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8th Grade 09-10

Doniphan West Middle School Computer Classes

by PL

teacher: Mrs. Gatz

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If I was at a party like that I would have probably done the same thing Jodee did because as a 6th grader that is just insane! I probably would of called my mom when they started playing the game because I would of guessed things would go farther as the night went along.
Jodee could of reacted as if it was no big deal while she was on the phone with her mom or if she just went into the bathroom to talk to her mother it would of been better so Callie's mom didn't know why or if she was even upset until your mom was there to tell her about it. She could of also just told Callie's mom before she called her mom.
I think that Jodee should not be punished for what the other students recieved from her parents because she was the one that called her mother and told her what was going on. She did the right thing and for doing the right thing it wouldn't make since to be punished for it.
I would of probably gotten in tons of trouble but I would never do that so I really don't know what my parents would say. I feel like I would be Jodee in that situation so I would do the right thing and my parents would not punish me for doing what was right.
I think Jodee's classmates are going a little to far. She saved most of them from making the worst mistake of their lives. She did something good for them and now she gets shunned. I would understand if they were just in a little fight where they didn't talk to eachother for awhile but beating her up is too far. It's not fair for Jodee to do something right and get beat up by the people she called her "friends".

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