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Science Pirates 12/16
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My Review 01/06/10

For the game that the students in E.W.G got to play, they found it was very enjoyable and educating. It taught you about your variables, your constants, experimenting, and a lesson about hygiene. They could have learned all that in the classroom without the game, but the way they would have learnt that wouldn’t have been the same. The game introduced a new, fun way to look at making tables and piecing together puzzles that in school would have seemed boring and uninteresting. It explained everything in steps that made it very easy to follow, and added in a few fun songs that helped you remember what you needed to do.

In the game, you learn about the deductive reason by trying to make the perfect bomb to defeat an evil sea-queen, and only from trial and error can you get it right. It shows you how in an experiment like the bomb one, that you have to try again and again switching around the material and seeing which combination works best.

Also it tells you that if you don’t wash your hands with soap and water for at least twenty seconds that the bacteria on your hands will multiply by the millions. It shows how bacteria works in the most basic sense and where bacteria lives, and how most are harmless. The game tells you about how bacteria grows inside of you and is good for you but how some bacteria can make you very sick if it gets inside of you. Also you learn how if you touch something with your hand and then touch something else, you are transferring bacteria.

The game helped with puzzles as well when you had to get your monkey to a certain place without him falling off and tumbling into oblivion. It helped you think ahead and plan like an actual experiment.

I believe that kids would really like this game seeing as it is an inventive way to teach kids about science, making experiments and such. It is a great way to learn new things about science and I think kids in middle schools would really like the chance to try it out.

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