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In Social Studies class, we wrote an essay about Germans and Romans and compared how they lived. We had two major goals. First, we wanted to compare how Germans and Romans were similar and different. Next, we wanted to practice our 5 paragraph essay writing skills. Here is an my essay!

German Essay

The Germans. They come into Rome and take over because it is weak. Naturally, you’d think they were just like the Romans, only slightly different. That’s where you are very wrong. The Germans were actually very different from the Romans, though they did have some similarities. If you aren’t Mr. Waters, you might be wondering who these Germans were. The Germans were a mixed group of people. The women, children, and the slaves were farmers, while the men were warriors. Though the Germans loved battle, (for the most part) they were also very hospitable. In fact, it was even against the law to abandon somebody when they came to the door.

To truly understand how the Germans and Romans were alike and different, we have to look at three major factors. First, the army. Second, the village life. Lastly, the law. So please, if you are not an educated person in the Germanic people or the Romans and their way of life, listen up. (please!)

The army of the Roman Empire and the Germans’ warfare were very different. Germans did not have generals as the Romans did. They had what was called a chieftain. The chieftain was the leader of its clan. The clans were similar to the Roman legions, though far smaller. The clans were groups of people that shared their family ties. To become a chieftain of your clan, you had to be an excellent fighter as well as loyal. Unlike the Germans, Romans had a fixed plan when fighting. The Germans (warrior bands) fought chaotically , running wildly and yelling so they could frighten off their enemies. The Roman army was well organized and disciplined, much to the contrary of the Romans. Germans had their chief god, Wodan, to influence them. Wodan was the god of war, poetry, learning, and magic. Romans’ two chief gods that influenced them. One was Mars, the god of war and violence and the other was Jupiter, the king and ruler of the gods and ruler of the sky. They both had gods to influence their military actions.

The Romans were more civilized than the Germans. The Germans weren’t as refined as the Romans were either. They also had a smaller gap between rich and poor. Romans lived either luxuriously or poorly. There were the very rich and the very poor, where the Germans did not have such a gap. They did have the slightly less fortunate and the more fortunate, but they still lived together and were far different from the Romans with their village life, though some things were similar. The male was always dominant (as usual) of the family and the women and children tended to the agricultural work. Agricultural here means that they did lots of farming. Their villages were surrounded by fields and pastures and farmlands. The Romans had their servants/farmers grow crops. or, they would use trade.

The Germans were a more democratic society and had to have their people vote on their laws before getting them passed or changed. Instead of writing laws, they memorized them and taught them to their children. They also based laws off of their ancestors’ customs. The Romans however, had their Senate and Emperor work with new laws, and the commoners had no say. The Germans had their own people decide and vote their laws. They wanted everybody to get a say so there would be less chaos with people who didn’t want those laws to be passed. Romans were very different in this way from the Germans.

In conclusion, the army, village life, and law were only some of the major differences between Germans and Romans. This was a big event in European history. Rome was such a big empire, though it crumbled and Germans (or barbarians) took over. They are so very different from the Romans.

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