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Class of 2012-2013

The students' blogs have been transferred to 8th grade.


teacher: Rye 8th Team

Blog Entries

Science class with Mr. Bissonnette is awesome! I love how we can watch a monarch butterfly grow and go through it's stages of life from egg (although we didn't see it as an egg) to catapillar to crysalis to butterfly. I forgot what the Equinox is until I did the F1 in class and I also learned that equi means equal and nox means night equal night. it means the sun is exaclty in line with the equator. I love how we really get to be hands on like when we went outside and drew a picture of a flower and labeled it's parts. I really love science class this year. I loved how we got to go on the rye public trails today! I got to see a paper wasp nest and a really wierd kind of hollow nest for a baby wasp. It was hollow and it made a rattling sound if you shook it. I also learned what poison ivy looks like and that even the vines are poisonous. The vines look like they have hair all over them because they are covered with little roots. I definetly learn a lot I science class. Social studies is an amazing class. I didn't like social studies last year but this year it is really fun! I didn't think it would be fun at all, I thought all we would do was read and study out of a text book, but we are doing art assignments like making a cover for unit 1, 2, and 3. Language arts is really fun. For one, I love reading, and I love working on assignments that involve making posters and drawings. Ms. O'Connel is really fun and she lets us listen to book talks and books on tape. Math is very fun! Mr. Scogin is really funny and I love doing hands on activities like the M&M project and the potatoes. I love life skills! Making the pumpkins was a blast, and stirring up salsa was fun and delicous. Tecnology education is exciting because there are a lot of loud machines that go really fast. I can't wait to see the finished products of our ping pong paddles. Spanish really helps me because I have an uncle that can fluently speak spanish. I want to carry on an actual conwersation with him. Art is probably the easiest subject for me to get an A in because i have bean drawing since I was in preschool. I am really glad how great my pumpkin came out on my print. Music is a really great subject for me because I love figuring out how different things sound. I think Mrs. wirth is really going to help me with reading notes. Gym is really going to help me run faster which I have ben trying to work on for a while now. I think gym really helped me realize that you can do almost anything if you work together.

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