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On Halloween night,three children decided to explore the empty old house. The kids name's were Gavin, Ryley and Logan. They were around the age of 10! They heard stories about th8is house but never went in it! The house was on a hill! The hill had burnt grass all over it! When the kids got to the house, they reached for the the door but the door opened by itself! When they got in the door slamed behind them! They jumped from the door closing!Ryley went upstairs and me and Gavin went downstairs!Gavin got tripped by a wire at the at the bottom of the stairs and got pulled into the darkness!!  I swore to get him back but right now I would need some help getting him back so i went upstairs to get Ryley!  We went downstairs but we were to late Gavin was a zombie!  We started taking a few steps back!  We started talking to him but he just kept walking toward us so me and Ryley looked at each other and ran for the door!  We tryed it but it was locked!  then we went upstairs into a room!  We waited but yet we still heard nothing from on the other side of the door!  We opened the door and we saw Gavin and he said it was all a setup and that it was a haunted house party!  We all laghed and well thats the end of my story!  Oh I forgot to Gavin and i have have blond hair and Ryley has dark hair and me and Gavin have blue eyes, Ryley has brown eyes!


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Hi! my names Logan and im nine years old! My name is Darcy and my moms name is Lisa! I have two pets named Spikey and Cocoa! Spikeys green,yellow,white and black and Cocoa's white,yellow and orange! My mom's job is being a supervisor and my dad's job is being a engineer! I was born on March. 15/2001! My best friends are Ryley,Gavin,Keegan and Ernie! My friends are probaly the best people you'll ever meet! I went to Disney World! My favourite ride was Mount Everest! The ride was about a yeti that's destroying your cart ride! My favourite part about the ride was where the yeti destroyed some of the track and then you went backwards!

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