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My classroom blog is meant to be a tool for students' voices. Their writing is real writing with purpose, opinions, observations and real reasons. The fifth graders are thinking and responding to their world and this blog is for them to express those thoughts. Fifth graders' lives are bigger than the classroom and so the blog is an extension of school and themselves.

by aylo33 teacher: Kari Melland
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 The things I liked most about 5th grade were getting to be a part of the Geodome and going to Turtle River! (Despite all the ticks I got.) The Geodome was cool because you would sit in this igloo shaped dome, and it would show you all the things about space! It looked totally 3D!!! It was awesome! Too bad we can't do it again... :( And Turtle River was cool because you got to go hiking, fishing, play kickball, talk with friends, etc,.. My favorite subject in 5th grade was science! (The Geodome was a part of science!)

 What I'm looking forward to doing in the summer is going swimming, being outside, and going to Arkansas. My family and I all go to the swimming pool (maybe some friends too!) for like 5 hours. It's pretty awesome! What I do outside is probably hang with friends or play sports with my brother. And in Arkansas, we do EVERYTHING!! It's really pretty there because you see these rocky hills that were broken down by dynamite. I see my grandparents and aunt and uncle there. And for 6th grade, I'm just plain out nervous!    -Aylo33

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I am an eleven year old girl. I like dirt biking, horseback riding, skateboarding, and playing hockey! I enjoy hanging out with friends! I have a lizard, a dog, three horses, four cats, and a guinea pig!

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