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KG The Super Star

3H 2010-11

by Katie Green

teacher: Sue Halbert

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By Katie Green

“Wendie, come slip on your new boots and jump into the car, we are going on an adventure,” Mom called as she was stuffing the last present into the full trunk for the surprise birthday party for Wendie secretly. Wendie didn’t even bother asking where she was going because 1. she recognized the path and it lead you to the boring cold grocery store, and 2. all Wendie could think about was where she was going to have her birthday party! So Wendie thought of going to a museum, but there were no museums near by that she knew about. So she thought and thought more and more! “I’ve got it,” Wendie thought “we could go to a water park!” But she thought deeper and realized some of her friends like Carly and Lucy didn’t know how to swim, plus, the other half of the kids except for Jordyn were afraid to go on water slides.

After 8 minutes of thinking where to have her birthday party, her mom asked her to put on a blindfold as she passed Wendie a bright, hot pink, blindfold. Wendie was as confused as a toddler just learning to read because she has never been handed a blindfold on the way to the grocery store. “Mom, I would much rather be in an interesting museum on my birthday than in a boring, junky car.” “It’s pouring rain, only 44˚F, mom, and it’s my birthday, so I should be able to pick where and when we go at all times! It’s only 24 hours, that’s all I’m asking for, it’s not much.” “Are we almost there, wherever we’re going.” asked Wendie. As you can see Wendie is not a very patient 2nd grader, but is a very good listener. Mom grinned into the mirror and Wendie knew it looked a little suspicious. “I’ve never been down this road before” said Wendie. “Mom, look at the beautiful oak trees! The sun flowers are starting to bloom and the roads are even as flat as a smooshed pancake.

Finally, we parked on a bumpy gravel road called Carlen Avenue.

“Wendie take your blindfold off.” So Wendie did as told and took the blindfold off. Wendie had never been so surprised before in her life and she thought she even skipped a heart beat she was so surprised! Wendie bolted out of the car as the car door slammed shut! Wendie’s eyes were as wide as saucers when she noticed with a twinkle in her eye the sign that read Art Museum that way, with an arrow pointing to the left! When Wendie looked to the left her eyes got even wider and she saw the old cracked museum. Wendie thought this was a dream! But even better and more important Wendie saw her best friends, from Edilick Elementary School, holding presents as small as ants and others as big as elephants! Wendie ran over and gave them each a huge hug! This Art Museum had art as amazing as the biggest, fastest rollercoaster of all time! Wendie couldn’t believe her eyes and definitely thought this was a dream that somehow became true, but, she was 88% sure this was for real and 12% sure it was a dream?

“Thank you, Mommy, thank you!”

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I am a 3rd grader at Tatem School. Gymnastics is one of my part time jobs. Macaroni and cheese is my favorite food. Easter and Christmas are my favorite holidays. I have a loving little puppy. She is one of the most important things in my life.

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