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by C teacher: Mr. Edwards


Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas, every where we go! Oh, I just love Christmas for two reasons, snow and christmas eve dinner!

I like christmas for because of snow! To me I always think,” whats christmas without snow!” Well it would just be boring! I just love playing in the snow, I love building snow forts with my mom. Once I’m done playing in the snow I love coming inside to the warm toasty house to get warmed up and when I’m done getting warmed up I go outside to play again! Also when it’s snowy outside I LOVE going to my old preschool called mustard seed, because when it’s snowy out the snow plows come and they push all the snow off the parking lot theirs a huge mound of snow! It’s really close to my house so I always bring a friend so we can build something really cool like a house or something. I love the felling when snow falls on your face.

I also love christmas because of my family’s christmas eve dinner. The reason why our christmas eve dinner is so awesome is because normally my parents have crab legs and my brother sister and I usually have turkey or something but last year I tried crab legs a I fell in love! It’s so good especially when you dip it in warm butter! The smell is like a freshly baked batch of chocolate chip cookies it’s the same warm feeling of chocolate chip cookies. You just want to dive into them. And I love how we get to sit down as a family on Christmas eve because some people don’t get to. I love my christmas eve dinner an I hope you like yours too!

Oh I see the snow falling! I have to go. Mustard seed here I come!

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