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Respond to these questions by posting a blog of your own. PLEASE DO NOT POST AS A COMMENT TO THIS BLOG. Be sure to save and request publishing.

All of you should now have a book for the grading period. Address the following questions about your book by Thurs. 2/16. Be sure to use complete sentences and check your spelling and punctuation. A well done response is worth up to 10 bonus points.

1. What do you think the book’s going to be about? (think ahead to what might be coming if you are only just beginning to read a new book)


If you are further along in your book, answer this question instead:
Is the plot developing the way you thought it would?
2. Which character would you get along with the best? Why?
3. What conflicts do you predict the characters will face?
4. What connections can you make to the book?

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