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3H 2010-11

by Kyra Orem

teacher: Sue Halbert

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By; Kyra Orem

“HELP!” Ms Hines called to her clients as the baking books cluttered on top of her. “All I was trying to do was clean our bakery but I guess that’s not going to happen.”

“Our bakery is too messy to clean,” said proper Max. Ms Hines whole bakery was in trouble … RING RING RING RING went the phone as Ms. Hines was hiring someone to clean out her bakery.

“OH NO” said Erik. He knew that something bad was going to happen. Nothing happened yet but the whole bakery was almost positive something was going to happen because Ms Hines was a 60 year old woman that has almost lost her mind.

The next day, Tuesday, Ms Hines called that guy buddy from Cake Boss to teach them how to bake, but after that everyone was feeling a little guilty including Ms Hines so they looked it up in a book instead of hiring people to do their work for them … they tried and tried until they got it right and they finally became experts at it and didn’t feel guilty. All they needed was one more thing…CUSTOMERS!

Later that evening they put up signs all around town but they figured people wouldn’t want to come because it was such a bad bakery…before. They changed the name to Triple Dough Bakery and the plan worked. People came to the bakery and we were selling like dogs.

We had good food, a good restaurant, good people working there and good customers including Josh Nickels the guy who could make their bakery famous and who did.

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I am a third grade student that love school and loves art. I mostly enjoy art because I can express myself. Even more I love my family.

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