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by Zac C teacher: Jane Lowe
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Should excursions be banned?
I definitely don’t think so. Excursions are educational, give you exercise and are fun. Would you like it if yo were a kid and didn’t get to go on excursions?

Firstly, excursions are educational. They’re like a classroom away from school. Usually there are experts to ask questions to and give you tours round the place. Sometimes the only way to learn properly is to see the thing in real life.

In addition excursions have a lot of walking involved, which means you get exercise. Whether it’s walking up the stairs in the WA museum or walking through the sculptures at Cottesloe beach you’re always getting exercise. Do you get exercise in a classroom?

Finally, excursions are fun. Children love being away from school because they’re not cramped in a tiny room in silence, waiting for the bell to ring under there teachers eyes. When you’re on an excursion you’re not in a tiny room waiting for the bell in silence. You’re in a big room or outdoors where you can talk while on a tour looking at things.

On the other hand, excursions cost money. This is one reason why people don’t like them. It usually costs about five dollars to go on an excursion but the amount of l exercise, learning and fun you get out of them I think they’re worth a lot more than five dollars. Some people stress about money but most don’t. This is tiny compared with the reasons I have mentioned. In conclusion, excursions should stay because of there learning in them, the exercise you get and the fun of them. I think excursions should stay. Please support my side of the argument.

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Hi, I'm Zac and I'm in year 5. I have a little brother. I like swimming, reading and element collecting. Please leave comments.

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