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by Cory W teacher: Melanie Transue
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Bikes and workers?
When you see a bike do you think about what kind of worker your bike is? Did you pay a lot of money for your bike? Do you think it translate into being a hard worker? This blog I am only comparing four bike company’s and how they work in my head.
Eastern bikes are to me hard working bikes. They are great for getting work done. They also are very reliable. They are like a big corporation because they keep makeing better and better things.
Hoffman bikes are like a part time worker. They work great for a little bit but then they just want to stop. They did some good bikes but the they just stoped. Some workers in real life are just the same way.
2 Hip bike is like the boss of bosses. It cost a lot barely gets out and it rides in style.
DK bikes are like all your workers that want to move up in the chain of their company. They do all they can and try to do more. Most people will try their best and they will keep trying till they succeed. They just keep trying to dominate the other companies.
In my eyes these bikes are like the workers in life and I picked theses bike company’s because they are the easiest ones to compare I think. Thats how they keep the company going and how real life is like bikes.

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