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by teacher: Matt McCartney
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I’m sitting at home watching Vikings vs. cowboys when the mail man came to the door like he always does. And I got this letter saying that I’m in the winter Olympics. This is the start of my adventure at the winter Olympics.
So the next day I get on the bus to Canada were the Olympics are going to tack place this year. When I get on the bus the first thing I see. Are my opponents Bobby and Aaron. All a sudden we start trash talking. The bus driver stops the bus to stop us be for someone gets heart. Of course I won the trash tacking Bobby and Aaron were no match against me.
So finely we get there. I find out that are downhill ski race is right away.
So when we get to the top of the hill which is bigger than I thought it would be. I found out that Bobby is going to go first. So the next thing I know. Bobby is going down the track he is going so fast that you can barely see him. He is showing off and just be for he crosses the fines line ……………..he gets mauled by a bear.
So after all that it is my turn well I’m going down I swear I saw penguins playing foot ball and I finish with a time of 4.36 seconds which is pretty good.
Than its Aaron’s turn he does not do so good he gets a time of 6.53 seconds.
So I get to stand on the podium and they sing are national anthem. Then they ask me what I’m going to do now and. said I’m going to go play foot ball without penguins!!!!

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