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3H 2010-11

by Julia Lynn

teacher: Sue Halbert

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Title: Spring Stories (06/06/11)

Article posted June 15, 2011 at 12:24 PM GMT-5 • comment (1) • Reads 995

A Crazy Vacation to Honolulu

By: Molly Parks

Chapter One Arriving

“Have you packed all your stuff?” asked Sarah’s mom, Lilly.

“Yes, mom,” Sarah answered-like she was annoyed- back. Sarah is a 10 year old 4th grader who loves to make her friends laugh and she can sometimes be a little trouble maker! Her mother Lilly was so nice and pretty with long dark black hair. Sarah’s dad Mike was behind them.

“I’ll get the luggage,” He volunteered. They split up and Sarah’s dad went to the baggage claim and Sarah and her mom went to find a taxi. Immediately, a cab pulled up.

“Come on dad,” Sarah yelled to him.

Mike, Mr. Kane, came over and the Kanes hopped in the taxi.

“Aloha,” said the taxi driver, “Welcome to Honolulu!”

“Thank you,” Mrs. Kane said back kindly.

“MMMM,” Sarah said as she took a deep breath, “It smells like Coconuts, Pineapples, and Mangos!”

“Here you go,” said the cab driver as he was handing them a beautiful handmade, multi-colored, flowered lei.

“Thank you,” said Mrs. Kane, again!

“Let’s go,” said Sarah’s dad impolitely.

“We need to stop for food,” said Lilly as the cab driver parked at the entrance of the Fantastic Food super market.

Five minutes later, “Come on mom ,” Sarah said “Come on dad, let’s go!”

“We’re coming,” they said as they opened the doors to the cab.

Chapter Two Disasters at the Beach

“Finally,” whined Sarah, “We are here!”

Mrs. Kane paid the taxi driver and got their bags out of the trunk. Sarah sprinted into “The Hotel of Hawaiian Waves” leaving her mom and dad trailing behind.

After they were all inside, Sarah’s mom checked them into the hotel. Sarah skipped over to the elevator while her mom and dad were holding hands and walking over.

Sarah didn’t really take time to notice how beautiful the hotel really was. She now saw the cream-painted ceiling with the gold- colored glass chandelier. Then her eyes glared at hand-woven horse hair sofa and the silk chair. Then, (seemed like forever) her parents came over.

“Ready to go up?” asked Lilly. Sarah nodded. They stepped into the elevator and went up to their room.

About an hour later Sarah and her family arrived at a beach side restaurant, called, well, The Beach Side Place. At The Beach Side Place you take out food and eat it on the beach.

“Can I please have a hot dog?” Sarah asked the waitress.

“Absolutely!’ answered the waitress named Jennifer. Mrs. and Mr. Kane finally ordered. Then about 2 minutes later, the waitress brought the food.

The Kane family walked outside on the beach. Sarah sat down on the beach and opened her chocolate milk. She picked up her hot dog. All of sudden, Sarah saw a shadow, the shadow had two wings and it was moving closer. Then, SWOOOOOOOOOP! A gargantuan seagull swooped down and ate her hot dog and then her milk spilled. “Wow,” gasped Sarah. Everything went silent.

CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASH=http://=http://=http://=http://=http://=http://! A wave splashed on Mr. Kane. He spit out a lobster and least ten ounces of water.

“Can we leave?” Sarah said.

“Sure, but I have to pay,” said Lilly.

“Honey, I don’t think we have to pay,” said Mike, “Everything went wrong!”

“I’m sorry about that,” the waitress said, “this whole meal is free on account of awkward consequences.”

“Yah!” yelled Sarah, “Aloha! This is awesome!”

“I don’t have to pay,” said Mr. Kane.

The family hopped back in the car and drove back to the hotel. They took the elevator up and Sarah watched Nickelodeon for hour. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” screamed Mike as he was in the shower.

“Sorry, dad,” said Sarah, “I needed to tinkle!”

“It’s okay!”

Mrs. Kane giggled as Sarah came out of the bathroom.

Two hours passed and it was 9:00. Sarah went to bed wondering that hopefully tomorrow would be better than today!


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Article posted June 15, 2011 at 12:10 PM GMT-5 • comment • Reads 520

Spash! Gabi threw a water balloon at Kaitlyn, and she got it right in the back.

“Bet you can’t get me!” shouted Kaitlyn.

“We’ll see about that,” said Kristina.

Kaitlyn chased Kristina with a water balloon in her hand.

“Kristina, look out!” shouted Kaitlyn.

Kristina tripped over a huge root sticking out of the ground, and so did Kaitlyn. They tripped right behind a bush. Rite behind the bush was a hole, they both fell into the hole. The hole was black as midnight.

Smash! Kristina hit the ground, really hard. Kaitlyn landed on Kristina.

“Oww!” Kristina Moaned.

“Sorry!” Said Kaitlyn.

“It’s fine. Hey, I see light!”

The two girls crawled eagerly to the light.

“Wow!” said Kaitlyn.

The two stared at the amazing sight.

Then a frog named Croak welcomed them saying:

“Welcome to the land of karate frogs. Let me show you around. Oh, by the way my name is Croak.”

“My name is Kristina, and this is Kaitlyn.”

“This is the karate center. And this is the yoga academy. And this is the gymnastics academy. Now this is my favorite, after a hard day of work you can get a fresh fruit smoothie.”

“But, we need the go home.”said Kristina.

“Were did you come from?” said Croak.

“Well, I’m not sure where we came from.” said Kristina.

“When we were at our friend Gabi’s house we fell in a hole behind a bush.” said Kaitlyn.

Croak, Kristina, and Kaitlyn looked for the hole. But they could not find it. It got dark after a while. So the girls stayed there for a while until… Bang! Boom! Bang!

The girls looked behind them, there were amazing fireworks ever. They were shaped like frogs.

“You’re going have to stay her overnight.” said Croak.

“But we need to get back to our friends house.” said Kaitlyn

“Wait! Do you hear that?” said Kristina.

Ring, ring. “What is it?” said Kaitlyn. “I’m not sure.” said Kristina.

“It was all just a dream! I can’t wait to tell Kaitlyn.”

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Article posted June 15, 2011 at 09:36 AM GMT-5 • comment • Reads 506

It was a hot sunny day when a 1 billion pound pig named

Billy Bob Joe was signing up for wrestling camp at the

Philadelphia Gym on July 24, 2011 at 7:30 pm. On the day of wrestling camp Billy Bob Joe said…

“I am so excited,” Billy thought he was going to give those Wrestlers a ‘wupen. Billy Bob Joe started to wrestle and destroyed everyone he wrestled at the Philadelphia Wrestling Camp.

Chapter 2

Billy was too obsessed with wrestling because Billy was proud of what he did, that he thought…

I am going to win the World Championship! Billy never stopped wrestling. He always wrestled and played videos about wrestling. Billy trained as hard as he could and trained everyday and never stopped training for wrestling so he said…

Chapter 3

“Finally, I am in the World Championships!” So on the day of the World Championships Billy was versing a 260 lbs fierce human named Jack. They wrestled…Jack threw him so hard that he went through 10 floors. Billy jumped and he was back in the ring. Billy jumped on Jack and he wrecked the wrestling ring - SLAM! Billy slammed on Jack with his flabby belly the referee said one, two, three! You’re out! Billy won the World Championship! Billy was as happy as a bee when he won the World Championship game.

Billy just retired from wrestling. A few days later his wrestling memory blew up inside his head and he couldn’t remember anything about wrestling. As soon as possible he jogged to the computer and searched up wrestling and his memory came back and he whet back to wrestling. Jump, jump, slam, “HOORAY! I won the Championship game!” Billy said. “I like this so much more the staying home.”

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Article posted June 15, 2011 at 09:25 AM GMT-5 • comment • Reads 621

By Sam Hoag

One nice sunny day in Cristal Ave, California. A family called the Burgers, ran to the living room to watch the news. Click click went the TV, as Sam’s mom turned on the TV. They were in the living room in there house watching the news. The Burgers were watching the TV as the news man said there are aliens in California. Then they went to their uncle’s house to see if he could help them. So they went and their uncle’s and he said that they could use some of his stuff.

So they took hand cuffs, cages and ray guns. Then they went to capture the aliens. It was like a factory there.

Then they went back to their uncles house and said, “What we are going to do with the aliens?”

Their uncle said, “You can use my rocket and take me too.” So they went to Mars and dropped off the aliens.

Chapter 2

Building a Rocket

The ship broke and they had to make a new one. So now Sam and his brother and sister and uncle made a hut. So after they were done making the hut they had a rest. After they were done having rest they went to help their mom and dad with a rocket. After 30 days making a small rocket, they took off in the rocket!

Chapter 3

Lost in space

They stayed in space for 70 days without food or water. Then they got home and the next morning a news man interviewed them on TV. He said, “hello my names is Bobby Joe on ABC with the Burgers. They just stopped aliens who tried to blow up California!” He asked “How did you do it?” The Burgers said, “We did it by going to our uncles.” Now they are famous. They decided to have a big meal.

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Article posted June 15, 2011 at 09:19 AM GMT-5 • comment • Reads 473

The Adventures of Meap, Meep and Mepe


“ROOM ROOM!” went the ship of the three little aliens called Meaps. They were trying to fix their ship to have an adventure in a different world.

The three Meaps were called Meap, Meep and Mepe. Meep was the smart one, but also worries a lot. Mepe is good at fixing things and flying ships. Meap encourages Meep and Mepe to go to adventures. He’s fearless, and like the leader of the group.

“I think I fixed it” said Meep to friends.

“Okay, then let’s get into the ship” said Meap. They got into the ship. The ship was small it had three chairs, so the Meaps could sit in them, and two computers.

The ship lifted off into space. They could see their green planet called planet Meap.

“We are going to hyper speed” said Meep as they passed planet Mop where the Mops live. “ZOOM!” went the ship of the three Meaps. So they went to a different galaxy. It was the Milky Way!

But then the ship stopped. They didn’t know what happened.

Until Meep said “I think the ship is broken down again!” then everybody started to panic. “Wait maybe I can fix it” said Meep.

So Meep fixed the ship. They only had enough power to get back to planet Meap. So they did.

Meap said “We’re going to hyper speed.” “ZOOM!” went the ship. They landed back on planet Meap.

Meap said “Let’s not have another adventure in a different galaxy” and they had more adventures in their planet.

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Article posted June 13, 2011 at 02:31 PM GMT-5 • comment (1) • Reads 468

Chapter 1

Crunch, crunch it was a cold fall day and the leaves were rustling. Jessica was walking home through the woods from soccer practice.

“What is that light’’ she asked to herself. She sprinted over.

Jessica threw a rock at the light. Nothing happened! She threw another rock. Nothing happened! Then finally, Jessica threw a third rock and out of no where a big space ship came up and out of the water. A cold metal ramp popped out that led to the spaceship, she slowly crept in…

Right in front of her was a big room full of red buttons, yellow buttons, and green buttons. Jessica walked forward and pushed open the door that led to the next room.

Jessica gasped! She never saw this before it was a ZERO GRAVITY ROOM. All the furniture was in the air! Then she started floating up to the ceiling with the furniture. She clung to a sofa and made her way to the next door.

Then the next room was gray, and on one side of the wall was a big computer screen, and below it was a medium sized keyboard. There was a mini box, she opened the box and inside was a small piece of paper with a code that said: ALIEN 294.

Jessica had to go tell Henry, he knew everything you had to know about computers.

She launched herself through the spaceship and got Henry. They both hurried through the woods and into the spaceship. They walked through the control room, through the zero gravity room and into the room with the big screen.

2nd chapter

Jessica showed Henry the paper she found in the box. He said it was some kind of code that you had to enter into the computer, so he did.

Then out of nowhere the computer said “How may I help you?’’ The two of them just stared at each other, and then at the computer, and then at each other again! Well, Jessica did have a problem.

Then she blurted out “My teammates have been making fun of me, because I’m not the best soccer player’’ in a glum voice.

“That’s no problem,” said the computer. Then the wind started to blow even harder and the next thing she knew, they were outside.

“Well that was no use” said Henry.

``I’m getting hungry’’ said Jessica

“Yeah!” said Henry “I’ll see you tomorrow.” Jessica went home and had a good night sleep.

Jessica woke up and went to school. Time passed and then it was 3:00, time to go to soccer practice. Jessica was nervous, but she committed to the team and had to practice, so she went.

The coach asked her team to dribble from one side of the field to the other on the count of three. 1,2,3 go! Jessica ran as fast as a cheetah! She was the first one to the end of the field. Jessica felt so proud of herself. Then they did some other stuff, and then practice was over.

Jessica went home and told her mom all about it. Her mom said, “That’s great sweetie, then you’ll be ready for your big game tomorrow.”

“YES!” Then Jessica went to bed and went to dream land zzzzzzz. Then she woke up to the beautiful Saturday. Jessica dashed out of bed, got on her uniform, brushed her hair, ate breakfast, and brushed her teeth. She put on her shin guards, and her cleats, and rushed to the soccer field.

They started practicing for a while and then the game started. Jessica started out a little rough. But when it was 1 to 0 there was only 10 seconds left. She passed the offense, passed the midfield, passed the defense. She shoots, she scores, and the crowd goes wild! Jessica finally won her first soccer game! So then Jessica walked home through the woods as usual and sprinted over to the light and glanced over at the water there was no light.

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It was a hot summer day perfect for doing what she loves best. Julie was kicking the soccer ball around in her front yard.

“I have cold fresh lemonade” called Mom.

“No thanks, I already got some from the Randers and the Millers,” I replied.

“Are you ready to go?” asked Mom.

“Where?” asked Julie.

“The beach, we are leaving in 10 minutes,” answered Mom, as she went to get her beach chairs.

“Oh no!” Julie argued. “I can’t, I have a soccer game tomorrow.”

“Too bad, get ready!” yelled Mom.

Julie ran up stair to get her heavy suit case and pulled it out from under her bed. She put as many clothes as she could fit in her suitcase, but she couldn’t find her sun block. She looked in her closet, in the cabinet and in the drawers.

“I guess Mindy will have to meet us at the beach “said Julie.

Chapter 2

“When are we going to be there? I have to be there before Mindy gets there!” I thought so mom wouldn’t hear me “We’re here”.

Julie rushed out of the car to make sure Mindy wasn’t there, she wasn’t. After every one unpacked Julie said “I have an announcement to make.”

“What is it?” said Mom.

“I invited Mindy over” said Julie.

“Great she can have dinner with us , I’ve got to get more food then” said mom .After dinner Mindy slept over .The next morning, they had bacon and waffles .

“I have an idea, we could play soccer on the beach” Julie said to her mom. She told Mindy, “I’ve got my soccer ball!”

“Good, lets go.” They played for the whole day.

“This is the best beach day ever” said Julie.

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By Autumn Egan

Chapter 1

Have you ever thought if you got everything you wanted you would not need anything else? Well you’re wrong W-R-O-N-G wrong! I have everything I want and it’s not fun! My dad is the creator of Beckham Software. The life of a billionaire’s daughter was fun, but now I’m 13 and bored sick of getting everything I want. All I really need is a friend. By the way, my name is Julia Beckham. I have no mom and no friends. All I have is a boring selfish dad!

Chapter 2

I wish I could just live a life of an ordinary girl living in a small house, going to a public school and having a normal life.

That’s it! I’m running away from this life! Bang! The screen door slammed on the butler, as I ran out the door. I galloped down the U shaped driveway, gravel slipping in my socks. I knew I wasn’t going to make it too far in a pink satin dress with pink bows arranged across the brim of the dress ballet flats and a headband on my head.OWW!

I slammed into something that looked like a stout short tree and blacked out. When I woke up, I found myself on a cedar bunkbed with a black bag of ice plopped on my head. When I sat up, I peered slowly around the cabin, I thought of how much of a dump this is! Clothing scattered around the floor, heaps of trash bags piling up in a corner of the room. All of a sudden, a cluster of children rushed in with artwork and bugs in their hands. Then I thought, oh great, my dad did not want me anymore, so he sent me to a camp that I would have to stay at forever! Then I realized that if I stay here I would have friends and fun things to do! That was when I knew I found my home, my real home.

It turns out I did stay at that camp forever and my dad never came looking for me! I don’t care! I have many friends and Joan, she’s like our mom except even better!

I thought to myself, this is the best thing that’s happened to me and turned out the light.

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Chap. 1

Have you ever had to do something you didn’t want to do? Well, a girl named Mellody did. Here’s here story…

Mellody Lynn is an eight year old girl who has bright blue eyes and wavy blonde hair. She lives in a beautiful place called Sunny Island, right beside the sea. There, the smell of salt water would always cling to your nose. Mellody was having a wonderful day, and she thought nothing could go wrong. She just approached her small stone house. She could smell the delicious lobster cooking, her favorite. The sun was setting, and it was time for dinner. She yanked the door open and headed to the kitchen and plopped down into her wooden chair and her tall lovable parents came into the room. Everybody dug into the delicious lobster. Then, Mom spoke up.

“Honey, well… I need to tell you something. Well, according to my job location we have to move to Texas in a week.” Mom stammered.

“WHAT?” Mellody screamed. She practically threw her fork and stomped up to her cozy bedroom as loud as a heard of elephants. She slammed her door shut and flung herself on her bed. Big, salty tears ran down her face. It was 8:00 when mom came upstairs.

“Honey, you might like Texas. Anyway, this is for real. Do all the fun things you can this week.”

The week sped by filled with activity. Then, it was Friday night. Tomorrow she would move.

That night, Mellody snuck out to the beach. The calm, dark sky twinkled overhead. The sand tickled her feet, and the cold water covered her toes. She hoisted herself onto a big rock, and stared out to sea. The small waves leaped out of the water. Then, something washed up on land. Mellody scooped it up and saw it was a bracelet. It was made out of the rarest shells and a slippery string. Mellody carefully slipped it on her hand and headed home.

Chap. 2

It was 6:00 when a hand shook her.

“Get dressed! Time to move!” commanded mom. Mellody groaned and dragged herself out of bed. She flung on a sweatshirt and a comfy skirt. She quickly ate a bowl of Rice Crispies and went to the car.

“I can’t believe we’re moving!” cried Mellody, as she buckled herself in. Then, they headed of to the airport.

Soon enough, the Lynn family was boarded onto the plane and after ten minutes, the white and blue plane roared into action. Mellody peered out the window and whispered her final goodbye to Sunny Island.

Six hours past, and the plane skidded across the runway. The passengers exited the plane. Mellody breathed in the familiar humid air. Palm trees lurked around the airport and sand flew in the air.

“Mom, is this really Texas?”asked Mellody.

“You bet!” said mom.

“Awesome!” said a smiling Mellody. Without a doubt, Mellody loved Texas. The Lynn family hopped in the car and drove to their new house. The car stopped in a rocky driveway and a huge, happy looking brick house stood nearby. Over grown grass flooded the yard and flowers nested in it. With a “click!” Mellody leaped out of the car.

“I love this place!”exclaimed Mellody. She did a cannonball into the grass and laid down. The grass tickled Mellody and the creamy white moon beamed overhead. They took a tour around the house. Then, everybody nestled down in their beds and slept.

“Wake up!”said a voice. Mellody rustled around in her bed.

“Get up!” said the voice, more roughly now. Mellody’s eyes

drooped open and she saw her mom standing above her.

“What are you doing?” asked Mellody lazily.

“You have to go to school, remember?” said her mom, more angrily now. Mellody stepped on the cold floor and saw that boxes were scattered everywhere. Mellody quickly got dressed and scurried downstairs.

“Morning, pumpkin,” said dad. Mellody gobbled down her toast and hopped in her now sandy car. Mellody was nervous, but excited. The car stopped and Mellody hopped out of the car. A beautiful brown building stood tall in a grassy landscape. Kids were scattered everywhere. Mellody carefully picked her way through the jumble of kids to the “3C” line.

A girl from Mellody’s class named Izzy sneered, “ Oh, look. It’s the new girl. Isn’t her name Meddy?” She and her friends walked away laughing. Mellody felt her eyes fill up with tears. Then, a girl about the same size as Mellody, with brown hair with hazel eyes came over to Mellody.

“I’m Annie,” said the girl in a sweet voice. “Your Mellody, right?”

“Yes,” Mellody answered. The two girls walked over to a nearby palm tree and talked away. They found out they had a lot in common. Then, 3C started filing up to a sweet, small, and happy classroom. The teacher introduced herself as the class settled down. Mellody adored her new school. The only problem was that there were many bullies. Her mom reported this problem to the principal. He said that he would keep an eye on her.

Soon, Mellody started to fit in. She and Annie were now permanently best friends. Everything was happy again. From this move, Mellody learned something. That is, If you don’t want to do something, you should try it and you might like it.

The End

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By Andrew Brookes

Chapter 1

Harry was sleeping one sunny day and his mother called him down stairs, bum, bam, bum, bam. His mother told Harry to cook up the hotdogs for lunch outside on the barbeque. Harry turned on the barbeque click and then something happened…..

Chapter 2

A hotdog started expanding. It got bigger and bigger.’ Mom, get out here! Harry said I think we have a monster hotdog!’’ Mom dropped her laundry and she ran as fast as lightning out the back door. The hotdog got huge, so big it was soon taller than the house. Harry ate and ate untill Harry and his mom finished the hotdog. “Ohhh, that was a lot of work,yes it was!” said Harry. Harry never made hotdogs again because they learned a lesson on it and lived happily ever after until, one day they made hamburgers and it turned into a monster eating hamburger!

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By Katie Green

“Wendie, come slip on your new boots and jump into the car, we are going on an adventure,” Mom called as she was stuffing the last present into the full trunk for the surprise birthday party for Wendie secretly. Wendie didn’t even bother asking where she was going because 1. she recognized the path and it lead you to the boring cold grocery store, and 2. all Wendie could think about was where she was going to have her birthday party! So Wendie thought of going to a museum, but there were no museums near by that she knew about. So she thought and thought more and more! “I’ve got it,” Wendie thought “we could go to a water park!” But she thought deeper and realized some of her friends like Carly and Lucy didn’t know how to swim, plus, the other half of the kids except for Jordyn were afraid to go on water slides.

After 8 minutes of thinking where to have her birthday party, her mom asked her to put on a blindfold as she passed Wendie a bright, hot pink, blindfold. Wendie was as confused as a toddler just learning to read because she has never been handed a blindfold on the way to the grocery store. “Mom, I would much rather be in an interesting museum on my birthday than in a boring, junky car.” “It’s pouring rain, only 44˚F, mom, and it’s my birthday, so I should be able to pick where and when we go at all times! It’s only 24 hours, that’s all I’m asking for, it’s not much.” “Are we almost there, wherever we’re going.” asked Wendie. As you can see Wendie is not a very patient 2nd grader, but is a very good listener. Mom grinned into the mirror and Wendie knew it looked a little suspicious. “I’ve never been down this road before” said Wendie. “Mom, look at the beautiful oak trees! The sun flowers are starting to bloom and the roads are even as flat as a smooshed pancake.

Finally, we parked on a bumpy gravel road called Carlen Avenue.

“Wendie take your blindfold off.” So Wendie did as told and took the blindfold off. Wendie had never been so surprised before in her life and she thought she even skipped a heart beat she was so surprised! Wendie bolted out of the car as the car door slammed shut! Wendie’s eyes were as wide as saucers when she noticed with a twinkle in her eye the sign that read Art Museum that way, with an arrow pointing to the left! When Wendie looked to the left her eyes got even wider and she saw the old cracked museum. Wendie thought this was a dream! But even better and more important Wendie saw her best friends, from Edilick Elementary School, holding presents as small as ants and others as big as elephants! Wendie ran over and gave them each a huge hug! This Art Museum had art as amazing as the biggest, fastest rollercoaster of all time! Wendie couldn’t believe her eyes and definitely thought this was a dream that somehow became true, but, she was 88% sure this was for real and 12% sure it was a dream?

“Thank you, Mommy, thank you!”

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By Giancarlo Chelotti

Chapter 1

“Stomp stomp’’ went Ryan a speedy 3rd grader shoes as he ran away from his house. In Spring Lakes Condo Resort in New Jersey. Finally he reached his friends Charlie’s house.

“Up all ready?” asked Charlie a tall 3Rd grader.

“No!” answered Ryan, “I was interrupted.”

“By your sister?” asked Charlie.

“No again.” answered Ryan, “By Martians!”

“Holy cow!” said Charlie, “Let’s go spy on them!”

“B-b-b-but I just got out”

“But it will be fun!” interrupted Charlie.

“Well-okay,” said Ryan, “I’ll probably regret this.”

Quite as a cat Ryan and Charlie snuck into Ryan’s

yard. There was a huge thing of flashing red metal. “What is that?" asked Charlie.

“I don’t know “said Ryan

“Let’s go inside,” Said Charlie

“Hey what’s that?” said Charlie.

“ That’s more Martians and there coming for us!” screamed Ryan.

That’s all Ryan and Charlie remembered before they blacked out!

Chapter 2

Charlie said, ” Ryan, we're in prison!”

“What?” said Charlie.

“The Martians knocked us out and put us in jail.” Said Ryan.

“Let’s get ou-"

Bam Bam!

"What was that?” said Charlie.

“Hey look, its John Kemp!” said Charlie.

“It looks like you guys got in some trouble” said John Kemp, a strong 3rd grader. “I got the keys!” said John.

“Yes!” said Charlie. John put the keys in the lock. Click went the lock. “We're free!” said Ryan.

The 3 boys snuck out of the jail and on to the landing dock. “There’s a ship,” said John. They were in luck. There was no one in the ship. The boys got in the ship and landed on Earth. Ryan and Charlie will never forget the day they were in jail!

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Rrr-rrr-mmm-boom-ka-boom the van that picks up Joey in the morning to go to Fun Side day camp stops at Joeys first sight of Fun Side.

Joey leaps out of the van and runs to his group.

He is looking forward to a good time, and meeting new friends. His group counselor says that the first thing on the list is wiffle ball Joey is excited. After all baseball is his favorite sport and wiffle ball is not very different to that. But Joey gets picked last for teams and gets put in right field everyone in the group is righty they are never going to hit it to him. Joey only gets a single and gets home but Joey’s team lost 2-1 when his pitcher kept pitching down the middle and four batters slammed it in the gap for four straight doubles in a row. That night Joey thinks about why he got picked last he finally figures it out nothing was hit to him so people did not think he was goods and only a single will not do . when he gets to camp his counselor says “It’s the same schedule as yesterday’’

So Joey and his group marched over to the wifflie ball field Joey gets picked last again! But, he doesn’t feel sad at all. Only in the first inning the bases got loaded with 2 outs Joey thinks of his team losing again but his pitcher

throws it down the middle and a line drive to Joeys right side and dives and makes the catch. Some how Joey batted first, yesterday he batted last. Joey steps up to the plate and swings and hits it over the fence. Joey runs around the bases. The very next day the boys that have been picking him last said now he will never be picked last ever again and never be put in right field. And now Joey will never be picked last again.

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By Ted George

Chapter 1 The TV store

Ding a ling a ling goes the bell as 2 third graders named Jack and Patrick leap out of school to their mom and asked if Jack could come over to his house to try out a hard game he made up.

“No, remember you promised to come TV shopping with Noah and I so maybe tomorrow he could come over. Patrick still wanted him to come over but he also wanted to go shopping for a huge TV that they have at the movies.

When they arrived at the store, his mom said “You could try out TVs to find one that works right."

The first one he tried, the sound did not work right so he did not want to get that TV. The next TV he tried made a weird buzzing noise so he did not like it. The next TV he tried was worse, when he pressed the power button it just swirled like a Ferris wheel and buzzed even louder than the other TV. After that he felt a tingling in his finger and then he vanished and then…

Pop. Thump. Patrick went as he fell and hit the ground in some blank land with nothing. Every where he looked it was just black.

Click, click. Come, on! Why did Noah have to change the channel?

Chapter 2 Lost in the TV

He must have turned on Thomas the Tank Engine. Now I may never leave because none of the people have TVs let alone that transporter TV.

But maybe the junkyard has a used TV. So he started to walk to the Conductor’s office to ask for Directions to a junk yard. When he got to his office He said there was a junkyard next to the country station.

So he followed the directions and luckily at the junkyard there were many TVs. “There must be a transporter here,” he thought.

And after many hours of searching he found a transporter and he checked to see if it was on the right channel. He turned on the TV and then…

Chapter 3 the final escape

Bluzzzzzzzzzzert. Pop. “Hey! What are you doing here “ Patrick’s dad Glenn yells, “you ruined the show now I have to do the filming again tomorrow. “

But Patrick felt good to be in the real world again. So when they left he asked what TV they got. Glenn said, “We got a transporter and Noah is testing it right now”

“No! That TV caused me to land in your show,” Patrick pleaded.

“Tomorrow is a school day so get some rest.” said Glenn.

Next time I should stick with my mother so I won’t disappear with no one to help.

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By: Kailey Purnell

Where am I?

“Where am I? This isn’t my room.’’ said Bella.

ROAR, GROWL went something out side. Then as Bella rushed out side to see what was happening the ground started to shake. After that she wobbled over to the door and then she opened it and she saw the largest thing she ever saw. Bella thought it was a dinosaur.

“I must be crazy” Bella thought. About 22 seconds later Bella stepped outside and looked up. She saw gigantic trees, heard lots of funky noises, and then the dinosaur growled at her. Bella felt so very scared! She almost fainted, but she was too scared to faint. So she ran and ran till her heart felt like it was beating 100 times in one minute.

The Cave

Bella ran into the cave so the dinosaur couldn’t get her.

“That was a close one” Bella thought. Then she smelled something foul. She smelled her shirt and she found out it was her! So she walked out of the cave and found a big beautiful water fall and took a shower in it. On the way, she found a colorful bird and named it, Cookie. She found some bananas and brought them back to the cave along with the bird. Soon Bella grew tired of eating bananas and petting Cookie, the bird. So she went exploring and along her way she found the same dinosaur that chased her before! He roared so loud it hurt her ears.

“Bella, wake up honey, it’s time for breakfast” said Bella's mom.

“What, who, ohh, I’m home, finally” Bella said “Was that a dream?” Bella asked.

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By Anna Tucker

Chapter 1.

Sophie lay in her bed without making a sound on an early, Christmas morning. It was a very quiet, peaceful holiday while the powdery snow poofed against Sophie’s window while the branches clicked against her window. The noises sounded relaxing together.

Usually kids like Sophie wake up early on Christmas. It was still early, but Sophie was still asleep. Suddenly, her little first-grader eyes slightly opened. She jumped upright in her bed, saw 2 feet of snow outside and realized it was Christmas!! Sophie leaped happily downstairs, at a time her parents would never get up at. It was still early. There were about 2 dozen gifts under the Christmas tree. Then Sophie saw a huge one that caught her eye…

She ripped it open and found a small, adorable puppy inside a cage. When Sophie saw it, she thought no one in the whole world could look into its big brown eyes and say no. Sophie immediately took the puppy carefully out of the cage. She got bundled up to play outside with her new puppy. It was as cute as a button.

Sophie and her new dog played tag, (the dog would nudge you to show that you were it) a few games of fetch with the tennis ball that came with the dog, and Sophie made a snowman that the dog knocked down. They had played so long, Sophie did not even know it was lunch time! She rushed inside the big blue house. Sophie’s parents were up. They were very nice, caring and helpful parents.

“Guess what, Mom and Dad?” asked Sophie.

“What?” asked Sophie’s dad.

“I GOT A PUPPY FOR CHRISTMAS!!!” replied Sophie as loud as she could.

“Wow! May we see him?” asked Sophie’s mom eagerly.

“Sure, and you don’t need to worry about him. I’ll make him my responsibility,” said Sophie as she went back outside to get her dog.

“Wow, Sophie, that is one nice black lab!” complimented her very smart dad.

Sophie smiled proudly and had a grilled cheese sandwich and some hot cocoa. She now had a cocoa moustache on her mouth. What a day!

Chapter 2

That night, Sophie was fast asleep with her puppy right beside her. Sophie and her dog looked like best friends together, and they probably were.

The next morning, Sophie could not find her dog ANYWHERE. She looked in the kitchen, the family room, the dining room, her parent’s room, her room, even the bathroom! She was nervously turning the house upside down like a spaz looking for her puppy.

Then, Sophie remembered her dog LOVES the outside world, especially her backyard. In a flash, she rushed outside and saw her dog flying high above the yard. Sophie immediately got her snowsuit on, and rushed outside.

“BANG” went the door as Sophie hit it open. She froze, and stared at her dog in amazement. She was AMAZED. Sophie was a brave and imaginative little girl. She wasn’t scared of a flying dog. Sophie went back inside with a smile on her face and woke her parents to tell them what happened.

“Mom, Dad, my dog is flying outside!” said Sophie.

“Wow”, said Sophie’s mom in a bored voice. Sophie’s parents knew how imaginative their daughter was. They knew she was making that up.

“Just don’t lose it”, said Sophie’s mom in a voice to make Sophie feel like her mom cared.

“Okay!” said Sophie who rushed outside and saw her dog flying across the neighborhood. Sophie remembered what her mom had just said and what she had said about the dog being her responsibility and she began to cry. Sophie knew she couldn’t get her dog back now. Suddenly, she found herself lying in her bed. Her dog that could NOT fly was right next to her. “Oh, my gosh,” she whispered. “That was all a dream!” Sophie just remembered she didn’t name her dog. “Hey…” she said looking at her sleeping dog. I didn’t name you yet… even though that dream wasn’t real, I guess I’ll name you… WINGS!”

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By: Carson Grabowski

KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK went Joe’s front door! “Who could be pounding on the door now?” Joe thought. Joe is a smart, kind little boy, but sometimes he can be a big scaredy cat. As the door shook, Joe started to get nervous. Joe’s heart was pounding as he sloooowly opened the door. It was one of those new species of gorilla called Tallguevo. He was 12 feet tall, taller then the door, very hairy and stinky, and was over 1,000,000 pounds! He asked Joe if he wanted any of his adult sized (literally) potato chips, “N-n-n-no thanks,” stuttered Joe.

Then the Tallguevo slammed the door open and charged inside. It chased Joe all around the house. Soon Joe went in his room and hid under his bed. The Tallguevo ran into Joe’s room looked but couldn’t him and left chanting “Fun, fun, fun, fun, hunting little boys is fun.” Joe went looking for Tallguevo, and searched in his brother Chris’s closet. Next Joe searched behind the TV until… “grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.”

“What was that?” Joe asked himself, it was coming from Joe’s closet. Joe opened the closet door and there was Tallguevo.

“Roarrrr!!!” The ferocious gorilla screamed. It started chasing Joe again! Joe ran out the front door along with Tallguevo. Joe ran back inside and slammed the door. While the angry beast was trying to run inside, the door slammed right into Tallguevo, “Rowww!” it whined, then ran away. The next week a unicorn came up to the front door. It asked, “Hey! Want a hotdog?”

“Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo=http://!” “Here we go again.

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 By  Willem deKluyver


          RAP, RAP, RAP, Professor Butterfinger entered the cave where he was building his time travel watch.  He was busy building a time travel watch so he could travel back in time.


“Please hand me the screw from the cabinet in the kitchen!”  he asked his helper.  The Professor was carefully pressing two wires together when ZAP he got an electrical shock.  His hair got static, stuck up, and burned on the ends.


A wire started to jiggle and the whole time travel watch exploded KABOOM!  This made the watch send him to France in 1999, which is not when the Statue of Liberty was being built.  He looked down and saw that the time travel watch was on his wrist and not broken!


He begins to set the watch to the right year, but instead of sending him to France, it sent him to Italy.  The Professor notices he is not in France.  He has to reset the watch again.  Finally, he lands in France in 1885.


He is so excited about seeing the Statue of Liberty being built.  The builders take him up into the crown of the Statue.  He sees the metal that was used to build the Statue.


“WOW!  This Statue is amazing!” he said to one of the builders.  He went back down to the base of the Statue.  He saw what he set out to see and now it was time to go home. 


“Well, I guess I should get back to Canada.  I need to get ready for my next adventure.”  He keys in the code on his watch to go back home and returns to his cave to prepare for his next adventure to Italy.














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By Jordyn Simon

Did you ever hear about an evil grape? Well you’re about to hear about one.

One hot summer day Tori, a tall third grader, was drinking grape juice with her friend Katie, a short third grader. Then Katie discovered that there was an evil grape in her juice box. The evil grape climbed out of the juice box through the straw hole. “Who are you?” asked Tori.

“I’m Dr. Purple G., the evil grape. But please call me Purple.”

“Hi Dr. Purple G. I mean Purple, I’m Katie and this is my friend Tori,” said Katie.

“Nice to meet you,” said Purple. Then Purple ran three blocks down the sidewalk all the way to Main Street to get on a space ship. Pew pew! Purple beamed Learning Side Elementary school. All the children from grades one through six where so excited that they didn’t have to go to school that year.

Then Purple made all the humans do all his work for him and bow down to him.

When Purple got off of the space ship he was standing next to Katie and Tori with his back turned to them. Katie and Tori were listening to Purple when he was talking to himself out loud saying “All I want are some friends.”

“Purple, Katie and I will help you find some friends and Katie and I would be your friends to,” said Tori.

After Katie and Tori helped Purple he walked home to his juice box feeling so happy that he made some new friends and some people rebuilt Learning Side Elementary school, Purple was not evil anymore and they lived happily ever after!

The End

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By; Kyra Orem

“HELP!” Ms Hines called to her clients as the baking books cluttered on top of her. “All I was trying to do was clean our bakery but I guess that’s not going to happen.”

“Our bakery is too messy to clean,” said proper Max. Ms Hines whole bakery was in trouble … RING RING RING RING went the phone as Ms. Hines was hiring someone to clean out her bakery.

“OH NO” said Erik. He knew that something bad was going to happen. Nothing happened yet but the whole bakery was almost positive something was going to happen because Ms Hines was a 60 year old woman that has almost lost her mind.

The next day, Tuesday, Ms Hines called that guy buddy from Cake Boss to teach them how to bake, but after that everyone was feeling a little guilty including Ms Hines so they looked it up in a book instead of hiring people to do their work for them … they tried and tried until they got it right and they finally became experts at it and didn’t feel guilty. All they needed was one more thing…CUSTOMERS!

Later that evening they put up signs all around town but they figured people wouldn’t want to come because it was such a bad bakery…before. They changed the name to Triple Dough Bakery and the plan worked. People came to the bakery and we were selling like dogs.

We had good food, a good restaurant, good people working there and good customers including Josh Nickels the guy who could make their bakery famous and who did.

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By: Emma Cavacini

Chapter One

Ring! The school bell rang as Emily ran out of school. It was a sunny hot afternoon on the last day of school. Emily is a third grader that has long blond hair.

Emily sprinted home. When she got to her house she opened the door as fast as she could.

Her mom screamed, “Emily there is something in your room!” Emily ran up stairs as fast as a tiger she was curious to see what it is. She opened the door as slow as a snail. Emily was wondering what it could be, she opened the door.

Chapter Two

AHH! It’s a puppy, a vanilla lab. I am going to name it Sugar.

Emily’s neighbor Liz had a puppy too named Daisy. Us both having a puppy was bad news because they would bark every night and morning at each other.

One day we let them outside together to play. Liz and Emily were trying to figure out how to solve the problem. Liz and Emily brought the dogs for a walk. When they got to the park it started to rain. Drip, drop they ran home with their puppies. When they got home they weren’t allowed to come inside until they got all dried off.

Whatever will they do? The dogs would never stop barking, ROOF! ROOF! ROOF!

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Chapter 1

Slam! Went the car door as Tory ran happily out of her mom’s black car door. Tory had just driven from California and was moving to Haddonfield.

“Hey did you just move here?” asked a small kind and caring third grader named Olivia.

“Yes, from California,” said Tory

“Do you want to come to my house?” asked Olivia excitedly.

“Sure, let me ask my parents,” replied Tory.

So Tory asked her parents and they said yes. Tory and Olivia ran excitedly to Olivia’s light blue house to play outside.

When they finally got to Olivia’s house they immediately went outside and played jump rope and had a jump rope contest. Olivia and Tory jumped fast and happy on a bright sunny summer day.

Tory won the jump rope contest!

“You are a great at jump roping,” said Olivia to Tory.

“Thanks, you are great at jump roping too,” said Tory.

10 minutes passed and Tory and Olivia went in Olivia’s house for lunch. They had macaroni and cheese. It was super cheesy and delicious. The girls thought it was terrific to be friends.

Meanwhile, Tory’s mom came to pick Tory up from Olivia’s house.

“Mom, can Olivia come to our house for dinner?” asked Tory.

“Sure, if Olivia is allowed,” said Tory’s mom.

Olivia’s mom said, “Sure, why not.”

The girls were as excited as kids finding out they are going to Disney for the first time!

Immediately the girls bolted out of the house and ran to Tory’s house which was right next door. They were so happy they were having dinner together.

When they got to Tory’s house Tory’s mom ordered pizza and the girls and Tory’s mom had it for dinner. It was super cheesy.

Next they went in Tory’s attic that was soon going to be Tory’s bedroom. They found a box that was very small and dusty. The girls went downstairs to ask Tory’s mom if they could open the box.

Chapter 2

“Sure, why not,” said Tory’s mom.

Tory and Olivia carefully opened the dusty old box and inside of it was a purple crumpled up note. When they opened the note it crinkled. It looked like a kid there age wrote the note.

Olivia and Tory asked Tory’s mom if she knew who used to live in the house before Tory and her mom moved in. It was the McGoons.

They soon tried to figure out what McGoon it was. The girls examined the note and that did not work. Next they asked Tory’s mom if there was a 3rd grader in the McGoon family.

Tory’s mom said, “Yes and I think her name is Chloe.”

Tory’s mom walked away and as soon as she came back she saw Tory and Olivia jumping up with their hands to their side.

“What are you doing?” asked Tory’s mom.

“We are doing are happy dance because we found out who wrote the note.”

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