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December free write
Have you ever been stuck between two people that you really like? You just have no clue what to do? I’ve found it best to just stay away, take time out of the day stop and think. Can you see yourself happier with this one or that one? Do you stop and listen to your heart? People don’t stop to listen to their hearts like they should. Everyone should stop and listen to their heart because only their heart really knows what they want. You can lie to others, you can lie to your friends, but one thing you can’t do is lie to your heart.

The people that are really happy are normally the ones that listen to their heart. You can look at a person and tell if they are listening to their heart or not. A person that listens to their heart normally has a huge smile on their face all the time. They are always happy to see the person they are with. Their friends may not like them but friends can be replaced because they are insanely happy because they listened to their heart. Next time be aware when you’re chilling with your BMX buddies and one of your buddy’s girl friend comes by, look on his face to see if he is happy with her.

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