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The Weight of Silence

5th Hour

This site is dedicated to the further development of the literature cannon. Your books are your research. This site is our round-table. Our conversations are the purpose. The Articles below are examples of the articles that will be expected of your book's site. If I have embeded a movie or a picture (or a blabber), you by no means have to, but your creativity and internet savvy are most definitely encouraged. Keep all material as appropriate as you would for any class project though. If you need help with HTML - I have included a link on the left column that could be a great help! I look forward to your book's pages. Have FUN with this!

by Maile Wortham

teacher: Brad Ross

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Toni has long, brown hair, that in her youth she would rebel by pulling back in a ponytail and cramming on a baseball cap. Toni is seen as having a natural beauty by the rest of the town, especialy her children and Deputy Sheriff Louis.
Toni is a loving mother, she does everything she can to protect her children. Toni misses her mother and tries to fufill her wishes by being a good wife and mother. She thinks that a good wife wouldn't leave, so she does not leave her abusive and alcoholic husband, Griff-though she is still in love with Louis. Since Toni has a dangerous husband, she spends her time protecting and caring for her children, Calli and Ben.
Other people in town talk about Toni and think she is a bad mother because of Calli being a mute. Her children view her as a wonderful mother and an amazing woman. Louis also sees her as only positive things, he is still in love with her as he has been since they were children.
The narrator shows that many deep emotions are hidden inside of Toni. Toni tries to put on a front that everyhing is okay for everyone else, but we see that there is actually a lot of sadness she hides. The narrator shows Toni's deep thought, beauty, sadness, and her strength through this story.

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This blog focuses on the novel The Weight of Silence by: Heather Gudenkauf

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