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2009 Morning Class

Welcome to Room 201's Classroom Blog. Third graders from Maryland who are posting their creativity for others to enjoy!

by Gavin B

teacher: Michael Sandridge

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 One day a jellyfish named Squirt was born and he got teased because he had 3 tentacles instead of 8. So when Squirt was 12 months old he was an adventurer. Here is 1 of them........CHAPTER 1 THE ADVENTURE BEGINS WITH IN ATLANTIS! One day Squirt was wondering around and he saw a sign that said Atlantis 8 miles ahead!!! Squirt whispered to himself I want to go there. So he started swimming as fast as he could to a humpback whale to take him to Atlantis. The humpback whale's back felt like a cheese grinder. Said Squirt. When Squirt got off the humpback whale he saw the worst thing he's ever seen. It was a SHARK as big as a dinosaur. He had a scar on his eye from a bullet that scraped his eye. His fin was half bitten by a different shark. His name is Bruser said a voice. Then a lobster came up from a hole. Hi my name is Terry the lobster. Then a tiny voice said are you from around here. Squirt said no I live far away from here and whos talking. Me, said a tiny voice. Where are you. I'm really tiny he said. Yeah you are tiny. I'm a plankton and plankton are almost impossible to see. Oh no Bruser saw me said Squirt. You better run said Terry. No I'm not gonna run. I'm gonna talk to him. Hi my name is Squirt and your name is.....Bruser said a deep voice. Nice name. I'm gonna flatten you said Bruser!!! I challenge you to a battle said Squirt. Ok in 3 weeks at Atlantis! OK. Squirt whispered to himself I was going there anyway. Finally Atlantis. Uh oh theres Bruser. I have to fight him. What was I thinking. Alright lets get this over with. Said Bruser deeply. You take the first hit. Ok. Said Squirt. Squirt  stung Bruser and Bruser said ow. Sarcastically. Then when Bruser was about to take his hit. A swordfish came out of nowhere and poked Bruser in the side and Bruser started crying out of sight. THE END.

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