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3H 2010-11

by Anna Tucker

teacher: Sue Halbert

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Have you ever heard of the Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth, Maine? If you haven’t then you came to the right place! This lighthouse was built in 1791 and it wasn’t rebuilt. The Portland Head Light was built out of stone with brick lining. Its height is 80 feet tall. The characteristic of the light is that it flashes white every four seconds. Portland Head Light was the first on the coast of Maine and the thirteenth on the Atlantic coast.
This lighthouse has a foghorn signal and the focal plane is 101 feet. The Portland Head Light is black and white and is a little tall with a great view! It’s also very wide and it looks like a tower of stone with a little tiny house at the very top! Well, that’s most about the Portland Head Light! Maybe you can find out even more! Bye!

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I am a third grader and I just turned nine. I live with my brother, James, who gives me nightmares, my dad, my mom, and my dog, Bear. She likes to roll on her back. Bear’s a chocolate lab and she’s so cute!! I love to go outside, so does Bear. She and I love to play fetch! I like to ride my bike around the block at my beach house with our friends we met there last summer in 2009. It’s safe there so we can ride at night and our parents stay inside and talk. Sometimes even our COUSINS come down to play the game!!! Even our friend Lauren, and her two sisters, and another girl named Naomi. Wow, ten whole people!!!!!!!! We play a nighttime game called… I don’t know. Anyway some kids chase, some kids GET chased. Once the chasers get every runner, we trade positions for round 2. It’s a little hard when we play it around the block, It takes about a half hour to finish a round. We also go to the beach every day. My favorite animal is a dog, and my favorite color is red. I love to read and draw. I sometimes go tubing in my family’s boat. That is all about me.

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