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Most people think of penguins as just every day animals but there really interesting and amazing creatures.
The first thing you should know about penguins is where they live. Many penguins live at the South Pole Antarctica, but some don’t live in such cold places like Africa, the coasts of South America, Australia, New Zealand and Galapagos Island.
You also need to know about what they eat. They eat mostly fish, squid, small animals called krill and other crustaceans.
Since I told you what they eat I should also tell you who eats them. Here are the water animals that eat them here they are seals sea lions and orcas. There are also a number of birds who eat them for example the Australian sea eagle and the skua. They're are also a number of land animals that eat them, ferret’s cat’s lizard’s snake’s foxes and rats.
You’re probably wondering about different kinds of penguins. So all start with the biggest penguin. It’s called the emperor. They weigh 88 to 100 pounds, and now there height they go up to 40 inches tall. Now for the smallest penguin it’s called the rock hopper. It weighs around 6 pounds and is around 41 inches tall.
Thank you for listening to my story about penguins. Hope you liked it.

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