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Welcome to Mr. Ullrich's Blog! This blog is for 8th Grade Earth Science and Physical Science students. We will learn topics such as Astronomy, Geology and Meteorology. This blog will give us a place to discuss, learn and develop these topics during the year. If you are not from our class please post lots of comments!


teacher: Mr. Ullrich

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The sun is a great form of energy. It is very reliable, and will last for another 5 million years. It creates enough energy in one minute to power the whole world for one year. That means that in a day, it can produce so much energy, that our people can still use it in 27 years. In three days, the sun has produced more energy than all of the fossil fuels. In 1767, Horace de Sassure created the first solar collector, which heated food. The first solar water heater was created by Clarence Kemp in 1891. Ed Becquerel saw that the sun could possibly use the "photovoltiac effect." This is a formula for light and potential energy. This would eventually lead to the discovery of how to convert energy from the sun into usable energy. Will Bailey created another collector made up of a box and copper wire. The first solar cells were created 30 years ago, and we are still making progress. Solar power use is increasing each year by 15 percent. It is very expensive to purchase a solar panel though. These are what converts energy from the sun into regular used energy by P.V. cells absorbing the light and converting it into energy.


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