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Room 1 2010

Welcome to Room 1, 2011. There are many wonderful exciting action packed activities that we are going to be involved in this year. Be part of this magical journey by viewing our blog and be inspired for greater things...

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teacher: Michael Cunliffe

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Year 6 camp 11/18/10

It was a wednesday all of room 01 was at school because we were going to camp. after our teacher calls the roll we hop into our cars and went off. It was about 45 mins drive to camp. when we got there there was heaps of activeties all ready for us there was a flying fox,kayaks,absaling,air rifiles,arhery,dingeys,rock climbing,bmx and gokarts.The first activity my group did was kayaks. When we started we were tougt how to paddle the kayaks. when we got into the water we had to row forward and backwards. the funest thing about the kayaks was that you got to stand up. After kayakes we did go karts it was fun because the track was bumbpy then we did bmx that was boring all you did was ride this bike a round this course. After bmx, rock climing it was funm because you also got to climb up a pole at the top. then after that we had diner after diner we into a burmatrail it was long and scary for some kids but it didn't scare me and then when we had finished we all went to bed to get some rest.The next day we got up and had breakfast. after that we went back into our groups and did some activetys. the first one we did was dingys heaps of people thought it was fun it wasn't that fun then we did flying fox it was one of the funest thing in the camp.Then we did absaling it was freaky at the start but when you get to the half way its all good and fun. after that we did archerey and air rifes some how treea got the high score for getting down the black rat for air riffles she got it down 3 times I had a tie with treea then I went to the archery on my firest turn I got the arrow on the target once out of 4 arrows then on my second turn I got 3 arrows onto the target. then we went to get some dinner and then went and had a camp fire and rosted marsh mellows and then went to bed. The next day we did top town and did alltheys acivtivatys to get ponts to try and win top town my group didn't win we came 4 out of 8 and then we hoped into our car and drove home.

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