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If I was at a party of this nature I would of did some thing that Joddee did a little diffrently. I would of went down stairs and act like nothing was going on up there and called my mom and tell her I didnt feel that good and ask her to come get me.

Joddee could of changed her outcome by saying nothing about the party to her mom and just tell her mom and the girl who had the partys mom that she didnt feel good. Or she could do what everybody else was doing but I think overall she made a good choice.

I do not think Joddee should of been punished by thee kids because of what they did because she was really helping them in the future so that would teach them never to do that again. And if they want to be mad at someone that she be mad at thereselves for doing what they did.

I think if I was at this party and I did what those kids di I would lose my phone gert grounded forever and and couldnt hang out with my freinds for a while and couldnt go to anymore partys and wouldnt be trusted fo a while.

I do not think Joddee diserved what she got she just got scared and I think she did the right thing for telling her mom. And they wouldnt want her to do that to them if they was in the position they were in.

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