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What an amazing journey we are on, discovering all the ways technology can help us to learn more, share more, and become more. There is something new and exciting around every bend.

by Fiona B teacher: Mrs. Ruffing
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Spring Sports, Baseball, Playoffs, and Pudding.

Salutations! (fun word for hi) Today I have four topics to blog about.

      1) Spring sports-  It is track and field season and I am excited to run for a new team.  If you have not met me, you probably do not know I LIVE  for running, baseball, and hockey. I would like to know what sports you all do.  I f you run track and field, what events do you do and how long have you done it? I do the 4x200, the 4x100 (sometimes), the 800, and discus. Also, I have never done it before but this year my coach wants me to do the 1600.

     On to the next topic- 2)Baseball- All you diehards, breathe a sigh of relief, PHILLIES BASEBALL IS HERE! In my opinion, the best baseball team in the world is playing again and yes, we got Cliff Lee! I would just like to say to all the New York fans(I don't want to soil my blog with the name of those teams) see you in the playoffs if you make it, which I doubt.

     3)Playoffs- It's that time again all you Flyers fans, it's playoffs time! This time around we have the Sabers as our first-round opponent. What do you think? Will the Flyers go all the way? Tell me what you think.

     Finally, Pudding- Why pudding you ask? I was wondering recently about the different ways to eat pudding. My favorite way depends on the devices at hand. What is yours? What is your favorite thing to go with it? Please answer my questions. Well, so long!

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