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What you were asked to do:

We were asked to write an essay explaining the differences between the culture of the Romans and the early Germans. The essay was 5 paragraphs long. The first paragraph was our introduction, the next 3 were main ideas, and the final, a closing paragraph.



Germanic and Roman Comparison 5 Paragraph Essay

    The Romans and the Germans once lived at the same time long ago, but were very different in many ways. The Germans were more people that were split up into groups called tribes, then split further into clans. They had paganistic gods of war and nature, and had very different and unorganized ways of attacking. They also did not have big cities, civilizations, and widespread laws. Their laws were for smaller groups of people. Both of them had separate ways,  that were unlike the other, of living.

    When it came to battles and fighting, warriors were fighting mostly for personal honor, bravery, and status. They expected their warriors to win or die fighting. They worshipped gods of war and even thought that after they died, they would feast and fight forever. On the other hand, the Romans were fighting to expand, and or keep their land. Also, while Romans had disciplined fighting techniques, and follow strict orders, the Germans were ruthless people who attacked wildly, with no guidelines or ways to fight. They would fight in bands, small groups that fought alone and usually made surprise raids on passing enemies.

    The daily life of a Roman was very different compared to a Germans. The Romans only really had to do one job to live a good live. They could easily trade and sell their goods or services at markets for supplies like food and shelter. The Germans, though, could not. They had to grow their own food in fields, build their own thatched huts, make their own tools, etc. They were a very agricultural society. They even slept with animals on the other side of their house. This was the same with sewers and water. The Romans could get water from public fountains and had sewer pipes around the city, but the Germans had to get their own water from lakes and streams and dispose of their waste personally.

    The law of the Germans was very much less widespread. It was more of a localized thing that impacted the community, instead of Roman law, which affected everyone there all over. For example, the Germans would want to stop things called blood feuds, where a fight occurred, and then quarrels would ensue, in which the families of the original fighters seek revenge. Those were things within the community, not something that a whole city would put to a trial. Also, in Roman law, trials in court were fair, while the the Germanic ones weren’t. The size of the punishment depended on how important or wealthy you were, not the seriousness of the crime. You could have been fined a small amount for killing an older woman who could not bear a child, but a larger sum for killing a young girl. Plus, the court could not make people pay these fines, only the public opinion could.

    As you can see, the Romans and the Germans had many differences, though they lived in the same area and at the same time period. The law, the daily life, and the way they fought were all unlike the Romans way of doing so. In the end, the Germans just lived a different culture and lifestyle from the Romans.

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