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Paralyzing Pain

I am a neurologist

new-ro-lo-gist) .My job is to cure people with diseases in the Nervous System ,which includes the brain ,the spinal cord, and the nerves .I work in a hospital, and I am specialized in patients with polio.

Nervous System

The job of the Nervous System is to control all activities in your body! It does so by sending to and from the brain. The messages go from the nerves then to the spinal cord finally to the brain (that is how the messages travel.) and back again.PNS stands for (Peripheral Nervous System ) (per-if-eral) CNS stands for (Central Nervous System)ANS stands for (Autonomic Nervous System) (o-to-no-mic) .

The PNS: Nerves that go to the outer part of your body.

The CNS: That includes the brain and spinal cord.

The ANS: Is the smaller part of the PNS it is the nerves that reach close to the inner part of your body.

Did you know that

Polio is only in four countries now?

Parts of the Nervous System

The Central Nervous System (CNS) consists of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. The job of the brain is to control the body. The job of the Spinal Cord is to receive messages from the nerves and send the to the brain. The job of the nerves is to send the

messages. The Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) includes the, Motor Nerve Cell (MNC) and the Sensory Nerve Cells (SNC). Messages travel from neurons to neurons theres a space between them called "Synapse."

Did you know that

Polio cannot

be cured?

Problem / Symptoms

The polio virus attacks nerve cells .These control the muscles of the legs, arms,trunk, diaphragm, abdomen, and pelvis. A diaphragm: is a sheet of muscle that separates the cavities of the chest. Abdomen: is the part of the body between the chest and the hips.

Pelvis: A basin shaped structure in the skeleton of many vertebrate formed by the pelvis girdle and the nearby bones of the spine.


Polio causes nerve cells to die. Children

Get it often. Some people that are infected show no symptoms at all. Polio incubate period can last from four to thirty-five days.

Incubate: is to maintain (as bacteria or a chemically active system)under conditions good for development or reaction.

Affecting the system

Polio affects nerves to die. It damages the brain and the spinal neurons. It often leads to permanent paralysis. It hits the spinal cord and brain (the neurons that send messages to the brain.)The virus will kill the neurons which can affect any limb.

The Causes

Polio is a virus that is transmitted through drinking dirty liquids containing germs. Sharing food with an infected person and from the stool. The doctor asks a list of questions and examines the patient.


Although the symptoms of Polio can be treated by medicine, polio cannot be cured. You can prevent getting polio with a vaccination. The polio vaccine has to be taken over 4 doses. The vaccine will stop the patient from getting the disease. Studies showed

that 99% of the people who get the vaccine, don’t get polio.

.1 dose at 2 months.

.1 dose at 4 months.

.1 dose at 6-8 months.

.A booster dose at 4-6 years.

Did you know that

the Polio Vaccine is taken over 4 doses?


I have learned a lot from the disease Polio and how does it affect the children in general in all the world. I learned also the importance of teaching mothers about taking care of their kids by giving them the vaccine on time in order to save their children’s life. Thanks to Rotary Clubs that collected enough money to provide vaccination to all kids .

Thanks to them the disease is not spreading any more .



Hecht, Alan, and I. Edward Alcamo.

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World Book focus on terrorism


. Chicago: World Book, 2003.







Dr. YA, MD





I am glad that I am a neurologist, even though I didn’t really like it in the beginning. But then I got more interested in Polio especially when I learned that it affects mainly children that are poor and live in far areas where they cannot the vaccination. Four countries in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Nigeria. I got some information from my grandfather because he is a pediatric who gave vaccinations to thousands of kids. I was lucky to see him giving the vaccine to my sister and to many other kids.

Job of the Neurologist

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