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What I Learned in 5th grade 05/26/10
What I Learned in 5th grade 05/26/10
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What I’ve Learned..

What Learned about life is, life isn’t fair! Thats because one day you wont have home-work. Then when you get home, your mom makes you do missing work, or do extra credit. Also, what happened to me, was when you have a best friend, then that friend leaves you for another person. But it is what it is. Next, you have to try hard in life, because you wont get far at all! Also, theirs a quote that goes: “Life is like a rubber-band; harder you go forward, harder you snap back. So don’t make any slip-ups.”- Forrest Gump.

What I’ve learned in school is, a lot of people wont like you. But its 50% your fault, and 50% theirs. Thats because you may talk a ton, or be a total jerk, etc.. So the first day of school, you may be a real nice person, but this total JERK is being a.. Jerk. In addition, listen to your teacher no matter what! Because you can really learn from your teacher. Also do your work, and if you have the choice, do extra credit! It helps you a ton.. For instance, I had a N in Social Studies, but I did Extra Credit pages, and now its up to a B!
Also be yourself, don’t be a wanna-be. Next, People don’t like it when you TRY to be funny (like me,) Theirs also a quote goes: “You can polish a terd, but its still a piece of crap.”-Anna Fairs. That means if you mess up; you can’t go back and change it.

What I’ve learned about me is I’m annoying, I talk too much, do things half-hearted, and still I be myself. Also work comes first. Not girls! Further more, I give way too many fist-bumps. Also, theirs a quote that goes: “Nobody ever went broke saying “Good morning folks!”- Forrest Gump. Which means don’t screw up, do your work. In addition, if you don’t you’ll be a burger flipper, and not have a good job. So I learned that you CAN change no matter what.

Finally, I’m proud of not being the person I was in first quarter; because I didn’t do my work, so I was failing math. Now I’m doing my work! So that means you can change. If I can do it, you can do it too..

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Hey It's Fred, I love to play guitar,drums, and to cook. The only thing that bugs me is HOMEWORK. LOL, That's the simple things about me.

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