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by C teacher: Mr. Edwards

vocab words
Once there was a yummy restaurant. A lot of people liked the restaurant. Everyone knew about the restaurant. One day a family moved to the town and their favorite thing to do was going to restaurants. So one day they saw the famous restaurant. The family looked keenly at the restaurant. They decided to give it a try so they went into the restaurant. The father scrutinized the menu. At first the mother was in a quandary in deciding what she wanted. Once the family finished they asked for the bill and when the waitress came over she screamed! The family scarcely touched the food=http:// The family said that it did have a plentiful amount of food but they really didn’t like it! The waitress elucidated to the manager about what the family had said about their food. The manager came over to the table they were sitting at and said to go to this different restaurant but it would be venture to get their because they had to go over a bridge that had fallen over a couple of times. So the family got in their car and drove of to the other restaurant. But guess what!!! The manager lied twice! First, their was no restaurant and second their was no bridge!!!

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