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by Kali C teacher: Melanie Transue
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19 October 2011


Fashion and Music


Hey everybody! It seems we have some pretty disastrous changes going on in the world of fashion and music these days. We’re going to start with fashion. While all the classy and elegant lasses know that the proper fashion fling is: long ankle length dresses, flesh tone stockings and, of course, a stylish pair of high heeled shoes. And if you want to put out some accessories to your outfit a comfortable stylish bonnet will do to compliment those long locks. However, times are changing and the flappers are starting to take over. Flappers are the young girls that enjoy the new ways of fashion that’s flooding into town. What are these new waves you ask? Well, take a look out your window and take a peek. I bet you would see what I kept seeing while I was driving to work today. Girls with skirts and dresses all the way above the knee, stockings either rolled under the knee or not worn at all, large hats and haircuts so short and curled so tight that you could practically see the girl’s ears! Did you manage to get a glimpse of the faces? Of course! Who would miss that dark caked on makeup that everyone immediately notices? What these flappers do that may also get the blood boiling is that they are starting to drink, smoke and go to local parties wearing so little that it’s practically see through. Or they could wear something so elaborate that it definitely gets the heads turning. Why is everything changing? Why isn’t everything staying the same? That may some questions you may be asking yourself and the simple answer would be that the youth is taking charge and pretty soon, everything will change.  


Now on to the music. Let’s just say that the music quality has also taken a, bitter turn. Harmonic and relaxing rhythm from classical music is replaced by the fast high beat of the new fad in music called jazz. While everyone takes the comfort of the waltz and classical music, jazz begins to slither its way into our society by using the younger generation and of course the flappers, according to older citizens. However, according to the younger generation, jazz is the new style and it’s far more fun to listen to than boring old grandparents’ music. With its high trumpet noise, swing like beat, and so called smooth rhythm it hypnotizes the younger generation causing even more improper behavior! What with them coming up with new dances, such as the Charleston and the Fox Trot, to keep up with the “evil” beat of jazz, the younger generation throws everything that was taught to them about being proper to one another, out to the trash. In other words, out with the romantic and heartwarming waltz and in with the overbearingly fast foot work of the Charleston. Out with the harmonic violins, and rhythmic cellos of classical music and in with the obnoxiously loud trumpets and inappropriate lyrics of today’s jazz. Where will these turn of events leap to next? Stay tuned for further updates.  

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