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3H 2010-11

by Anna Tucker

teacher: Sue Halbert

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By Anna Tucker

Chapter 1.
Sophie lay in her bed without making a sound on an early, Christmas morning. It was a very quiet, peaceful holiday while the powdery snow poofed against Sophie’s window while the branches clicked against her window. The noises sounded relaxing together.

Usually kids like Sophie wake up early on Christmas. It was still early, but Sophie was still asleep. Suddenly, her little first-grader eyes slightly opened. She jumped upright in her bed, saw 2 feet of snow outside and realized it was Christmas!! Sophie leaped happily downstairs, at a time her parents would never get up at. It was still early. There were about 2 dozen gifts under the Christmas tree. Then Sophie saw a huge one that caught her eye…

She ripped it open and found a small, adorable puppy inside a cage. When Sophie saw it, she thought no one in the whole world could look into its big brown eyes and say no. Sophie immediately took the puppy carefully out of the cage. She got bundled up to play outside with her new puppy. It was as cute as a button.

Sophie and her new dog played tag, (the dog would nudge you to show that you were it) a few games of fetch with the tennis ball that came with the dog, and Sophie made a snowman that the dog knocked down. They had played so long, Sophie did not even know it was lunch time! She rushed inside the big blue house. Sophie’s parents were up. They were very nice, caring and helpful parents.

“Guess what, Mom and Dad?” asked Sophie.

“What?” asked Sophie’s dad.

“I GOT A PUPPY FOR CHRISTMAS!!!” replied Sophie as loud as she could.

“Wow! May we see him?” asked Sophie’s mom eagerly.

“Sure, and you don’t need to worry about him. I’ll make him my responsibility,” said Sophie as she went back outside to get her dog.

“Wow, Sophie, that is one nice black lab!” complimented her very smart dad.

Sophie smiled proudly and had a grilled cheese sandwich and some hot cocoa. She now had a cocoa moustache on her mouth. What a day!

Chapter 2

That night, Sophie was fast asleep with her puppy right beside her. Sophie and her dog looked like best friends together, and they probably were.

The next morning, Sophie could not find her dog ANYWHERE. She looked in the kitchen, the family room, the dining room, her parent’s room, her room, even the bathroom! She was nervously turning the house upside down like a spaz looking for her puppy.

Then, Sophie remembered her dog LOVES the outside world, especially her backyard. In a flash, she rushed outside and saw her dog flying high above the yard. Sophie immediately got her snowsuit on, and rushed outside.

“BANG” went the door as Sophie hit it open. She froze, and stared at her dog in amazement. She was AMAZED. Sophie was a brave and imaginative little girl. She wasn’t scared of a flying dog. Sophie went back inside with a smile on her face and woke her parents to tell them what happened.

“Mom, Dad, my dog is flying outside!” said Sophie.

“Wow”, said Sophie’s mom in a bored voice. Sophie’s parents knew how imaginative their daughter was. They knew she was making that up.

“Just don’t lose it”, said Sophie’s mom in a voice to make Sophie feel like her mom cared.

“Okay!” said Sophie who rushed outside and saw her dog flying across the neighborhood. Sophie remembered what her mom had just said and what she had said about the dog being her responsibility and she began to cry. Sophie knew she couldn’t get her dog back now. Suddenly, she found herself lying in her bed. Her dog that could NOT fly was right next to her. “Oh, my gosh,” she whispered. “That was all a dream!” Sophie just remembered she didn’t name her dog. “Hey…” she said looking at her sleeping dog. I didn’t name you yet… even though that dream wasn’t real, I guess I’ll name you… WINGS!”

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I am a third grader and I just turned nine. I live with my brother, James, who gives me nightmares, my dad, my mom, and my dog, Bear. She likes to roll on her back. Bear’s a chocolate lab and she’s so cute!! I love to go outside, so does Bear. She and I love to play fetch! I like to ride my bike around the block at my beach house with our friends we met there last summer in 2009. It’s safe there so we can ride at night and our parents stay inside and talk. Sometimes even our COUSINS come down to play the game!!! Even our friend Lauren, and her two sisters, and another girl named Naomi. Wow, ten whole people!!!!!!!! We play a nighttime game called… I don’t know. Anyway some kids chase, some kids GET chased. Once the chasers get every runner, we trade positions for round 2. It’s a little hard when we play it around the block, It takes about a half hour to finish a round. We also go to the beach every day. My favorite animal is a dog, and my favorite color is red. I love to read and draw. I sometimes go tubing in my family’s boat. That is all about me.

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