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February… fantastic, fun, and full of learning! Everyday in February was as sweet as the 14th. From math to art, many new concepts were learned. Hat day, S.H.O.C, and I love to read month challenged me and impacted my learning the most. I know you will be amazed as you read about them. 

             S.H.O.C was completely new to me and I learned a lot about it. S.H.O.C stands for Student Helping Other Choose. The first day they talked about inhalants and how they’re bad. There is a large variety of cigarettes. The second day they talk about Tobacco and alcohol, like how tobacco kills three out of ten people and it can give you throat cancer some people get addicted on the first try. Some people can get frighten from the first time some one tries to give you a cigarette. It`s not going to easy to straighten your life. You should idolize the people who don`t smoke.

P.s don`t do drugs sweeten your life up. Purify your mouth with life Don`t make a be mistaken do the right thing. Apologize to your self if you even try analyze what you just read. Regroup your life quit with the stress. Just look at your brain you want it swollen up with knowledge.


            Hat day was so cool I just have to explain how I did it. We had another spirit day called hat day. All of the school got to wear any hat we wanted. Big hats small hats purple hat yellow hats. That was the best of the spirit day I was so energized.


            Last, I need tell you about I love to read month. We had a goal of 18,000 minutes but we only reached 10,000 minutes. There were two prizes fist prize was to go to the water park .Second prize was to get Culvers meal for their class.

Guess what we won the Culvers meal !

We all cheered and Dakota explodes with joy.

This days was my favorite let`s all harmonize together of our accomplishment.

Were still trying to keep up with the status


            February was a phenomenal month! My brain is packed, but I am reorganizing for March because I know it will be packed with great learning this is what I did to symbolize February.

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