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3H 2010-11

by Rebekah Vielehr

teacher: Sue Halbert

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Chapter 1

Crunch, crunch it was a cold fall day and the leaves were rustling. Jessica was walking home through the woods from soccer practice.

“What is that light’’ she asked to herself. She sprinted over.

Jessica threw a rock at the light. Nothing happened! She threw another rock. Nothing happened! Then finally, Jessica threw a third rock and out of no where a big space ship came up and out of the water. A cold metal ramp popped out that led to the spaceship, she slowly crept in…

Right in front of her was a big room full of red buttons, yellow buttons, and green buttons. Jessica walked forward and pushed open the door that led to the next room.

Jessica gasped! She never saw this before it was a ZERO GRAVITY ROOM. All the furniture was in the air! Then she started floating up to the ceiling with the furniture. She clung to a sofa and made her way to the next door.

Then the next room was gray, and on one side of the wall was a big computer screen, and below it was a medium sized keyboard. There was a mini box, she opened the box and inside was a small piece of paper with a code that said: ALIEN 294.

Jessica had to go tell Henry, he knew everything you had to know about computers.

She launched herself through the spaceship and got Henry. They both hurried through the woods and into the spaceship. They walked through the control room, through the zero gravity room and into the room with the big screen.

2nd chapter

Jessica showed Henry the paper she found in the box. He said it was some kind of code that you had to enter into the computer, so he did.

Then out of nowhere the computer said “How may I help you?’’ The two of them just stared at each other, and then at the computer, and then at each other again! Well, Jessica did have a problem.

Then she blurted out “My teammates have been making fun of me, because I’m not the best soccer player’’ in a glum voice.

“That’s no problem,” said the computer. Then the wind started to blow even harder and the next thing she knew, they were outside.

“Well that was no use” said Henry.

``I’m getting hungry’’ said Jessica

“Yeah!” said Henry “I’ll see you tomorrow.” Jessica went home and had a good night sleep.

Jessica woke up and went to school. Time passed and then it was 3:00, time to go to soccer practice. Jessica was nervous, but she committed to the team and had to practice, so she went.

The coach asked her team to dribble from one side of the field to the other on the count of three. 1,2,3 go! Jessica ran as fast as a cheetah! She was the first one to the end of the field. Jessica felt so proud of herself. Then they did some other stuff, and then practice was over.

Jessica went home and told her mom all about it. Her mom said, “That’s great sweetie, then you’ll be ready for your big game tomorrow.”

“YES!” Then Jessica went to bed and went to dream land zzzzzzz. Then she woke up to the beautiful Saturday. Jessica dashed out of bed, got on her uniform, brushed her hair, ate breakfast, and brushed her teeth. She put on her shin guards, and her cleats, and rushed to the soccer field.

They started practicing for a while and then the game started. Jessica started out a little rough. But when it was 1 to 0 there was only 10 seconds left. She passed the offense, passed the midfield, passed the defense. She shoots, she scores, and the crowd goes wild! Jessica finally won her first soccer game! So then Jessica walked home through the woods as usual and sprinted over to the light and glanced over at the water there was no light.

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Hi I am in 3rd grader and I’m 8 years old and I love animals. My favorite thing to do is be outside. Soccer is also fun for me. Every year my family and I do the polar bear swim.

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