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Title: Winter Stories (01/05/09)
Description: Classes were canceled for two days and then winter break started...almost three weeks without school. Tell a story related to winter break! (Your story should be at least 100 words)

Article posted January 5, 2010 at 06:10 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 1298

This Christmas I went to VANCOVER! It was awesome!

Me and my family had tons of Christmas parties. And plus, I got tons and tons of presents! Even though something sad happened to my family, we still had a awesome Christmas. Also, I went to Florida on New Years Eve.

My Christmas of 2009 was GREAT!

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Winter Story

The snow sprinkled down, swirling in the push of the wind. Someone knocked on the hollow ice door. Instinctively, the elf within gazed at the ice. The ice rapidly became translucent, but all she observed in the vast corridor were dozens of elves idly indulging in piping hot coco. Frowning, she redirected her gaze to the message slot. A sphere of delicate ice shot in, halting before her, suspended in the crisp, frosty air. Her expression changed. Content, curious even. She swirled her hands and the sphere gently drifted into them, and like an egg, it cracked, cleanly in half. After examining both halves with care, the elf placed them each on slender ice columns either side of her. Then she plucked a ring off from her smallest finger and lightly tossed it to the center of the room. It never did reach the icy ground; there it froze, hovering a meter above ground level. The yellow marble and diamond swirled stone began to shine. Intricate designs that had been hidden on the surface of the gold band now revealed themselves, and they too shined. The light gradually intensified, until the entire chamber was bathed in a warm, butterscotch glow. Only now was it apparent that both halves were engraved with smooth wavy lines. The elegant marks on the domes casted deep sapphire shadows that stood boldly against the pearl-white wall. With great accuracy, the elf turned the right dome ever so slightly to the left. There. All the shadow lines connected, creating a series of flowing images. She started interpreting them. After she had, she quickly dashed out of the room and held an emergency meeting. Within minutes the entire elf population was busy- collecting herbs, mixing potions, finding spare paintbrushes, and weaving and wetting dried clouds. When all of this was done, some elves were chosen to sprinkle the sky. Those elves hopped onto the clouds and zoomed away. Brushing and the skies with silver paint and draping every cloud in sight with a thick blanket of pre-casted spells, they were expecting a very abnormal winter for some humans. And the message did come; the trees there informed the elves about it by sculpting and sending clouds with curved lines, and they also congratulated them on utterly shocking the humans. The elves had completed their task flawlessly.

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Snow and More Snow



            When I woke up, thegrass was not green, the sky was not blue, and the streets outside were not their normal charcoal gray. Everything was white. White, white, white. “Late start today!” my mom hollered from the kitchen. “Good.” I thought. “That will give me enough time to sled down the hill for a while with at least an hour to spare. The time passed quickly though. Soon, my friend Ali was knocking on the door, ready to go to school. Immediately, we started chatting about how much we loved the snow and how e should go sledding with each other tomorrow, etcetera. But then, our conversation started to sway onto a different topic- What if it snowed more? What if we had to get out of school early? Even worse, what if we had to stay in school overnight because the doors were blocked? “We could climb out the windows.” I suggested. “ Then, we would have to dig a tunnel through the snow until we reached the nearest house!” She added excitedly. “ And we would have to swing on the tree branches and go in the chimney and then…” Our voices started piling on top of each other like pancakes. Eventually, we just started laughing. “That would never happen anyway though.” I said sadly. But little did I know that I was very wrong.


Soon, we were on the sidewalk right in front of school. And at that very second, the bell shrieked loudly in our ears as normal, and we started rushing to the portables-as normal. Though not everything about the school day was perfectly normal. In our first class, it was snowing just as hard as it had been on the walk. In our second class, (literacy) the snow started pouring quite a bit harder. Our teacher was no longer easily able to push the door open; it took some effort from at least seven or so students. By our science class, the door was blocked so much that schools in many locations and ours had to declare State of Emergency, something that was only used in a real crisis. This meant that everyone had to leave school early. Ali and I glanced at each other. We both had mischievous grins on our faces. I whipped my head away to stop from laughing. “In a moment,” our teacher said, her face as expressionless and grave as a stone, “A machine will come to clear the walkway and we will evacuate the building. We must all wait in the gym for parents to come.” Just then, the buzz of the machine came to the doorway, and we pushed it open. Our shivering class walked to the gym and sat, and sat and sat until our parents came. When my mom finally came, my heart stopped beating, just a little. We had to walk home because we would just slip right down the hill by our house if we even tried to drive. Luckily, the streets were cleared, but we were still knee high in snow.


The next morning was even worse. Nobody dared step outside his or her front door, if it was even possible. When you walked back in, your head would be an 8-9 ft. chunk of ice/snow. That’s how bad it was. No school, of course. As soon as I saw that our windows were entirely covered, I knew I just had to call Ali. The first words I said were, “ I was very wrong about our plan and that it would never happen!” She said, “ Guess what! My dad is digging a tunnel through the snow, just like we said would happen!”   “That’s weird, because so is mine!!” Now that was just bizarre. First of all, we had gotten out of school early as we had planned would happen, and now both of our dads were digging tunnels through the snow-as we had said on our walk. But, we both figured it was just a coincidence, and hung up. But walking away, I began to think that it was more than a coincidence.


Over the night, Most of the snow had melted. My mom said it was just a short cold spell, which was normal. We could push the door open using only a bit of extra effort, and best of all, play in the snow that was left, which was still a lot. I gladly invited some friends over, and we built an enormous snow fort. We used snow shovels and our bounty of sleds to pack it down. With all of the running back and forth getting heaps of snow, we didn’t get too cold, but just cold enough that we needed hot chocolate. Besides that though, it was solid work for two hours. The walls grew at least 3 ½ feet before the bulk of the people left!


Throughout all of the winter breaks I experienced in my life, we’ve had a couple light dustings of snow, but this was definitely the biggest and best of all.






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Story 2 (sequel to Bailey’s story)

Good to Bad

(With Freddy the buggy!)

It was a quite night … or so they thought! 

Above Bob the snowflake’s lab, nothing was stirring not even Fred `cause it was the day after Christmas and a good fight too.

Bob the snowflake when he was in his lab had made an evil Santa named Billy, know one knew this when they threw Bob in jail that he had a back up plan. But Bob did not know what was happening out side; there were no screaming people so he looked out of his jail widow. Billy had not attacked yet so he looked at his laptop that was connected to a video camera in his base. There was Billy raiding the cookie jar getting sugar rushes, wrecking every thing, and puking on the floor because he had too much sugar.

The next morning Billy finally made out of the secret lab his evil red eyes scanned for the good kids playing with their new toys he found Ethan playing with his new wooden train, Billy went over and Ethan started Complaining about not getting a wooden backpack. Billy was confused but did what he came over for and caught the train on fire. Ethan being a five-year old seeing the shiny fire he started playing with it. Muhammad (Ethan’s best friend) saw the shiny fire and ran out to play with it too. They started tossing it back and forth. Norman (Ethan’s imaginary friend) ran up and called for the pass Muhammad chucked the ball to Norman. At that time Billy was super confused one Ethan was not crying and two why was the toy train that was on fire moving around with nothing carrying it (Billy could not see Norman because he did not believe a kid could make a person with there mind power.) Billy sat down and finally he saw what he wanted Ethan had a fifth-degree burn on his right hand and Muhammad had first-degree burns all over his hands. Norman got started making an I-limb after Billy left.

Jerry (random good kid) was working on his homework, what is in a human’s body. Jerry went up to Billy and asked what his body was made out of Billy answered “Organs, brain, heart, bones, fat, cookies, fat, cookies, cookies, fat, fire breath, and newt eyes.”

Jerry looked at him strangely but wrote it down anyway. Billy threw a piece of coal at Jerry. So Jerry ran away crying. “I’ve been good I’m the teacher’s pet I have no friends I try to be nice to everyone, everyone bully’s because I have a tender heart! BAWL!!”

Some random adult came up to Billy and asked him what he did to the poor kid but before he could answer Barney pushed the man out of the way and asked if Billy wanted to be in his gang who bullied little kids because they got fired for not doing there part right like Barney cursed on LIVE TV, the Tellatubies tried to hypnotize the crowd with there shiny stomachs, Plankton murdered Pearl Mr. Krabs daughter, and Mr. Krabs for stealing Davy Jones heart and selling it to Johnny Depp on E-bay. “And our group is named the TV invaders.”

“From mars!” chimed in Po.

“Be quite you England sweet heart of the group, and when ever the others say your “lovely” name it sounds like the stuff you find in a sewer! And mine sounds like Burney and I do not like that! Now go mop the hide out before you make me really angry.”

Billy watched as Po ran of saying that it was Tinkie Winkie turn a couple of bystanders gasped because it sounded lets say different. Billy asked what he could do to get in Barney said that Billy was perfect so Billy signed the contract got a cell phone and ran off to capture Fred and his 307 year-old helper Jacob D. When he was running he accidentally fell on a train he was knocked out. When he woke up he saw the Ethan looking down at him. When Ethan saw that Billy was awake he started complaining about not getting a wooden backpack. Billy to make Ethan’s blabbering stop he threw him out the window. First there was a thud then a “Awesome can I do that again?”

This made Billy confused and why was he on a train? He started to ponder than he came up with a conclusion some person mugged him and threw him on the train. When the train came to a stop he jumped off and in his head he read the “Welcome to Spokane” sign. He walked over to the time schedule and that made him real angry the next train to Santa Cruz was next month to bad Billy did not no that the next month was tomorrow. He wobbled his way down high way 90 and 5, then got on a route that led to Santa Cruz he was pooped so he took a nap.

When Billy finally got up he walked down the streets he ran into this strange 307 year-old carrying a bug the person asked what his most embarrassing secret suddenly he felt strange and before he knew it he was telling his secret to a stranger. “I wear heart boxers and have a crush on my mom.”

That made the human and the bug exchange looks suddenly he asked them who they were they answered Freddy and Jacob D. Billy said, “Then I must kill you.”

He dialed Barney and sooner or later the TV invaders came and the match began. Too bad but this part of the paragraph I can not tell you it is not appropriate for your eyes I am really sorry. Jacob and Freddy won the battle and Billy and his new enemies were thrown in jail. Bob the snow flake got real angry at Billy for failing and he performed a dramatic faint.

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Time 4:34pm date November 10th place Australia! There was once a boy named Bob he was 12. Bob loved snow but he lived in Australia so there was little or no snow in the winter so Bob was left with sorrow and loneliness for his snow. One day his adopted mother, (his parents died in car crash) Sarila told him they were moving to New Zealand's South Island were he new there was a lot of snow but it would take a long time to get even packed because he had 8 other brothers and sisters, Lara 7, Layla 9, Monika 13 (his really sister), Serenity 16, and Jojo 2 were his sisters and his brothers were Koki 5, Mark 11 (his really brother), and Hiko 10. Any way they were on the boat by the next day all packed and ready to go! When they were in there room on the boat they had one roommate but he was sleeping or they hoped he was any way because it looked like he wasn’t breathing, then he got up and he was really tall so tall that he hit his head on the top bunk but it didn’t seen to bother him his hair was long almost as long as Bobs sister Serenitys and her hair touched her waist! He had big lips and a small nose, ears that stuck out like a elephants, big bulgy mussels but it was something about his eyes that made him seen friendly and it made him look like he talked a lot, the moment he pulled back his long black hair in a pony tail he started talking… “hi my name is Cookie and you are?” and we all introduced are self’s as fast as we could because it looked like he was going to burse out talking if we didn’t stop talking right now “oh that great hey where are you from any way? But we had no time to talk because he took over again “oh cool I’m a doctor hey can you stick out your tongue and say ahhhhhhhhhhhhh?” “Well I don—“ Hiko said but he stuck it in his mouth any way the rest of his family smirked and he so he frowned then they all said at the same time “I think we should go to bed”… and so they all got in to there pajamas put in their ear plugs because Cookie wouldn’t stop talking. After about 2 hours they fell asleep.

For the next week or so they went through the same routine as the first day on the boat just different words and they ate…with Cookie. The next day they arrived at their destination! Time 3:34pm date November 26th! They packed their bags and said bye to Cookie he hugged all of us and wouldn’t stop crying but their mom pulled them out of his arms and we walked away saying “good-bye” and that’s the end of my story!!!


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"It was a dark and stormy night; the rain fell in torrents--except at occasional intervals, when it was checked by a violent gust of wind which swept up the streets (for it is in London that our scene lies), rattling along the housetops, and fiercely agitating the scanty flame of the lamps that struggled against the darkness."

If you have ever made a snowman you might think of joy filled laughs and great times, but from now on that will all change. From now on you will think of terror, grief and the worst nightmare of any wintertime fun gone terribly wrong.

In the city of Grand Rapids Michigan, there was a little boy by the name of Morgan. He was only about six years old and an only child. As his mother was cooking dinner, he was in the snow playing and bounding across the white sheet of velvety fluff. In one corner of the yard lay a small snowman. It was not any different than any other snowman accept for a faint evil grin reaching to the outer most corners of his charcoal mouth.

“Mor-ga-n! Time for dinner” his mother called.

“Coming mom” he said as he dashed into the house.

And with that the grinning snowman was all alone in the dark corner of the yard. Like I mentioned earlier, snowmen are thought of as joyful inanimate characters. This snowman is different. This snowman is a mastermind of evil, a true criminal.

Slowly turning his rounded head as not to let anyone know of his lively presence, he pulled up the window and peered inside. The room that lay on the other side of the windowsill was a dining room with gray tiled floors, dark brown walls and a large wooden table in the center of the room. Unsatisfied the snowman scuffed over to the next room. This was obviously the bedroom of a young child. There was a twin bed, matching wooden dresser and night stand, blue walls and a light wood floor. As he searched maniacally he sang a faint tune. “I am a snowman, I’m a cold and frozen soul, with a corncob pipe and a button nose and a heart made out of coal. I am a snowman, and I have-my mind set, and now I’m back here to attack... This was the room he had been looking for. He lifted himself through the window and onto the floor. There was an instant burning feeling as he entered the smoldering heat. He began to panic though he had to accomplish his scrutinizing goal. Pushing through the intense heat he went to the basement. By now he had lost so much energy, that he could barley reach the freezer.

“I’ll be in my room mom”


“What’s wrong!” his mother said worriedly as she bolted down the hall and into her son’s room.

“Something came through the window” he pointed to the wet trail leading to the basement.

“Stay here!” said the mother as she went down the stairs to investigate. Slowly, steadily and stealthily she slipped down to the end of the wet trail. She lifted her right hand to the handle of the large freezer and her left to grab a spare pipe leaning against the wall. A slow tug on the freezer handle broke the air tight seal releasing a puff of cold air that surrounded her face in a freezing cloud. The Farther she puled the better view of the snowman she got. At last the door swung completely open and the ravenous snowman leaped forward to attack only to be deflected by the metal pipe in the mothers hand. He lunged forward only this time in anger. backing away from the cold ferocious beast she ran into a wall and realized she didn’t have much more room to retreat. As they backed closer to the furnace. An intense roar flooded the house. The heat was to much for the villain and he began to pull back. Just then Morgan came rushing down the stairs, but then paused at the sight of his purely recreational creation gone bad. The snowman stormed the boy and they both ran to the kitchen. Now melting rapidly, the snowman knew he could not survive much longer so he rushed at the young boy. Not excepting the determined attack, Morgan stumbled back and hit the stove switch igniting a light blue flame that seemed to jump onto the attacker’s wooden hand. This engulfed him into a flaming heap. As the terrorist bellowed on last earth shattering roar of defeat, he was reduced to a melted puddle of mass destruction.

Thudd! Thudd! Thudd! Thudd! Thudd! “Are you okay!?”

“I’m all right”

They both stared into the huge puddle and all that was left besides the water, was a big, evil, charcoal grin.

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The True Story Of (Frosty) The Snow Man

O.k. everyone knows the story of (Frosty) The Snow Man. But only a few know the real story. Everybody changed it after all those years. Because they didn’t like (Frosty) so that’s were my story begins.

Bob, Joe, and Billy were out side in the snow at recess. So they started the snowman. After they finished they tried to name him after the argument of names they decided to call him Billybobjoe the snowman.

The three boys took him in side to play some Wii. Billybobjoe reached for the remote but he had stick hands so he couldn’t grab it. He tries it again and again. He got so mad he body slammed the T.V. then he jumped out the window into the hot tub and he didn’t even melted because he was magical.

Then the Easter bunny busted in and helped him out of the hot tub. Then the Easter bunny sang a song.

“Put a banana in your ear put a banana inside your favorite ear so true so true now the sky are looking blue so put a banana in your ear”. Then the Easter bunny exploded. Billybobjoe looked were the Easter bunny once stood with his jaw wide open. Bob fainted Joe was knocked down from the explosion and Billy stood still as pale as a piece of paper. Then they herded a low rumble then a flash of light there were the Easter bunny exploded their stand a little ugly bunny thing. Billy walked over to adore the ugly little thing. But then the ugly little bunny tripped Billy into the garbage shot and Billy was never seen again. But at the same time Joe kicked the little ugly bunny out the widow into the hot tub were the ugly little bunny thing melted.

“Hmm… Should I tell more I don’t know I’m getting tired maybe I should tell you another time but if you insist I will tell the rest of my story”

“O.k. were was I oh here”. Frosty stand still SLOLY melting Bob and Joe turned around were Billybobjoe stood there was only a puddle of O.J. then Joe ran over and drank the O.J. of the floor.

And that was the true story of Billybobjoe the snowman “I think it was the most awesome story in the world I hope you liked it or that Easter bunny will come and eat you in on bite But don’t tell any one or you will be sorry”.


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                               BLINKEY THE CHRISTMAS ELF

Do you believe in elves? I didn’t either until the night that I met Blinky. Let me introduce my self. I am Rover, top dog in the Blidet household.

            I was living my life just like normal. I got up in the morning, did my daily stretches, had breakfast, took my person for her walk, took a nap, played with my squeak toy, chased the cat, had lunch, took my person for her night walk, had dinner, and went to bed. I did this day after day, week after week. I didn’t pay much attention to it, but it was getting colder and colder.

 One day it started raining confetti, I went outside and it turned out, the confetti was wet and looked like whipped cream. After that, it was like the gods were having a gigantic party. It kept raining confetti day after day until it was up to my head outside, and I had to tunnel through the heaps of it.

Then everyone started bustling about and not paying any attention to me!!! I was lying on the kitchen floor hoping that someone would notice me when my person crouched down, and explained to me that tomorrow was a holiday and it was called Christmas. She also said that you get a lot of presents on Christmas. There was a strong sent of excitement in the air. At  4:00 millions of people started to arrive…(ok, not millions just 20,). They started eating heaps of divine, sumptuous food and laughing. Everyone was in a good mood; I even got a bone and some turkey scraps with my dog food!

After my dinner I went upstairs, curled up in my bed and was about to fall asleep, when I herd a rustling noise. I got up and followed my nose behind the bookshelf and there I saw a little, bluish humanlike thing. He was as big as a teacup. He had green pants, a red shirt, and red and green striped shoes, socks, and hat. I had to stifle a laugh. He looked like quite a character. 

He curled up into a very interesting, colorful ball and squeaked, “name”.

I told him my name was rover and asked what his name was. After a while of talking he came out of his ball and started getting more and more excited.

After a while I had learned that his name was Blinkey, he was a Christmas elf, he filed my family’s stockings and that he wanted to be my friend. He suddenly looked at the clock in the corner and jumped in surprise, it was midnight and he had to fill the stockings. I said that I would meet him here every Christmas.

He has never failed to meet me there in that room and we have been friends ever since that night when I met Blinky the Christmas elf.


Dedicated to my dog Scruffy

By HF 

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Slowly I lumber, over to sled

The world’s so pale; it looks like its dead!

In goes my father, and then I slip in

Then ours ears awake to a terrible din!

My three-year-old cousin, (her name is Claire)

She soon is crying, this isn’t fair

Soon she plops in, she wants to go too!

But she is my cousin! Can I tell her “shoo”?

With a glance to my dad, I give us some power!

And Claire, oh she does cower

A push of my foot, and off do we fly

And experience the thrill no money can buy

The wind in my face, the snow all around

For the bottom of hill, we are definitely bound!

We slide to the end of our glorious ride

What a fun little trip, to celebrate yuletide!

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In my dream Rowen and I were riding on a giant griffin with nothing but trees and clouds below us. Then we arrived in a winter wonderland and turned into pet shops. Rowen was Aurora the polar bear and I was Isolde the ferret. Then we were ushered inside a grand palace by Maybell the cow. She gave us hot chocolate, cookies and a good bed. The next morning was bright and sunny. Isolde squinted in the sunlight. Aurora tried to go back to sleep, but Islode kicked her.

“The Queen will see you now” said Maybell. We were then taken to an elaborate throne room.

“You are travelers, correct?” said Queen Chi-Cha. “Yes” said Aurora. “And you want to stay here?” “Yes” “then you will have to prove your self –perhaps a quest.”

To be continued...

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I woke up this morning. It was December 25’ 2008 charismas day. I looked under the tree but there was nothing! My aunt woke up and said we didn’t have enough money. I waited until Saturday. Then I woke up and presents were under the tree. Then they told me to go and pick up the recycling from outside. There was a bike outside. I already knew that there was going to be a bike waiting for me outside because my aunt already told me there was going to be a bike. Then about three hours later I got to ride my bike in the snow and I slipped on the snow and the ice. Next Christmas I am really looking forward to eating a really juicy and delicious DRUMSTICK.

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I love the snow so much so I was so excited to find out that it had snowed 5- 8 inches! I had lots of fun experiences but this one stands out more than the others.

I was at a friend’s house because of the 2-hour delay. We had done lots of fun stuff: Ice-skating on her frozen pond, making snowballs and throwing them (obviously,) and of course, sledding. Even though we had so much fun we still weren’t to enthusiastic about going to school. We unwillingly got ready for school pulled ourselves into the car. Then a miracle happened.

We were pulling out of her driveway only aware that there was snow but we were wrong. Underneath the snow there was a thin, long layer of ice. All of our tries to pull out of the driveway resulted in sliding back down. If we didn’t want to slide off the road we would have to skip school! We were so exited.

We did many fun and exciting things. First we built a snowman, which ended up getting smashed to smithereens. Also sledding, snowballs, and just playing. One of my favorite things we did was getting in the hot tub, rolling in the snow with noting but a bathing suit, and getting back in again which made us very light headed!

All and all I had a very fun snow day!!!

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On my winter break I went to my sister’s house I got to stay there for a week, with my old foster mom. I watched 5 movies there they are: Girl interrupted, Kung fu panda, Juno, music and lyrics, and p.s. I love you.

I liked the foster mom’s kids that live there, one is fun, another is funny and, the last one is fun to wrestle. (We always lose because he is big) one is 27, another is 24, the last one is 10. There name’s are Jonathan, Carlos, Adriana (we call her nana)

I got to see my parents. I saw them two times. I saw my parents on Tuesday at EMQ for 2 hours the second time I saw them at the mall then for an hour on Tuesday me and my sister opened our presents for family down there. I got Lego’s that don’t go to together, a cal cap, a dog bank, a hard glass stocking with icebreakers and hand sanitizer and chocolates, and a huge heresy’s kiss. That was what I got for presents. The second time at the mall I got to eat first and we all ate Mc Ds I got chicken nuggets and root beer then, to the game store for a quick second. Then we went to the apple store for like 30 minutes Then I got my bat and three balls.

Then the next day I left but before that I got to eat Mc Ds again for breakfast then I left but the rest of the day was pretty boring.

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Moon knew that she had to get Indigo’s present soon because Christmas was in 3 days and she still hadn’t got her sister a Christmas

present yet. She reviewed what she new, her sister Indigo wanted a stuffed bear. The bear she wanted was exactly at the local shopping plaza, you pass the wood crafting store, take a left then go straight, at the tea store you take a left again then in the middle of a china shop and a pet store was a local toy store named Toy Wonder. The bear was behind the glass window, right of the door, 3rd shelf in between the ceramic doll and a stuffed lion. Wow that’s a mouthful, well then moon had saved up $7.56 two pennies more than the price (counting tax).

While she walked home she went over her plan to buy the bear. On Thursday (2 days from now) she would jog to the plaza in the morning and arrive around lunch time have lunch with her friends then…oops look we’re home. Oh great now she has to do her homework (who cares about the square root of pie), well anyway after her homework she did her chores, sweeping and mopping the floor. Then she received her allowance from her parents, $4.00 and she figured with the extra money she could get herself some candy or something. Moon stifled a yawn as she snuggled under her covers ready to go to bed and have a good sleep.

The following night she wrote on her diary: “Dear diary today was officially the worst day of my life. When I woke up our cat Toda greeted my with a hair ball, at school I got whipped at dodge ball, and walking home my cell phone fell in a puddle.” Moon tucked away her diary till the next day. Before she went to bed she did her homework (great now they give her the circumference of a moose whatever that is, like the square root of pie wasn’t hard enough).

Its Thursday so moon woke up got dressed, ate breakfast then ran off to the plaza. When she got there she ate with her friends. Then sped past the wood crafting store, took a left then went straight, at the tea store she took a left again through the door of the toy wonder…to find out that that the bear was gone. She rushed towards the counter. Tears gushed out of her eyes and streamed down her cheeks as she asked the cashier where the teddy bear was. She said it had just been sold to the boy over the corner. Moon asked to buy it back but the boy doubled the price for it. Moon said she didn’t have the money so she was left without a bear.

Just as Moon was picturing the face of Indigo when she sees she didn’t have a present, Moon saw a beautiful box. It had beautiful carved designs on its sides and a gorgeous painting of a pair of ballet shoes on the top. When she opened it, it played the music of Waltz of the Flowers from the Nutcracker that went la la la, la la la, lalalala. Moon new that would be Indigo’s present. Moon stretched her hand over the carved designs and with a gossamer touch gently went over the designs; she knew she had finally got Indigo the perfect Christmas present.

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Over Christmas break my mom and I went to Silverdale, which is where I was born. My mom and I went to visit my family for Christmas. We got there on the twenty-second of December. I’m going to skip the three days of me doing nothing but watching the movie Elf to wait for Christmas. Finally after three whole days of the same movie it was Christmas and I woke up at about nine or ten o’clock and there they were the presents at my mom’s house. But something even better is I got to go to my dad’s house for more presents but back to my mom’s house for Christmas I got a lot of games that were on pens, Shaun white snowboarding, Skate, Guinness book of world records two thousand nine, and a video camera. Then at two o’clock I went to my dad’s house for the rest of Christmas. At my dad’s house I got Rock band two, a thirty-dollar gift card to anywhere, a new toothbrush, candy, and clothes. That was my Christmas.

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My family went to my granddad’s house on winter break, it didn’t snow but the stream in the back yard froze. When my brother and sister and I were playing in the back yard we found a Barbie toy that was made out of plastic. We had found a Barbie radio earlier so we questioned her if it was hers, but the toy didn’t talk so we decided to shove her under the ice that was on top of the stream. We cleared a hole in the ice with sticks, we tried to shove the Barbie under the ice but the bottom of the dress was sticking out. So I took a stick with a big part at the end and started hitting the Barbie’s bottom to get her under the ice. After sometime we decided that we couldn’t shove the rest of the Barbie under the ice, so we put some ice that we had over the part that was sticking out and went in for diner. After dinner we went back out to check on the Barbie and it was frozen in the ice.

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I was amazing sad, Ali was leaving for Beijing in the next 5 days but it got better. My mom had just received a phone call from Sophia’s Mom, Andrea saying that they were having a going away party for Ali. I jumped up in the air, screaming, “YES!” After a few minutes my Mom hung up with Andrea and told me to go get my snow pants on. I flew down the stairs tripped, and my Mom yelled down to me “Lauren CARFUL” “sorry” I said back. I got on my snow gear and we (my Mom and I) were off to Sophia’s.

The party was at the Stockburgers. We all arrived before Ali so Aimee (Hadley’s Mom) had the idea of building a snow Ali. Everyone pitched in. Then Ali got there. We all admired the snow Ali that we had built. After all the admiring every body and their sleds trekked down 16th to Taylor street hill where we found Gavin, Jacob and Brandon sledding with Gavin’s Dad, Jim.

After the sledding fun was over, (That was just sledding)! We all trekked back to Sophia’s house and made gingerbread cookies. Mine were little hearts that had DOTS in the middle. They were all really good I found that out in the first 10 minutes that they were out of the oven.

That was definitely one of the best things that I did over the winter break. Besides Christmas of Course!

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I was begging my mom for a kitten for years and my mom eventually got me one. “Please Mom, I need to play with a kitten and not these older cats!”

For Christmas she took me to The Whatcom Humane Society. When we got to the shelter there were so many kittens to choose from. There were black ones and orange ones, spotted ones and striped ones. It was so hard to choose, but I finally found the right one.

I got a kitten that I thought would be really shy, but she is really frisky and I decided to name her Maggie. She has orange fur and is really fluffy. Maggie is now four months old and is really cuddly and loves everyone. She gets along with my other cats, which is a big bonus! She is so cute but keeps me up all night, when she jumps around and bites my hair.

I wish she could be this playful all her life!

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This year as always we had our annual New Year’s Eve party. Every year we invite over a hundred people to celebrate New Year’s Eve at our house. This year over a hundred said they would come but then 96 people came instead but that was still a good number. Before New Year’s Eve I would check the e-vite every day to see who was coming and who was not. I am going to tell you about the party so here I go. The day of new years eve I was cleaning the house and getting everything perfect as well as resting since I was going to stay up till after midnight and had just been sick the 5 days before and needed to get more rest.


     At 7:00 when the party started I was all ready and waiting looking from door to door nonstop to see if anyone was coming. Sadly at 7:20ish 20 whole minutes after the party started, the first guests arrived. The first guests were a boy I knew from pre-K and his younger brother. Next our old neighbors came that I had seen a lot for the last few years. Those people were 2 twin boys that are a year older than me. Finally the third guests were a family that had a girl my age/one of my friends named RL.


When my friend RL came I went down to my room to jump in my beanbag and listen to music.  Soon more and more people came so that I could have even more friends to play with.  Soon my friend KC came with her new ipod and we listened to her music on her ipod well jumping in my beanbag eating all sweets and doing all different sorts of things such as going into my sister’s room and making her and her friends scream at us for even looking at them.  Well the party went on that way with soon every one of my friends were there except for AM who was in Louse and not coming back for 6 months!  Well we just ate spied on the grownups well they thought we were surveying them for what their favorite cookies were.  This all went on until a little before midnight. 

A few minutes before midnight me and a few of my friends all got in real feather masks, big fluffy boas and face paint and then went up stairs right at midnight to watch the firework that my dad was about to set off at as close as he could to midnight.   After the firework all the kids got sparklers and we played with them in the rain well we froze half to death or at least my feet did.  After the sparklers we went up onto our deck to do wish a boat which was where we did our wish for the coming year by lighting a candle and letting it float on the water’s surface in a bucket.

After midnight everybody started leaving all my friends left except LF and LM who stayed a bit longer or maybe even 2 hours longer but I had no idea because I was too exhausted to stand up. I fell asleep on the rug once and got up finally very sore from the hard floor and then my friend LF told me to get up and go to bed so I did and I was so glad to fall asleep.

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            This winter break was fun there is about 10 or more reasons why it was the best winter break ever. First of all the first Friday of the break my grandparents came they arrived around 5:00 to 5:30. The second reason is for Christmas I got an mp3 player and a digital camera. Reason number 3 is my mom put 69 songs on my third player already. Number 4 is I got an antic watch it has a picture of the old Mickey mouse. Number 5 is I got a swiss army knife. Reason number 6 is the swiss army knife has 6 different blades. Reason number 7 is I got a new TV! Reason number 8 is my whole families got a ps2 sing star game. How cool is that! Reason number 9 there was a sponge bob marathon. Reason number 10 is we got 2 and half feet of snow. Well there are 10 reasons why this was the best winter break ever!    

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My winter break was mostly spent sitting around , playing with my kitten , and trying to get away from my brothers and sisters.There were a couple of fun things though, and I will tell you about them!

The first exciting thing was when we went sledding! We live near a very steep hill, and it is very fun to sled down them. I went down with my brother , and he and I went so fast that we could barely stop! We almost slid down this staircase that was right in front of us.

Another fun thing that we did was go to 2 Hanukah parties! At the first one then we basically just ate, a lot! At the second one , there was a hawiian theme , and the menorah was made out of pineapples! We also had a lot of gelt! There was a dreidel contest , and one of my brothers friends won.

One more thing that we did was go to my moms friend Anns house for dinner! There were plastic dreidels with gelt in them for us. We also played clue! That’s my winter break!

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The first days of my winter break were pretty boring until Christmas in Seattle, my cousins Nathan and Madeleine were there and we had a blast! But in the morning when we were opening our presents Nathan slept through all of it... Well I don't blame him because he is 18 and he wanted to sleep. Madeleine is 14 so she was up. When we came back to Bellingham Madeleine came with us and we played in the snow every day, then when the snow melted we were bored. So my mom told us that we could come with her to her work and sled. There driveway was REALLY steep and her work is by lake Padden so it was still snowy, it was soooooo awesome. But then when Madeleine went back to Seattle me and my brother Drake were sad. And now tomorrow we have to go back to school.

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