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We're a fifth grade class from McNamara Elementary School in Baldwinsville, New York. Baldwinsville is located just outside of Syracuse. Have fun bloggin'!

by KL teacher: Courtney Mills
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Summer Homework 08/21
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About 12/14/10

    I have 5 family members (7 including my dogs!), my mom, my dad, my sister Kristen, my brother Jason, and my two dogs Sam and Lizzie. My aunt even lives in New York City! Also my cousins and my aunt live in Arizona! They came to visit my grandma’s house in the summer. They have an ADORABLE little dog named Fluffy. My great uncles live all over! Two of them live in Arizona, and the other one lives in Michigan. 

I have a LOT of hobbies. I like to sing, ice-skate, cross country ski, dance, and of COURSE hang out with my best friends. I go cross-country skiing mostly with my friends in the winter time. I sing a lot in a camp I go to. Hannah C. even went with me once! We had tons of fun. I ice-skate every year with my Girl Scout troop. Maggie, Emily, Rhea, and Lily are also in it with me. I go with my family a lot too. I dance every year at a camp Mr.Bader’s niece teaches with my sister.

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