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All the students in room 15 teach and learn from each other. The challenges that are achieved are limited only by the restrictions of their own minds!

by Billy Forrester

teacher: Michael La Marr

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When we went to Westminster Woods, I had a great time. My favorite activity during the whole week was when Mr. LaMarr, me, and other students went on a very exciting “hike”. We went at recreation time at about 4:15 P.M. On the hike, we found salamanders and a lot of poison oak. I’m glad I didn’t get poison oak. The only way to get back to camp was to climb up a 20 ft. hill. It was hard because all the dirt was very loose. Finally, all of us made it up the hill and got back. We got back from the hike around 5:05, right in time for dinner. That was my favorite activity because we saw a waterfall and many salamanders.

My favorite trip while at Westminster Woods was the tidepools. I liked it because we found many interesting animals. When we first got there we got in a big group and talked with the naturalists. While we were talking, we saw water shooting from whales’ blowholes. After that, we got back in our small groups and saw harbor seals and had lunch. Next, we went down to the tidepools. There were many animals, including gumboot chitons, sea anemones, sea and sun stars, and nudibranchs. During the whole tidepool trip my favorite thing that we found was a sea star eating an octopus’s tentacle. It was about an hour drive back to camp. When we got back we had recreation time and then dinner.

My favorite memory that I will have when I’m old and gray will probably be when I picked up trash. It wasn’t any old trash; it was a cheetos bag with a banana slug in it. It was eating a CHEETO=http://!! Some people kissed it. My mom, AJ, and Rory all kissed the banana slug. It had black spots on it, and it looked a little orange. That day I will never forget.

My favorite information I learned all week was about the Douglas fir. I didn’t know that it was the second tallest tree in all of California. Also, the way you can tell a Douglas fir from a redwood is their bark and pinecones. Redwoods’ cones are small The cones are one inch long and one half inch in diameter. The Douglas fir cones are much bigger; they have leafy mouse tail things on them. The bark between the two trees just looks different.

Overall, I loved the trip to Westminster Woods, and I’ll have many memories when I’m old and gray.

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