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Our experiment was about if plants can grow in a plastic bag as well as out side of it. We took a huge zip lock baggy and set radish seed on a wet paper towel. We had 3 groups of seeds and on one we put 3 drops of red food coloring and on another we put 3 drops of blue food coloring. The 3rd group we left plain. We put the 3 radish seed groups on the wet paper towels in the zip lock baggy and blew it up and closed it. Then left it by the window. They started to grow on the forth day we left them there. Every 3 days we changed the paper towels and didn't add any food coloring. The radishes continued to grow and the red and blue ones ended up having blue viens and red leafs. One mistake we made was we didn't grow any radishes outside of the bag.
Our claim; you can grow plants just as well inside a bag as well as you can outside of one.
Our evidence; the radishes grew fine in the bag, though they took a late start on sprouting. We think this is because they went in actual soil and it took longer to suck the water out if the paper towels.
Our reasoning; they would have grown just as fine as any other radish seeds outside (though we didn't grow any outside of the bag) and grew into beautiful radishes if Alisha didn't leave them in her backpack.


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