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Top Twenty Ones are a class of year 3 and 4 children who are beginning their e-learning journey this year. We're starting this exciting journey with blogging, but we know there's a lot more in store for us this year!

by Sonja van den Heuvel
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We're learning how to set the scene in writing in Room 21. We know that in most books you read, the author regularly describes the scene where the story is happening to help the reader build pictures in their head. It's important to do this because it helps the reader to connect with the story.

Jamie has written a great description of a picture we have in class. Can you build a picture from his description?

A dark red sky hung over the city like a red ribbon on a model. On a crumbling post of brick and sediment lies an abandoned castle with a city below. Above the castle of towers, domes and dungeons with creaky hinges, an old sun hangs overhead, nearly at the end of its life. Below a yellow plain of desert stretches as far as the eye can see.

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Teaching is a passion of mine, I love it! I'm really lucky to have an amazing class of Year 3 and 4 children at Otonga School. I'm a self-confessed greenie, so part of our journey this year will involve learning about our environment and sharing our knowledge with you all! Help end world hunger Locations of visitors to this page


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