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5th Grade

While you are in 5th grade you are going to have such a fun and exciting times. When it comes to the Classroom Expectations there are a lot of expectations so being aware. There are also many Challenges throughout 5th grade.  You will need a lot of Survival Tips to get through 5th grade. You will also have a lot of Social experiences during the year. You are going to have a lot of Favorite Moments through the year and many fun things you will do in 5th grade such as, field trips, track and field and more. You will read about each one in my essay you are about to read.



Classroom Expectations

Here are some Classroom Expectations. The first classroom expectation is you have to take care of your things such as: your computer, your binder, your books and a lot more. You should take care of them because you use those things every single day. The second classroom expectation is Respect. Respect is a big one. You should always respect one-an-another because you have to treat other people how you want to be treated. The final classroom expectation is do not talk back to the teacher. You should never ever talk back to the teacher because you will get in a lot of trouble. Those were several Classrooms Expectations for 5C.





Here are some Challenges in 5C. The first challenge in 5C is Using Your Time Wisely you really have to use your time wisely or else you could be stuck with a lot of homework. The reason why you should use your time wisely is because you will get quite a bite of homework and if you don’t use that time and all you do instead is talk to friends, you are probably going to have quite a bite of homework that night. The second challenge was Taking Care of Your Computer that was a challenge because you have to keep everything together with it, such as you have to make sure the charger is in the bag you have to make sure you don’t click on any viruses and you have to keep the screen clean. My final Challenge is Not Talking While the teacher is Talking. That is kind of hard to do because you can get carried off into a conversation so easily especially when it is something boring.  Those were several challenges in 5th grade.



Survival Tips


Here are some survival tips for 5th grade. The first survival tip for 5th grade is The Teacher Is Always Right. What I mean is do not say the teacher is wrong. L Don’t argue with the teacher about who is right and who is wrong-besides the teacher wants one thing just to be RIGHT!!! J My second survival tip for 5th grade is Try Your Best At Everything no matter what even if you are wrong or doing it wrong just give it your best effort! And teachers love it when you try your best! My final survival tip for 5th grade is Make Friends you are always going to want a friend to talk to no matter what it is like, getting a late, or if you are in trouble, you are going to want a friend to talk to. Those were my Survival Tips for 5th grade.






My Social Experience in 5th grade. My first social experience was Working on Projects With Friends.  Working on projects with friends is a good way to get to know them a little better and have time to hang out with them.  My second social experience is at Recess Making Friends, you can make a lot of friends, and just talk about what you like and what they like.  My final social experience is Meeting Good Friends; you can make so many good friends throughout the 5th grade.  That was my social experiences from the 5th grade!




Favorite Moments


Here are my Favorite Moments this year.  My first favorite moment this year was Skyping and Blogging.  I liked it so much because we when we are skyping we get to learn how other teachers teach their class. It is also a fun experience.  Blogging is fun to because we got to learn so much about computers. My second favorite moment was celebrating Ms. Boyd’s going away party, she was our student teacher.  I like it because we had cookies, music and videos.  Also, people were dancing and it was so funny.  My final favorite moment 5th grade was when Mr. McCartney had a dance-off with Mr. Kuhen.  I liked it so much because if Mr. McCartney would have lost he would have to get his head shaved.  Those were my three favorite moments of 5th grade.




5th Comes To A End!!! J

I have shared some, Classroom Expectations, Challenges, Survival Tips, Social Experiences, and Favorite Moments with you. Well that was my 5th grade year it was so much fun it is a year you will never forget! I hope you learned as much as I did and have fun in 5th grade!















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