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by Bonnie B teacher: Melanie Transue
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For Granted- December Freewrite

Have you ever tried to take someone for granted? Been so mean to a family member your entire life and the next minute they're gone? This blog is about taking family and friends for granted. Sometimes people don't reconize what they have until its gone. My entire life I took my mom for granted, I always think she's going to be here, never really acknowledged her existance, never told her I loved her, or said thankyou. I found out this weekend that there could be something very wrong with her. I got my act together when the summer ended, and she was surprised that our family is becoming a little closer just by us telling eachother thankyou, and giving eachother a little bit more of repsect. We are going to have to help her around the house more, like doing laundry/dishes, pretty much everything.


Do you ever expect a "bestfriend" to be there for you? Or a boyfriend/girlfriend? SOMETIMES, they're really not. A lot of times, they're not at ALL. You should never expect a friend to be there for you when something is wrong, or your upset about something, because truth is, they could very much care less. Have you ever thought about being there for youself, or ever trying to find ways to be happy when your upset? Dont take friends for granted!

Do tyou have alot of friends, and don't know who to go to when somethings wrong? Were you best friends with someone for years and they completely ignore you and treat you in the worst ways, because they took a turn in their life...Maybe lost their confidence, are jealous of others...And they are completely MEAN to you so they can feel better about themselves? Sometimes girls can only have ONE friend at a time. Not the best idea to do. Everything in the past 4 years of all of our highschool everyone has changed for the worst in their own way, but for a few changed for good. Everyone needs to get along, and maybe everyone can be civil. One of the biggest problems among us girls is jealousy and self confidence.Why is it that people tell you your beautiful, but you go home thinking your ugly? Think to yourself, why am I happy in school, but sad at home? OR, why am I sad in school, and happy at home? If you cry in school, people say its for attention. If you ask tons questions in math, your a "nerd." If your big, your ugly, and if your skinny, your anorexic.

 If you wear short skirts or heels, you know. If you don't wear brand name clothes, your not "noticed."

Guess what? Nothing that anyone tells you matters. Don't trust a single person.

Be happy for yourself and don't change yourself for no one, aboslutely no one.


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