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by Bonnie B teacher: Melanie Transue
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Name brand clothes? Do you need them?

Jack Johnson-Gone- "Look at all those fancy clothes,
But these could keep us warm just like those."

It doesn't matter what brand name clothes you wear. Do "cool people" judge you by your clothes? You could buy brand name clothes at a thrift shop, but does it matter if it has the label or not? Will you still wear clothing if it doesn’t have a label on it? Are you embarrassed, and do you worry about what other people think if you’re not wearing a certain label?

You’re not dressing in brand name clothes to impress others. You can still wear regular clothes that look just like brand name and still be treated the same. I have noticed that if you are not wearing brand name, people don't look at you quite the same. They think your poor, and have no money. I think that’s pathetic, it shouldn't matter. Just because you don’t have UGG boots, and have Wal-Mart boots, THAT LOOK THE SAME, doesn’t mean you should feel bad. They just don’t have the label on it.

Would you be able to tell if there were two shirts that were the same and you couldn’t see the tag? Would you be able to tell them apart? So what, maybe you don’t have the money to be buying brand name expensive clothes when you can be wearing the same alike ones for a lower price. You should never judge a person by their clothes. Sometimes, "cool people" will judge you by what your'e wearing, tell you its not good enough, they will say, "look at him, he thinks he's so cool." Sometimes people will taunt you and tell you your fat, tell you you can't play a sport right, tell you your worthless, to go "die". You shouldn't put up with this, around the world teenagers are commiting suicide by these actions they put on "uncool people." Everyone should be treated the same, not unequally.

Do you think you need brand name clothes just to stand out?

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