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Along time ago in a long lost land in the middle of nowhere there was this island called Jurassic park. It was full of dinosaurs from carnivores to plant eaters. Well this guy name Kyle that was studying dinosaurs of course he was in college but he was really interested in fossilizing dinosaurs. So then he got this one in a lifetime chance to go to Jurassic park so he took it.

So it took 72 hours to get there so when he got there he was so excited well here was the thing was that there was kids there then he said “I don’t like kids.” That was the bad and the instructor Cory said “well these are my children and I tried to get their grandmothers house.” But something else got Kyle distracted he saw the building and said “hey can we go in the building.” Then the instructor said “not before I introduce you to my kids their names are Jahid he is nine and the other one is Allan they are twins.

“Good to know well now can we go in the building now.”

Then they went into the building.
The first thing I saw was a dinosaur egg then I said was

“I thought dinosaurs were fake.”

That’s what got me going. Then I wanted to see the real dinosaurs. Then Cory said “well that’s why I invited you here right.”

Then we got into these cars that were remote control and guess who wanted to sit with me Cory he told me about all the dinosaurs he had. Then the first dinosaur we got to see was a long neck.
And we were just in time to see it eat it fascinating because it was so weird to see a thing like that eat. Then it started to rain then we all had to go home but he said

“Come back anytime you want.”

The End

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