle class Romans made a living by serving in the army, working as a craftsmen, like a blacksmith or a doctor. Some also worked for the church or as a Gladiator.

Warriors in the Roman Empire were very different from the Germanic warriors. The Germans had no fixed way of fighting, each clan, or group based upon family ties, fought on its own apart from other bands. The Roman army fought together as one, using the techniques that they practiced so diligently. The Germans equipment was different for every person, they wore leather or chain mail, and used whatever weapon they could make themselves. The Roman army all wore the same dress, and used the same fighting equipment, no matter what status you were, which helped to make the Roman army so great. The Germans army men were loyal to their Chieftain, or their military leader, because he offered them food and shelter during battle trips, and a chance at adventure. The Romans were followers of the Emperor, in which they were promised land and a home after their retirement from the army.

The Romans and Germans had many differences. The Germans laws came from the customs of their ancestors, but they decided not to write them down, but to pass them from parent to child. The Roman laws came from the Emperor depending upon the state and any issues in the Empire. The laws were written down, starting with the 12 tablets. The Germans had judges like the Romans, but for those who pleaded not guilty, were put through tests. One example is they had to run over a bed of hot coals with bare feet, and if they were innocent, their burns would heal within three days. The Roman judges looked at both sides of the story and any evidence that supported the sides, than made a ruling with fair outcomes for both sides instead of doing tests. The Germans believed that the law came from the people, and it could not be passed or changes unless the people approved. The Romans thought, believed that the Emperor made the laws, and that he could only make the changes, but in the end, both civilizations kept the peace.

So overall the Romans Empire and the Germans Tribal society are very different. Their warriors and fighting styles are both unique, but very effective for their time period. The governments of these two civilizations are very unlike each other, which shows the differences between these two civilizations. The Germans and the Romans are very different sets of people, living close together at the same time, it shows just how amazing people and civilizations can be.

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In SS Class recently we have been learning about the Romans, and their ledgendary gladitorial games. We created a "Lost journal" of a Roman gladiator, so here is some Excerpts of the journal that I created.


Roman Gladiator Journal EXCERPT:

Today, I have decided to start my journal, as my life

seems to spin out of control. My name is Titus Vibius

Secundus and I am a Gaul, for now. My village is on the

brink of being raided by the Romans. I don't know how to

feel about them, are they good, or bad?

It has been a few days, filled with chaos and

death all around me. People are dying of exhaustion

from the many miles of walking, from sickness, and

beatings, and starvation. They have stolen all the

belongings that any of us have brought along, jewelry,

weapons, and any other things that they could find, but I

was able to keep this journal by throwing it under a shrub

when they checked, and I grabbed it as we walked by,

but I think that one of the Roman guard saw me, I hope

that he doesn’t check later...They talked last night about

going to Rome, so I finally know that we are headed for

the center of these horrible peoples homes. I would love

to burn their home to the ground, and destroy all that

they stand for and all that showed they even existed, but

that is not possible, yet.

So apparently gladiators go to school. What

is a school, though? Well, today I learned that we go to

a special school, gladiator school, also known as a Ludis

Gladiatorius. Here, we will be trained to fight, so we can

entertain the horrible Romans. Huh. Their form of

entertainment – I kill you, I kill you, I kill you, too. My

owner brought me here earlier this morning. When I

entered, there was a solemn looking man who looked at

me, then nodded and mumbled back to my owner. He

grabbed my arm and dragged me in through a set of

large gates. Inside, were various people. They walked

around alone, eying each other, sizing each other up for

a fight. Some of them walked around looking like me,

totally lost. I hear a large banging noise and I turn

around. The solemn faced guy said, “Once the gates are

locked, escape is not possible.” Oh-oh.

Just now, I found this journal again, and

thought I’d make one last entry. It’s been many years,

since that first fight. I have done well, or at least the

Emperor has thought so. After many years of fighting

valiantly, on my last game, as my opponent stood over

me, I once again raised one finger on my left hand, and

looked at the Emperor. He whispered to the man next to

him, who handed him a wooden sword. A gasp arose

from the audience as I realized what he had done. It was

a sign of freedom. I could retire from being a gladiator

once and for all, no longer forced to fight. Although my

fighting days are over, I will never forget what I had been

taught to do. I will never forget my friends who have all

been killed. Even though I am considered a Roman

citizen, I despise these Romans with their stupid killing

games, and I will to this day follow my promise that when

this empire is falling, I will be the one to light the city


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