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Shopping CRAZY!

One day my mom came out of her room and said “Logan, we’re going shopping! Get your clothes on!”



“Okay, okay!”

We got in the car and drove off to Lawson Heights Mall. When we got there my mom showed me her shopping list, IT WAS AT LEAST 3 MILES LONG! My mom saw the shock on my face and then she said “Well, we better get started!”

“Lucky me.” I murmured.

When we we’re finally done my legs hurt I just wanted to go home and sleep, when suddenly……
MY MOM RAN INTO ONE OF HER FRIENDS! No, no, no I thought to myself. “Blah, blah, yeah Logan’s doing fine!”
“Mom, come on!”

“Blah, blah, blah.”

“She didn’t even hear me!” I murmured

I poked her “WHAT?”

I swear, everybody in the store turned and looked at my mom. “Well?”

“Uh, hi heh, heh.”

Since it seemed hopeless to get my mom to leave I decided to just accept fate and go to sleep. Well I cradled off to sleep I caught a glimpse of the clock, it was 3:05 in the afternoon.

“Logan, Logan.”



“Huh, what?”

“Logan, it’s time to go!”

“Oh, finally!”

“Oh, come on!”

When I looked at the clock it was 4:03! So we got in the car and left the horrible place but there was one problem.
“Oops, I forgot the groceries!”

By Logan McLeod
Idea encouraged by my teacher Mr.Leclerc

Article posted March 7, 2012 at 09:39 AM • comment • Reads 55 • see all articles

About the Blogger

Hi! my names Logan and im nine years old! My name is Darcy and my moms name is Lisa! I have two pets named Spikey and Cocoa! Spikeys green,yellow,white and black and Cocoa's white,yellow and orange! My mom's job is being a supervisor and my dad's job is being a engineer! I was born on March. 15/2001! My best friends are Ryley,Gavin,Keegan and Ernie! My friends are probaly the best people you'll ever meet! I went to Disney World! My favourite ride was Mount Everest! The ride was about a yeti that's destroying your cart ride! My favourite part about the ride was where the yeti destroyed some of the track and then you went backwards!

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