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Mr. E's class blog. We're a fifth grade class from Connecticut and are excited to share our learning with everybody. Please look around and let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment or two. We'd love to read about you too!

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Winter Break is my favorite part of the school year because my cousins from China are in town.There names are Julia and Renee.They are nice, funny and love to play games.
When my cousins first come we have a party.The party is always at my grandparents house.When my family and I get to my grandparents house all of the kids head to the basement to play games.We usually tell jokes, tell everyone what up and have a bunch of fun.After about an hour of play we head upstairs to have dinner.We always have beef tenderloin, mashed potatos,(made by dad)and we also have green beens.I have never liked green beens so I pass them to Renee.My favorite part of dinner is the wizard, I like him because if you ask him a yes or no question he will answer it in an odd way.Then we go back home.Over the next couple of days we hang out with our cousins untill New Years Eve.
Since my cousins leave on New Years Day we have another party but it is way more fun.When we get to my grandparents house I will always bring my viola.When I get there I go into the basement to practice viola with Julia and Renee.This year my aunt brought glow sticks.The best part was that you could turn them into balls and there were two colors inside.My dad put them all over himself,it was so funny.Then we left and in the morning the left for China.

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